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The 9ths (The 9ths)
Alternative Pop Rock song about the monotony of everyday life. The feeling that you've settled and gave up on your dreams.
Heavy alt-rock meets the synth soundtrack to your favorite action movie in the lyrically-dark "Ballad of Annie." The story of a physically abusive struggle is sung with haunting vocals and accompanied by a clever hybrid of synthesizers and real instruments.
Shawn Mathews Courtesy of: VALE Records
If there's a song that can perfectly describe the year 2020, it's this one. This song reflects wholly on Shawn's experience being in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perfect for a TV show/film that has a scene with a teen/young adult who is isolated in their room yet wants to get out and explore the world beyond those walls or even a modern rendition of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
The 9ths (The 9ths) Featuring: Amelia Ali
Soulful pop/r&b song about being let down with the results of all your hard work in life, but being "crazy" enough to keep hoping and going for it!
Shawn Mathews (Blue) Courtesy of: VALE Records
Downtrodden hip hop. Mathews laments on the feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, and the need to reset. Could be used in any scene featuring a character who is at the end of their wits.
Rollicking rock and roll song about cutting loose and getting into the fun kind of trouble! Features thunderous drums, screaming organ, booming bass, smoking sax, and killer guitar!
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul)
Wistful keyboards, slow grooving drum machines, and yearning vocals that lament having to get going without resolution. The electronics build up with angst as the song crescendos for a final plea "I Don't Wanna Leave"
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
Hard rock with a slow build and electronic production. This song expresses the defeated feeling of having to constantly roll with the punches.
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Classy and romantic horn-led jazz piece that evokes the feelings of cigarettes, champagne, and a lovely Late Night out with that special someone. Featuring piano, saxophones, trumpets, and trombones, this piece of music could adorn any scene requiring a dash of elegance!
Lucas Gienow (Lost In The City - Single)
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat yet reflective pop-electronic song about feeling lost, whether the feeling comes from romance, moving to a new place, or from life in general. With Zedd-esque builds and instrumental drops and a catchy chorus, this song is a great fit for all kinds of visual projects.
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Sounds like music from Mad Men, or a James Bond film. Exciting, flashy, toe tapping, Latin-tinged jazz with all the mystery and swagger you could imagine!
Serene piece with world-music flavors throughout.Has a gentle ebb and flow to it.
Upbeat song with spunk and attitude, ala Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Casey Musgraves. This woman knows what she wants in love, and is not afraid to make it crystal clear that this fellow has no chance of winning her heart!
Elysian Jane (N.F.)
A moody and atmospheric description of meeting someone new and feeling the potential for something new. Investigates the urges, seductions, and especially the doubts of a new relationship.
Elysian Jane (N.F.)
Electronica-inspired dark pop with female lead. Features a steady "four on the floor" pulse with simple harmonic progressions, sweeping synth leads, tribal-esque auxilliary percussion patterns, and cinematic sound effects at transition points. Note: Outro after guitar solo includes a spoken word section to conclude the narrative.
Elysian Jane (Right Ways) * explicit lyrics
Seductive R&B love song. Elysian Jane perfectly combines the sensitive touch of a love song with dark and slow soul music to create a sense of longing, great for a romantic or sexy setting in a TV show/movie.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Rock song exploring the cat and mouse dynamics of a relationship and the fight or flight feeling of needing to run, run, run away!
J and The 9s (Birth)
In your face hard rock song with plenty of attitude, guitar riffs, and a flute solo.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Upbeat alternative rock with quick fire vocals, dreamy chord progressions, and a fun in the sun lyric. Perfect for scenes of escaping into a fun, carefree and warm life. Features a tempo change and dip into reggae!
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
The 9ths (The 9ths) Featuring: Efficial Dudley
Piano ballad lamenting the unfairness of unrequited love. Piano, keyboard strings, guitar and vocal harmonies build up the drama in this powerful R&B tune.
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