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Royalty Free Sci-Fi Music that will give you chills as you envision a mad scientist (or anyone that “ain’t quite right”) working in the lab. Works well for any scene depicting the strange or the insane.

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KNova (Warped Passages)
Driving, syncopated beats set the foundation for minor, electronic synths. Sort of sounds like the soundtrack to a nature show about Planet Earth, but leaves you feeling like this planet is doomed
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This song captures multiple moods throughout it's duration. With a driving drum groove and experimental synths, Century Egg would fit perfectly in an action adventure film.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Synth melody with an Afro-samba inspired drumbeat that brings a happy and uplifting vibe.
Slowly building with eerie whispers, hair-raising screams, creepy synths, and suspenseful strings. Perfect for any horror scene.
Sacred Jason (Let It Roll)
Heavy and dark Electronica with crunchy distorted drums and computer analog sound effects. Sacred Jason uses the full scope of an arsenal of effects to create cacophonous beats. Only a small amount of vocal samples are used, the song is mostly instrumental.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mysterious and dreamlike synths percolate as a driving beat begins to take hold. Has a late night drive sound to it
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) ** Instrumental Version **
A mosaic of keyboards, guitars, and strings ebb and flow through this piece that has a seriousness to it, but also feels good at the same time.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
The eerie compressed keyboard serves as the perfect introduction to this story that almost sounds like a more somber version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. Perfect for an angsty and confused character that is trying to find their way in the world or through a lucid dream.
KNova (Warped Passages)
A tense and atmospheric instrumental that anticipates something malevolent occurring. Very dark and unnerving. Depression music.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This quirky song is constantly changing and filled with interesting synths. Perfect for wacky cartoons and video games.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
This song comes on like a burst of adrenaline! Features driving beats, a rubbery bassline, and some aggressive guitars that are sure to keep your blood pumping!
Sacred Jason (Tranquil Dimension)
Sacred Jason creates this electonica, rock blend with three distinct sections, the last of which contains a chant-like lyrical part.
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