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Royalty Free Nature Music designed to be the perfect backdrop to productions that bring to light the stunning and breathtaking world around us! A variety of genres, tempos, and sonic treatments are showcased in our nature and wildlife music playlist…all geared to enhance your content. Happy listening! Ready For Sync/All Rights Cleared/Affordable!

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Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Sultry blues tune with swagger. Perfect for seductive dance scenes, a smokey bar room, or any scene involving good times with a little bit of decadence!
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
A relaxed acoustic 12 string fingerpicking song. This one conjures up the feeling of relaxing by the river side, listening to the water flow and being one with nature.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Acoustic fingerpicking piece. Starts off like a very young child learning how to walk, then gradually finding momentum and exploring this great big world through all it's ups, downs, twists, and turns.
Somber, ambient piece that would be perfect for any scenes needing a serene or subdued vibe. Would work well for dream or nature scenes as well.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Groovy rhythm with snyth melody that floats above, interjected with guitar strums.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Groovy reggae like acoustic guitar ala Bob Marley. Fun, upbeat, chill out tune. Would be great for advertising campaigns, or fun scenes on the beach. Works well for scenes with humor too!
A reflective piece with strong emotional flow. Conjures up visions of walking down a deserted beach, driving through the country, or sitting on a mountain as the autumn leaves fall and the sun rises or sets!
Acoustic guitar piece conveying a great sense of love to the listener. Ideal for scenes where two people fall in love, or for scenes where families reunite/add new members.
An intriguing piano based piece that displays the chaos before finding balance in one's life.
Fast paced, energetic, bluesy acoustic jam piece that is constantly moving in new directions. Great backdrop for any scene with pace and movement!
Gaelic inspired music that represents absolute, timeless, unconditional love. Listening makes you feel like you're on misty cliffs of some ancient Irish Isle.
Somber, haunting song with Asian musical influences. Would work well in any scene following the aftermath of a disaster.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Acoustic guitar melody turns into all out rocker that keeps building up to a great guitar solo!
Highly percussive with a Bollywood flare. You can almost see the lioness stalking her prey in the jungle. Senses sharpened & hightened awareness as she gets closer to the prize. What other predators lurk?
Spanish style piece with a lot of intensity. Quick paced driving tempo.
Jazzy island song with a good grove. Great for travel and weather related content.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Pensive, elegant music. Subtle builds of tension give the music a sense of anticipation which could really accent scenes of hope and desire.
Beautiful patriotic piece that ends with a solemn feature of the American classic "My Country Tis of Thee". Starts out slow but builds in intensity! Very dramatic!
Very percussive, rhythmically driven piece. Full of suspense. Good for chase scenes whether by foot or by car.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun, upbeat, rootsy song featuring harmonica and acoustic guitar. Gives the impression of fun times in a relaxed setting.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Very exciting strumming sets this piece in motion. Makes you feel like you're on the final stretch to make it home after a long and exciting journey!
Gentle, uplifting, and inspirational, this beautiful sound bed features piano, flute, and strings in a sensitive arrangement that musically represents compassion, love, and hope.
Action synthesizer piece that contains 80's infused sounds. Good background for sportscasts, weather forecasts, news, or computer graphics content.
Conjures up a vision of a girl running through the streets crying, trying to escape the pain. She finds a calm, secluded place to sit and reflect.
Acoustic guitar/violin based piece with a Arabian desert/snake charmer feel to it. Good for driving scenes, themes involving an enchanter or enchantress, or documentaries involving our slithering little reptiles
Whether your scene is elephants romping through the jungle, or CSI's working on evidence in a high tech forensics lab, this versatile composition with a Bollywood feel will highlight the action!
Cool Jazz Piece with solid sax and drum programming. Possible Uses - as a theme for a radio talk show, Bumpers for radio, or Family / kids playing in the back yard
Epic, grand music that sounds like it could stand next to Also Sprach Zarathustra in 2001: Space Odyssey. Could work in any scene with historical importance, a space age grandeur, etc. Starts out slow, then gathers more movement and mystery as it goes.
A calming redemptive piece that sounds like passing from one side to the other with the safety of an angel's guidance
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun) ** instrumental version **
Weird sounding instrumental that evolves as it plays. Has a trippy, psychedelic vibe that sounds like it could be from the 60s.
Tribal rhythm...weird chanting in the background...can almost see someone dancing around a fire in a ritual for this one!
Synthesizer symphony good for background for computer graphics or Space footage
Joyous and regal sounding piano, woodwind, and horn piece.
Danger is lurking and getting closer as you listen!
An aggressive Spanish styled acoustic guitar instrumental piece that can leave the listener feeling uneasy. Could be used to show that not everything is the way it seems.
Luke, Bo, Jesse, Daisy and Cooter taking a break from making moonshine to play a friendly game of stick ball in the field
A driving symphony of synthesizer that paints a picture of the final frontier. Begins as an almost weary and yearning whisper, and builds to a robotic spacey frenzy.
Light, free flowing acoustic piece that would work well for travel, news, and scenes with gentle motion. Great underlying theme for a weather cast... "And for the weather today, there will be a high of 78 degrees ..."
Yee-haw! A day at the County Fair. Breathe in and smell the beef brisket! Would also be a good soundbed for a sportscast or newscast when describing something comical.
Whimsical, peaceful, and playful. Whether its a day in park, blossoming love, or time with a special someone, this song feels like a celebration of life & happiness.
Very fast paced, hard driving rock song with several guitar themes/movements, and intermittent breaks. You can almost picture two airplanes in an intense firefight! Good for sports, chase scenes, vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes.
The fog begins to float as you feel the warmth of the sunrise
Uptempo finger-style guitar piece that has no bounds. Good for scenes where someone embarks on a journey to prove something to the world.
New Age Piece following a peaceful journey of a drop of water through waterfalls and ending in the ocean. Possible Uses include Psychological therapy, Drug rehab story. Painfull loss
New age piece with a solid pulse of only bells and cymbals. Possible Uses - Winter Scenes, Teeth or Dental promotion,Cleaning promotion, Deep heavy thoughts or questions in life.
Feels like funeral music for a pirate; sad, tense, and turbulent. Melodies and wind effect give the vibe of being on the ocean. Perfect for any dramatic scenes, especially deaths.
Driving fantasy rock a la Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Would work great in sci-fi or fantasy scenes. Great backdrop for technology related themes and sports highlights as well!
Schroeder from Charlie Brown plays a blues number while Snoopy struts his stuff
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
An upbeat acoustic guitar instrumental that can be used to show a happy moment, or reflect back upon the past in a fond manner.
You can almost see a clumsy loveable hippo slothing around trying to jam to the beats. Good for animation, animal shows, cartoons, educational pieces, and much more!
This just in, here on Newsline 4, an exciting new musical piece that evokes feelings of curiosity and wonder is taking documentaries by storm! Back to you, Al!
Soft piano-led ballad. You can almost see soldiers returning to their families after a long time away from home.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
A gentle guitar ballad that conjures up feelings of reflection and contentment. Good for a scene where a character is embracing a bright future, looking into their past, or walking next to a babbling brook as they experience natures beauty and solitude.
A musical snapshot of a world in between waking and sleeping. Exotic basslines, shimmering keyboards, and tribal percussion make you feel like you're in a fantasy that's both beautiful and haunting.
Get ready to learn about technology! Watch the machines dance as they package, protect, and move the tasty food we eat! Also has a "flowing water" feel.
Running through a jungle, chased by a animal, man or perhaps even a stampede! The sounds of the jungle pulsating in the background...this composition provides the perfect backdrop for nature based shows!
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) ** instrumental version **
Acoustic guitar, piano, and a few pads. Sounds very warm and pleasant.
Piano tune with a positive melody that reminds one of the falling snow in January.
Fantasy rock a la Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Rush. Would be a dramatic backdrop for the opening of a program or news segment. Also, great for use in fantasy scenes or any scene that evokes a sense of wonder.
Uptempo and fun with a retro latin beat - big horn section and little chipmunk style vocal. Perfect for children themed shows or cartoons.
Scholarly sounding piano based piece with urgent rhythms and a soft refrain that honors all teachers. Knowledge is Power!
Mellow finger-style guitar treatment, gives the impression of someone travelling in the country. Gives off the feeling of someone going away from home for a long time. Good for open road cross country driving scenes.
Relaxing fingerstyle guitar piece with subtle ebb and flow, which conjurs up visions of a peaceful, meditative, dreamlike journey.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo Bo Didley esque hippy blues jam with ultra cool slide guitar and hand percussion. Repetitive theme with fun, chilled out slide guitar licks throughout.
Eerie, old-fashioned Chimes coagulate with classical Violin and Orchestral themes to create the perfect setting for Sneaking and Shady activity in a fantasy/medieval environment.
Serene piece with world-music flavors throughout.Has a gentle ebb and flow to it.
Starts with a lonesome piano line then picks up with drums and horns. Midway through, the upright bass and extra horns come in followed by dissonant strings. Has an old school 20's & 30's vibe to it that makes you feel like you're living in the days of prohibition.
An orchestral theme with simple piano. Elegant, stylish, and graceful. Perfect for such scenes as a high class soiree.
Deepest and darkest part of the early morning in an oriental forest
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Gentle acoustic guitar ballad. Dreamy, thoughtful guitar with arrangement that feels like a mix of country meets the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood". Great for relationship scenes, montages, sleep or dream scenes, scenes of deep tought, sailing on the ocean, fishing in the bay, hiking in the quiet backwoods.
Uplifting, cinematic pop rock which suggests hope and victory are close at hand! Repeating piano ostinato over a huge wash of big synths, which gives way in the chorus to a heroic melody played by two trumpets,all supported by a gritty rock guitar.
Serene piano and acoustic guitar with light percussion creates music perfect for a relaxing sail across the blue ocean on a crystal clear day
New Age piano and synth juxtaposed with exciting rootsy guitar keep listeners both calm and excited for another opportunity for adventure and learning
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Lush acoustic guitar picking that features back-and-forth bass lines along with sweet melodies.
A glimpse of serenity with this gentle southern welcoming that features layered acoustic guitars and upright bass
Soft, dreamy piano ballad. Feels like someone is reflecting on their past.
Very fast paced piece with an ominous feel. Great for adding tension to any type of scene. Ideal for scenes where someone is being chased by the villain.
Isolated piano tells the dim story that leads to a sad ending. Evokes the feeling of struggling to make a decision, going back and forth in uncertainty
Piano & cello - Erie, sad, atmospheric, gentle, dreamy, suspenseful - lovely backdrop for contemplative, sad, dream scenes...or looking out at the ocean and thinking, floating on the water, walking along the beach...or gentle, graceful sports themes (gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc.)
Learning has never been so alluring! Lose yourself in concentration as you're hypnotized by the computer animation!
Country style feel, fast picking. Ideal for background in scenes in the mountains or drives through the country.
A gentle, soothing piece. Perfect for putting the baby to sleep in its crib while the parents stand by and watch over him. The light acoustic guitar provides a great backdrop for budding love as well!
This piece has a real Hoe Down feel to it. Perfect for scenes up in the mountains or out in the sticks. Especially good for hoe down/country gathering scenes with the band strumming hard on their guitars and folks dancing like there was no tomorrow. Would also work for chases or running from something or someone!
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a sense of unease, as if a storm is coming, this electronica piece can be used to show anything from tense scenes to club/party scenes!
Peaceful happier New Age piece. Possible Uses - Psychological therapy, Drug rehab story, or Religious programs
Calm, peaceful piece featuring solo violin. Would work well in scenes that want to evoke a feeling of imagination or wonder.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
A tension filled, spacey sounding soundscape with a minimalistic touch, representing the end of civilization as we know it. Some fearful idiot with anger management issues has gone and pushed "the button", and now look!
Airy, uplifting theme with a "Champagne Supernova" (Oasis) feel. Good for documentaries, emotional "crossroads of life", scenes involving travel, or commercials/cues for airline, train, cruise, or travel agencies.
Tranquil, dreamy song. Would be perfect in nature scenes or any scene that evokes a calm, serene vibe.
Straight-up, no-nonsense heroic music for all occasions. Hero Returns features a full orchestra and all-stops-out pipe organ to paint a symphonic portrait of true majesty, triumph, and joy.
A mystical hunt deep into the shade of the woods, searching for the answers to life's mysteries. What adventures will we find?
Another exciting endeavor, searching for mysteries and their answers
Happy uplifting bike ride on streets with no cars. Possible Uses - Transition bumpers for radio or TV, Music for fly over footage
Quick zany ragtime piece. Good for Old black and white footage, comedic scenes, or that special scene in football where the ball is fumbled 2-3 times and eventually still ends up in the end zone!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Acoustic guitar reggae-rock infused song with hand percussion throughout. Great for travel, driving, discovery, adventure and would be perfect in ad campaigns and sports highlights. Happy, feel good, vibe!
Gentle piece with some tension. Conjures images of the exciting but unsure reuniting with "the one that got away."
Uptempo spanish piece. Full of suspense, laced with torment and frustration. Ideal for scenes where the protagonist contemplates what to do at an impasse in his life; stay or leave?
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tribal, Native American music. Would be great for any scenes that depict nature, the environment, and Mother Earth.
Cute, upbeat piece that would work great in any animated/children's show. Sounds like Thomas Newman's music from Wall-E.
Picture an African landscape, and a man walking a wildebeest casually down along the side of the river Nile. Bizarre as it sounds, you can hear it with this piece! Great for animal shows, cartoons, educational programs, business presentations and more!
Somber piece with slow sustained melody from a violin juxtaposed with an arpeggiated wandering guitar. Great for scenes where characters are looking inside themselves for self-realization.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Quirky guitar and piano based pop tango that should've been written by Quentin Tarantino. "Marching" drums throughout and makes you want to dance oh so mysteriously. From "Dancing With The Stars" to sports shows...has a real tension to it, so would also be great for action, adventure, travel, exploration, and a great backdrop for animal planet type of films. This one is fun and mysterious at the same time!
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