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Royalty Free Fun Music! Welcome to our collection of songs with humorous/off-beat lyrical content and instrumentals that have a quirky, odd, zany feel! Smile and Enjoy! Music that was made by REAL ARTISTS! All Rights Cleared / Affordable. Go ahead and SMILE! You know you want to!

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KNova (Warped Passages)
Fluttering synths and buzzing keyboards adorn a syncopated and aggressive drum groove
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
A jazzy landscape of electric piano, warm guitar, and bouncing bass.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This song captures multiple moods throughout it's duration. With a driving drum groove and experimental synths, Century Egg would fit perfectly in an action adventure film.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
A bizarre and dreamy low-beat song about cough drops, cats, and life in quarantine. Appropriate to a kind of bored, lazy, meandering scene or moment.
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun) * instr tracks available
Trippy music with a very catchy melody. Abstract lyrics. Good for any scene that needs a good dose of strange
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Satirical song about a Jamaican pot dealer and a tourist. Great for comedy scenes or scenes where folks are smoking pot or getting wasted! Chillax mon!!
Fun electronic pop song about a night on the town, dressed to the nines and ready for action in your Drinking Shoes! Musically sounds like a cross between David Bowie, Danger Mouse, and The Flaming Lips. Great for bar and party scenes!
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
Punk Rock version of similarly titled song; this one is about going out and having a good time! "Put on your drinking shoes because it's time, oh yes it's time!"
KNova (Warped Passages)
Synth melody with an Afro-samba inspired drumbeat that brings a happy and uplifting vibe.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
A very full sounding and fun instrumental with groovy bass, explorative chord progressions, syncopated drums, percussive chants, and plenty of fun synthesizers! Makes you feel like everything is okay and life is good!
Fun and upbeat country rock song about the comedic premise of the modern day scene many decades from now: A goofy, lighthearted poke at the styles and trends of the modern day youth. Well Suited for any comedy environment, or even the introduction of an older character with some of those prominent 'Bad-Girl' qualities.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Fun and upbeat music with infectious beats, flickering guitars, and plenty of twists and turns. Sounds like a futuristic dance party!
The ultimate coffee song! Tells the true story of a couple that fell in love at a coffee shop. Perfect for coffee commercials or any movie scenes involving romance in a cafe.
A folk song about the trials and tribulations of eating ice cream! Would be a perfect fit for a comedic scene of a woman trying to resist the temptation of her favorite treat!
Uptempo and fun with a retro latin beat - big horn section and little chipmunk style vocal. Perfect for children themed shows or cartoons.
Very rhythmic electronica song with quirky sounds that spiral, buzz, vibrate and bounce.
Sacred Jason (Let It Roll)
Heavy and dark Electronica with crunchy distorted drums and computer analog sound effects. Sacred Jason uses the full scope of an arsenal of effects to create cacophonous beats. Only a small amount of vocal samples are used, the song is mostly instrumental.
Quirky and humorous vintage synthesizer piece creates the perfect environment for a scene full of hustle and bustle. Whether it be people, animals, or machines, this diddy shows them working hard to achieve their goal.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A hippy blues jam with Allman Brothers slide guitar and hand percussion. A song about change and the law of attraction. Sounds like the Rolling Stones or Bo Didley
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Sounds like music from Mad Men, or a James Bond film. Exciting, flashy, toe tapping, Latin-tinged jazz with all the mystery and swagger you could imagine!
Elysian Jane (N.F.)
A moody and atmospheric description of meeting someone new and feeling the potential for something new. Investigates the urges, seductions, and especially the doubts of a new relationship.
An ode to the irresistible city of Las Vegas! This song could be the ultimate advertisement for the glitz, glamor, luxury, and lure of Las Vegas.
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A humorous Christmas song with a twist, about a stressed out, red neck Santa Clause and his unsuspecting reindeer!
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This quirky song is constantly changing and filled with interesting synths. Perfect for wacky cartoons and video games.
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
Reggae tinged song that references Back To The Future, this song frenetically slips between calm synocpation, and aggressive hard rock!
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.)
A fun ukelele introduction leads the way in this light-hearted, upbeat song about blocking out a know-it-all's voice. The musical style sounds like it comes right out of a Disney motion picture (eg: "You've Got A Friend in Me," from Toy Story).
KNova (Warped Passages)
A seven beat looped drum pattern with bouncy bass lines, vibrating synths, and bright melodies.. The perfect track for a Sci-fi style television series such as Stranger Things. Perhaps use in a climatic part of a show and/or movie.
A fun song with woodwinds, organs, guitars, and plenty of exuberant vocals and harmonies! The lyric expresses the worry of eternal damnation but in the fun wording that hell would be "Too Hot For Me"
Ambient and spiritual. Good for reflective imagery or crime/thriller background music. Similar to ambient works from Brian Eno/Apex Twin.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Hip Hop drums, whizzy synthesizers, and tip-toe-ing bass evoke the feeling that we're not alone….
Sacred Jason (Under The Bus)
Sacred Jason uses a unique variety of electronic sounds to create a driving and chaotic soundscape. Under The Bus would be great for background music during a chase scene, or something crime related.
Folky indie song demanding for some decisiveness! Bluegrassy like Mumford and Sons; poppy like Jason Mraz. Perfect for scenes about indecisive relationships that need a quirky song!
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
A mysterious and alluring introduction lead way to this toe-tapping jazz odyssey featuring piano, horns, drums, and walking bass.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) **instrumental version**
A fun upbeat pop instrumental ideal for commercials, inspirational videos, fun videos, wedding videos, anniversary videos, and more.
Fun, upbeat, and happy song about smoking weed (featuring harmonica). Would work great in any comedy or party/frat house scenes.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
Swirling, hypnotic melodies take you on a tour through the East while a barrage of percussion envelopes you in a stream of conscious dream. This music is both experimental and addicting!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Electronic piece that evolves and develops. Changes feel from a slow groove, to a 1-2-1-2 polka feel, and goes back. Pensive and pondering, then excited and determined, back to thoughtful and wondrous.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
An up-tempo fun song about how alcohol changes people. Americana with a two part male/female vocal the whole way through. Sounds like Tom petty, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown band, Toby Keith, Little Big Town
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