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An Indie song about things comin' around and life getting better. Would work in scenes where the characters are getting on with their lives, overcoming problems, and getting things done.
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration) * instr tracks available
Uplifting electronic pop that will make you feel good and drive you to move forward!
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration)
This song is a beautiful mix of confidence in your future and feeling bittersweet about the past.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This song is a calming, but uplifting ballad that shows that even though there are problems that need to be faces, we can still overcome them and be free. It can be either used for someone coming out of their shell and being who they are or about someone that is forgetting the past and looking forward to their future.
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Uplifting song about strength, courage, and the power of a love so strong that all things are possible!
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration)
An uplifting and hopeful song about self-growth and perseverance.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives)
Encouraging recovery, referencing God and religion, explaining that you can heal and that life goes on.
Industrial and electronic. Very catchy rhythms and a dangerous vibe. "I keep falling down...but I keep on climbing". Song is about not giving up. Perfect for club scenes, party scenes, or perhaps something more daring like drag races or a fight scene.
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello) * instr tracks available
Keyboards and guitars swirl around a driving beat to decorate a lyric about deciding to be positive and optimistic despite all the rain and clouds. "Turn around and Let The Sun In."
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello)
This song is about the artist struggles with how she lives her life, and what she believes in. She has come to realize her challenges and realized that
Fun, upbeat rock song that depicts having a great day. Would work great in children's shows or motivational clips. Sounds like The Beatles or Phil Collins.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A hippy blues jam with Allman Brothers slide guitar and hand percussion. A song about change and the law of attraction. Sounds like the Rolling Stones or Bo Didley
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) * instr tracks available
Piano and vocals start this song about perseverance though hardship. Drums, guitars, harmonies, and keyboards sift in and out to embellish the powerful lyrics about never giving up.
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration)
An inspirational anthem about standing up for yourself in times of trouble.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A sweet guitar ballad about the bad and the good that follows it. A hopeful anthem. A mix of country and the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood".
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Determined and focused, ready to take control, this song resonates in anyone who has ever been the underdog. Beginning with a lone acoustic guitar and steady drum beat, an intricate bass line (ala Red Hot Chili Peppers) quickly adds movement and depth, setting up for electric guitar licks that errupt and howl in unison with theatrical vocals, as the song ebbs and flows.
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration) * instr tracks available
Electronic pop song about being resilient, persevering, and never giving up no matter what.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) **instrumental version available**
Cristabelle shares her story of surviving a traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation, and perseverance through personal Struggle
80s rock vibe a la David Bowie. Could be used in upbeat, optimistic scenes. "It's wonderful world".
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello) * instr tracks available
Song with spiritual themes about struggling through hard times, but being lucky to have someone go through it with you. "You are right there / With me in my fear"
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Full band, with an Americana/Alt Country feel ala Lady Antebellum / Little Big Town, this upbeat song is an anthem for all who refuse to let life get them down! "I'm gonna stand tough . . . RISE!"
The journey begins with monk like chanting expressing words of freedom and imagination, as the soul leaves the body, heading off into the vast astral plane. Then the tempo kicks in with a gentle rhytmic motion depicting the flight of the spirit as sets off on its journey into vast unknow adventures. "To know beyond believing. To feel what is not there, To re-invent myself right out of thin air, To trust outside lifes illusion".
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello)
Lowkey and bitter-sweet song about finding God after feeling lost.
Breanne Primeau (Take The First Step) Featuring: The 9ths
Piano ballad that encourages tenacity, perseverance, and bravery. Go for it! Take the first step!
Calm and melodic song a la Phil Collins that reflects on letting go of what burdens you. Would be great in reflective scenes or where a character is dealing with an internal conflict.
Outlaw country vibes with a lyric about what makes a man who he is. It's not possessions, books you've read, money you have, it's your heart and soul.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A reggae-rock infused song with hand percussion all about music and how it can get you by. Sounds like Bob Marley with a Kurt Cobain vocal
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Starting as just piano and strings, and erupting into a full band crescendo, this song is for encouragement, telling someone you're proud, and for pushing through the hard times.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) *instrumental track available*
This inspirational, upbeat, and positive song from artist, Cristabelle Braden is about being brave and overcoming obstacles in life to "make it" and come out on top.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Kick ass song in the style of Little Big Town or Lady Antebellum, about living life to its fullest! "Every day in life that I lived . . . was worth dying for!"
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