Music For Media : Themed Playlists for Content Creators

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Themed Playlists:

Finding the right royalty free music for a production does not have to be overwhelming. So to help to simplify this task, our music curation specialists have scanned the catalog to create some popular THEMED PLAYLISTS containing some of our favorite tracks.

All Rights Cleared / Easy Licensing:

We control the licensing rights for both the SONG and the MASTER recording, so there is never any need to track down other rights holders! Discover, listen, and explore or royalty free music! When you find something that you like, simply click the LICENSE button, follow the prompts to complete your license, and download your music! It really is that simple!

Searchable Catalog:

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Let Us Do the Search For You:

Can’t find what you want or don’t have enough time to search our catalog? Let our experienced Music Supervisors jump into action and help you to find what you need! CONTACT US and let us curate a playlist of recommended tracks for you!

One stop licensing built on the reputation of passionate, creative, artists…

Music For Media : Hot Tracks

A diverse cross section of some of our top tracks! Buckle up!

Music For Media : Commercials

Uplifting, energetic, and light instrumental compositions suited for ad campaigns.

Music For Media : Intervention

A journey through addiction, recovery, and the path to healing.

Music For Media : Criminal Minds

Dark, haunting, edgy, lost. Crime doesn’t pay. Or does it?

Music For Media : Angels & Demons

Stand in the light…or go to the dark? The choice is yours.

Music For Media : Forensics

Songs to support the science as the evidence is put through its paces.

Music For Media : Punks & Anarchists

Rebellious songs with themes of attitude, conspiracy theory, and anti-establishment.

Music For Media : Western World

A sound palette suitable for modern day or vintage cowboys and outlaws.

Music For Media : Patriotic

Songs and compositions reflecting grit, spirit, and resilience.


Create a unique palette for your Esports Events or Gaming productions.


Feel good music with a positive message, meant to inspire.

Dance Party

Here’s music that will let you dance like no one is looking? Because you can!

Music For Media : Vampires & Zombies

For the horror movie enthusiast… but garlic cross and wooden stake sold separately.

Music For Media : Workout Warrior

High energy songs that are designed to get and keep you moving.

Music For Media : Relaxation & Meditation

Instrumental compositions that calm, relax and encourage reflection. Namaste.

Music For Media : Road Trip

Upbeat songs with movement and pace and lyrical themes of travel.

Music For Media : Wedding

Romantic wedding video music by top tier artists and composers.

Music For Media : Divorce

Sad, reflective, emotive songs with themes of divorce and breakup.

Whoooah Is Me

Songs of the down trodden, filled with angst and regret.

Royalty Free Music : Nature & Wildlife

Compositions to enhance your nature and wildlife productions.

Music For Media : Mad Scientist

Strange, bizarre, and chilling compositions that depict the mind of the insane.

Music For Media : Quirky Fun

Fun, odd, zany, quirky songs and instrumentals.

Music For Media : Soundscapes

Film music from the eerie and macabre, to the bold and uplifting, to the mysterious.

Music For Media : PSA Non Profit

Music suitable for PSA’s, non-profits, and special causes multi-media.

Royalty Free Music : Sports

Instrumentals that will create a unique sound palette for your sports related content.

Royalty Free Music : News

Stings, pads, themes, and full length instrumentals for live news broadcasts.

Royalty Free Music : weather

Instrumentals perfect for weather related content. And the forecast is…

Music For Media : On Hold Instr

Instrumentals with a light, upbeat, chilled out vibe, to relax while you wait!

Music For Media : On Hold Songs

Keep your customer’s happy while they wait for “the next available operator”!