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Fast paced metal song with wicked cool synths/guitar harmonics throughout...verses are open and free, building to the big heavy, in your face chorus. Picture a dozen airplanes in a dog fight, or an airstrike by the good guys, just when you think there is no hope for survival. This song would be a good sound bed for any action scene, and also for various hard hitting sports themes. Nice pace and movement...
Minimalistic electronic that builds.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dropping keyboard notes spread out in waves over a cloud of synths to set the mood for an electronic groove
Tense, angry, powerful intro with big, mysterious verses with clean guitars building into heavy intro/chorus theme. The title says it can feel the hero (or villain?) lying in wait, in preparation of the ultimate ambush! Possible uses, various sports themes, and film/tv cues represneting tension (being trapped, struggling to break free, wanting someone to save you), hero saving someone
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Atlernative rock with chugging guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and a driving rhythm section. Dramatic music for lifechanging scenes!
Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, Cop - about getting the bad guy ("the DNA don't lie")
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Groovy rhythm with snyth melody that floats above, interjected with guitar strums.
Don't let the heavy intro fool goes into dreamy, mysterious vibe...chorus movement is heavier with distorted guitars. Bad guy becomes good guy and goes out on a vigilante mission to atone for his sins. Possible uses - dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, scenes shrouded in mystery, graveyard, full moon, vampires, ghosts, etc.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Driving, syncopated beats set the foundation for minor, electronic synths. Sort of sounds like the soundtrack to a nature show about Planet Earth, but leaves you feeling like this planet is doomed
An intriguing piano based piece that displays the chaos before finding balance in one's life.
Dangerous vibe. Builds tension. Perfect for scenes where someone is working in the lab or intently focused on a task in hand.
Highly percussive with a Bollywood flare. You can almost see the lioness stalking her prey in the jungle. Senses sharpened & hightened awareness as she gets closer to the prize. What other predators lurk?
Creepy, industrial goth type of treatment...synths, cool bass line, varied electric guitar treatments, nice steady movement. Chorus is filled with "tension". At 3:15, neat breakdown with strange, almost "spacey" vibe. You can picture walking through a graveyard, or underground cave and finding the secret passage where others did not make it out! Good for horror films, action, chase, stalking scenes, or scene where someone is building something, or a CSI is working in the forensics lab, or a cop checking out a crime scene.
Mid-tempo and heavy "paced" guitars with space in verses, leading into full chorus. Very modern/alternative treatment. This song is reminiscent of a fight scene in the style of Rocco Bonetti, the great Renaissance Italian fencing master. Song would be good for any type of action scenes, sports themes, thriller scenes, and of course a good sword fight to the death!!
Driving piece featuring electric guitar and an Egyptian vibe. Would work great in chase or escape scenes, car commercials, or military bases cues. You can almost see the air force jet flying into "crowded" air space! This song is all about action!
Elegant, classy, and energetic instrumental that builds and breaks with synths doused with reverb, a clattering of percussion, and a buzzy bass synth. Would be great for commercials selling fancy products like luxury cars, rolexes, or jewelry. Welcome to the good life!
Sleek, sexy hip-hop instrumental that's perfect for club scenes or the backdrop to a house party. Also a solid fit for sleek advertisement campaigns.
Hip Hop beats that you can't resist dancing to as a backdrop for a Joe Satriani-esque guitar solo that starts off innocently before building up to an aggressive funky jam
Whether your scene is elephants romping through the jungle, or CSI's working on evidence in a high tech forensics lab, this versatile composition with a Bollywood feel will highlight the action!
Cool Jazz Piece with solid sax and drum programming. Possible Uses - as a theme for a radio talk show, Bumpers for radio, or Family / kids playing in the back yard
Tribal rhythm...weird chanting in the background...can almost see someone dancing around a fire in a ritual for this one!
Synthesizer symphony good for background for computer graphics or Space footage
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo acoustic guitar based rock song ala Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas...lots of movement to this one. Good for travel scenes and montages. Would work for lab scenes or evidence collection in your favorite CSI shows. Also perfect for advertising campaigns...phones, retail, travel, shopping, and more!
High energy "Satriani-esque" funky guitar song that sounds like spy music. Great for a James Bond or Burn Notice type action scene.
Jazz tune with two personalities - Laid back, Latin jazz with guitar that sounds like Carlos Santana then switches to a heavy Spanish riff before switching back to the Latin jazz.
Deep grove with syncopated percussion and splashed with synth noise.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dreamy electronic instrumental filled with spacey synths and percussion
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
A jazz rock feeling song that provides a sultry vibe. Bass driven that provides a mysterious mood.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Alt Rock - Edgey, nervewracking drums, nice breakdown at 1min 40 sec...great for chase scenes, action scenes, and "tough guy" sports...downhill skiing, speed skating, racing, football, hockey, boxing
Unique, frenetic, high energy, repetitive electronica with an emphasis on percussion.
Very fast paced, hard driving rock song with several guitar themes/movements, and intermittent breaks. You can almost picture two airplanes in an intense firefight! Good for sports, chase scenes, vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes.
The fog begins to float as you feel the warmth of the sunrise
Jazzy and snazzy...Great backdrop for spy film/tv show ala "Burn Notice", or soundbed for CSI show montages while the forensic scientists run their tests!
Repetitive melody in the bass. Fluttering piano melody offset by a menacing bass line.
An intense moment captured in melody, this tune is perfect for intense chases, and desperate, dangerous escapes. Keeps the listener holding on for dear life until the end.
You can almost see a clumsy loveable hippo slothing around trying to jam to the beats. Good for animation, animal shows, cartoons, educational pieces, and much more!
This just in, here on Newsline 4, an exciting new musical piece that evokes feelings of curiosity and wonder is taking documentaries by storm! Back to you, Al!
Sweet glockenspiel melody with frantic drums that come in and out. Climax is with a Nintendo-esque melody on synth.
Get ready to learn about technology! Watch the machines dance as they package, protect, and move the tasty food we eat! Also has a "flowing water" feel.
Running through a jungle, chased by a animal, man or perhaps even a stampede! The sounds of the jungle pulsating in the background...this composition provides the perfect backdrop for nature based shows!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Retro electric guitar based rock. Hendrix...Hendrix...Hendrix! The lead guitar feels like Jimi is playing it! Great bluesy, rockin tune perfect for anything from sports, to action/adventure films, to ad campaigns, to natural disaster documentaries. First lead is edgey...second lead section is explosive!! Rock on!!
Very rhythmic electronica song with quirky sounds that spiral, buzz, vibrate and bounce.
Scholarly sounding piano based piece with urgent rhythms and a soft refrain that honors all teachers. Knowledge is Power!
Ideal for Nightclub scenery, a City-based chase, a back-alley brawl, or a sudden, horrific development. The tension builds as the beat progresses, and in the heat of the moment, brings a mixture of panic, anticipation, and action to the scene.
Chill electronic music with lush textures that emphasis basic synth melodies and a slow groove.
Poppy electronic instrumental. Features funky guitars, four-on-the-floor drums, hand claps, and a whole lotta synths. Great for dance scenes or for adding a jolt of energy!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mysterious and dreamlike synths percolate as a driving beat begins to take hold. Has a late night drive sound to it
Wes Montgomery-esque jazz treatment. Gives the image of someone happily walking down the street, taking it all in on a beautiful day. Great backdrop for weather forecasts or radar now!
Deepest and darkest part of the early morning in an oriental forest
Hard driving and fast paced...very modern and alternative.'s okay to go fast, but kick in the NITRUS, and you fly (for a short while)!Action & chase scenes, love gone bad, bad guy stalking victim, muscle sports & fast paced sports (weight lifting, luge, downhill skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, football)
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
Hard rock - Piano underneath and a heavy riff reminiscent of Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome".
Smooth pop/dance instrumental with warm synths, jazzy piano, and groovy percussion. Would work great for party scenes, sports montages, crime show forensics, etc.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Bass, drums, piano, and strings create a swirling, syncopated melody that is balanced with a tense soundscape that reminds you of scores from the 80s and early 90s.
High energy, powerful, intro/choruses that would be perfect for sports...especially full contact (football, hockey) or sports with movement or element of danger (skiing, luge, speed skating). Intense and full of energy. Great for horror movies, vampires, ghosts,chase, bad guy trying to shoot good guy, and MORE!!
Funky guitars and bass introduce a smooth jazz guitar line with electronic flourishes. Could be a good fit for spy scenes or perhaps forensics montages.
Electric guitar grooves; good for scenes involving characters reflecting on their past and moving on.
Up tempo, alternative rock song - good for sports, chase scenes, driving, action...good guy chasing bad guy...or perhaps the other way around!
Skittering percussion and fat portamento synths make a rich soundbed that would be at home on a show like Breaking Bad.
Feel the rush as you barrel down a mountain ski slope, cut through massive surf, lean that motorcycle hard into the trickiest of turns, or pound the half pipe into submission! Great for sports clips of all types, olympic events, chase scenes, riding down the open road in a convertible, and car commercials.
Weird, creepy, intro...wispy and erie..going into mellow arpeggio electric guitar. Mid tempo, builds to heavier guitars in chorus. Bridge at 2:15 contains "Phantom of the Opera" type organ interlude. You can feel the moonlight rising, day melting into night. Possible uses...supernatural themes, vampire, contemplation, gentle/flowing type sports with an attitude, like figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and more!
Very tense soundscape for a break in, hold up, and robbery that concludes with a frantic gun fight and escape! Or so one could hear.. Perfect for any scene that builds tension and eventually erupts!
Cool arpeggio "chorused" guitar/synth intro, verses have strange guitars bouncing back and forth...chorus has heavy, driving guitars. We've all floated in and out of that scarey dream, so glad to wake up and find it is not true. But what if the dream was peaceful and the awakening held frightening surprises. Great for sports, action, chaos, mystery and more
Strange, erie industrial goth rock...verses focus on a drum beat..then chorus hits with guitars, synths, and weird fuzzy drums. Fits any theme that is creepy or where tension is desired. Good for scenes where someone is hiding and being pursued by the creepy bad guy...they hide, bad guy stalks, and then they RUN LIKE HELL to get away from him!
Piano & cello - Erie, sad, atmospheric, gentle, dreamy, suspenseful - lovely backdrop for contemplative, sad, dream scenes...or looking out at the ocean and thinking, floating on the water, walking along the beach...or gentle, graceful sports themes (gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc.)
Percussive,sci-fi themed piece that contains futuristic sounds with a groovy hip-hop beat that any robot can dance to!
Learning has never been so alluring! Lose yourself in concentration as you're hypnotized by the computer animation!
Lo-fi synth sound that clash and fight to build tension. Perfect for representing a character's insanity.
Feels like something bad is about to happen... like a twisted take on West Side Story gangs snapping their fingers as they walk into their meth lab to cook up their next batch. Perhaps a little Chinese water torture?
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mellow electronica piece featuring syncopated drums and distant melodies. The slice of life, you gotta get it right
Electronic song with a four on the floor beat, a heavy repeating bassline, a gradual buildup, and slushy synths. Could be perfect accompaniment for models on the runway strutting their stuff!
Fluttery percussion with chugging synths and heroic melodies. Sounds similar to Daft Punk's score for the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a sense of unease, as if a storm is coming, this electronica piece can be used to show anything from tense scenes to club/party scenes!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Tense, flowing mid tempo, hard grungy rock with thick, deep, sound and Godsmack esque (ala "Voodoo") drums. This one is great for the big screen. Cops, stalking, vampires, bad guys, action, adventure, dream scenes, and a great soundbed for sports!!!!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tense and edgy alternative acoustic piece. Perfect for showing drama and tension building within the scene.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
An electronic groove with a walking bass introduce this Satriani-esque guitar jam. As the song progresses, the tension grows beyond containment. Could be the soundtrack for cruising around, a wild night out on the town, or a simple crime gone suddenly awry.
A mystical hunt deep into the shade of the woods, searching for the answers to life's mysteries. What adventures will we find?
Another exciting endeavor, searching for mysteries and their answers
Happy uplifting bike ride on streets with no cars. Possible Uses - Transition bumpers for radio or TV, Music for fly over footage
KNova (Warped Passages)
A seven beat looped drum pattern with bouncy bass lines, vibrating synths, and bright melodies.. The perfect track for a Sci-fi style television series such as Stranger Things. Perhaps use in a climatic part of a show and/or movie.
Chill electronica with quirky synth melodies and a lumbering bassline. The percussion saunters as it evolves, gradually changing the grooves musically and sonically.
Clanging percussion, vibrating bass melody, and airy synths in this rhythm-intensive piece. This song is perfect for building the tension!
Ambient and spiritual. Good for reflective imagery or crime/thriller background music. Similar to ambient works from Brian Eno/Apex Twin.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Hip Hop drums, whizzy synthesizers, and tip-toe-ing bass evoke the feeling that we're not alone….
Happy upbeat jazz tune. Sounds like Pat Metheny. Great for background music like The Weather Channel. And the extended forecast is...?
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Soft, lonely piano ballad that builds from a gentle ballad to a Muse, Evanescense like rock song. Song kicks in with heavy drums and distorted guitar in the bridge. Has tension and would work for anything from relationship scenes, to loss, thought, travel, discovery, and more! You can feel the sadness...
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Quirky guitar and piano based pop tango that should've been written by Quentin Tarantino. "Marching" drums throughout and makes you want to dance oh so mysteriously. From "Dancing With The Stars" to sports shows...has a real tension to it, so would also be great for action, adventure, travel, exploration, and a great backdrop for animal planet type of films. This one is fun and mysterious at the same time!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Electronic piece that evolves and develops. Changes feel from a slow groove, to a 1-2-1-2 polka feel, and goes back. Pensive and pondering, then excited and determined, back to thoughtful and wondrous.
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