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Fast, Easy, Cost Effective Licensing

License music for your media! We control the licensing rights for both the SONG and the MASTER recording, so there is never any need to track down additional rights holders. Do you need music for your film, tv show, web series, video game, ad campaign, corporate presentation, trade show, student project, personal video, or artist project? We’ve got you covered with one stop, stress free licensing.

With access to quality music from “real” artists you will be able to bring your creation to life at a price that fits your budget. We aim to be very competitive as we want your business!  Check out our licensing options below!

YouTube, Web, Video, Film, TV, Apps, Video Game, Commercials

Personal Use…  $10 
For Personal Videos, Students, Schools, Churches, Social Media

This license permits personal use of a song in anything from personal videos, to non-monetized video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks, or student projects.  Additionally, this license also allows for students, schools, churches or charities to use music in their audio/visual projects!

Production Company Use…  $20 
For Local Advertisements, Radio Campaigns, Promo’s, PSAs

This license is reserved for Production Companies that have ongoing music needs. We want to be your “go-to” resource and we will work hard to support your creative efforts. This reduced rate is provided for projects such as local/regional advertisements, radio campaigns, promo’s, PSA and other multimedia projects with a limited scope.  Search our catalog online 24/7, and license with a few clicks…OR if you want to save time, tell us about your project and music needs and we will create a playlist of suggested music and deliver it to your inbox.

Business Use …  $50 
For Corporate Projects, Slideshows, Podcasts, Web, Video, Mobile Apps

This license authorizes a business to use the music in various online and internal media applications, excluding advertisements. This license also permits use in a slideshow, corporate video, website and monetized video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks.

Premium Use …  $100+ 
For Television, Film, Trailers, National Advertisements, Video Games

A premium license can authorize use in all types of media applications, including television, film, film trailers, online & radio advertising, multi-channel advertising, video games, and VR/AR products. If you can dream it, we can support it with great music at a price that fits your budget!

Artist Projects

All songs are subject to a Mechanical License which is based on the Statuatory Rate at time of licensing. The current rate is 12.4 cents per unit.

Because there are alot of independent artists (not attached to a major label) & vanity labels, we offer Limited Quantity Mechanical Licenses for rate of $124 per song – this covers 1000 units (physical product + digital downloads) plus unlimited streaming. So go ahead and create! We got you!

And if you are an artist working on a budget, we offer Track Lease Licenses (pre-mixed, stereo instrumental tracks minus vocals). Most tracks are $300-$500 per song.

Please CONTACT US if you are interested in licensing material from this catalog, or if you have any questions.