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Royalty Free Fitness Music for your media! These songs have one goal in mind…to get people off their posteriors and get them MOVING!! You can’t not move when you are listening to these high energy songs. So ramp up your workout video, competition, or your studio with tunes that will get and keep your workout warriors moving!

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Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
If there's over 7 billion people in the world? does any ONE person really matter? Heavy and aggressive rock.
Fast paced song about being addicted to loving someone or something that may or may not be good for you - good for chase scenes or even drug/addiction based scenes
Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, Cop - about getting the bad guy ("the DNA don't lie")
J and The 9s (Birth)
Hard rock song with female vocals, aggressive riffs, a sing-along chorus, and a scorching guitar solo. Could be used to establish a sexy or "cool" vibe in any scene.
a Guns N Roses style hard rock song with lyrics about dealing with a tough situation and trying to get through it. Perfect for scenes of perseverence or any time an uptempo rock song is needed.
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Girl finds out that ex boyfriend is getting his due. Karma is a bitch! What goes around comes around harder!
Bluegrass song featuring mandolins and vocal harmony. Great for scenes that depict struggling through life and trying to stay afloat.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
A driving rhythm song for the inner rockstar couple at heart. The speaker has this girl on their mind and can't seem to get her out even if they tried. With a reference to mind control, the infatuation felt by the speaker is very intense.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A hippy blues jam with Allman Brothers slide guitar and hand percussion. A song about change and the law of attraction. Sounds like the Rolling Stones or Bo Didley
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Satirical song about dysfunctional family and how the Mom tries to keep it together - great for chaotic, family type themes. Every family can relate to this!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A fast paced hard rock song about being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Slow intro leads abruptly into manic, arrangement. Piano underneath a heavy riff reminiscent of Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome". Sounds like Muse, Halestorm
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Retro rock song about all the good, bad, and ugly things love can do to you, yet still you take the chance and fall. Good for passionate scenes.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Good for action scenes, standing on the edge of something, decision (push me or save me), car chases, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing
J and The 9s (Birth)
Hard rock song with female vocals that shuts down the hopes of any guy thinking he's got a shot with this woman. Features an aggressive rhythm section and an electrifying guitar solo.
J and The 9s (Birth)
Uptempo female punk rock song about having it your own way. Would work in party scenes and any other scene that needs a jolt of angsty energy!
J and The 9s (Birth)
In your face hard rock song with plenty of attitude, guitar riffs, and a flute solo.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A song about sleep deprivation and the effects it has on the mind. Hard Grungy rock with thick, deep, sound and back and forth male/female vocals. Sounds like Tool, Godsmack, Pearl Jam meets Heart.
Aggressive hard rock / punk song with abstract stream of consciousness lyrics and dissonant lead guitars. Good for any scene requiring music to take it up a notch. For example: burglars making their get-a-away; soldiers initiating battle; football team blitzing the quarterback.
Prince meets Bowie meets Bloc Party in this electronic rock song. Good for party scenes, various montages, or movie introductions
Lucas Gienow (The Other Side - Single)
Featuring: Langhoff Glassy, futuristic, and propulsive sounding electronic music that will get your feet on the dance floor! Smooth vocals with mysterious and trippy lyrics eluding to reaching to something higher, better, and more advanced.
Lucas Gienow ** instrumental version **
Featuring: Langhoff Glassy, futuristic, and propulsive sounding electronic music that will get your feet on the dance floor! Perfect for any dance scene, cyber punk, or sci-fi moods.
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