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Royalty Free Fantasy Music featuring songs that span the gap between Good and Evil. With lyrical content ranging from spiritual themes to downright nasty “evil-ness”, only you can decide whether you will stand in the light or go to the dark side! All rights are cleared, so licensing our production music is a snap!

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Soft, acoustic song about the ones that got away. Would work great in scenes where a character is reminiscing about a lost love.
Electronic rock song with synthesizers, lots of guitars, and a dancey vibe featuring lyrics about a battle between good and evil, ultimately lamenting that good won't necessarily prevail
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Etherial, haunting, Pink Floyd-esque song with echoing vocals, pulsating piano, droning strings, and an emotive, crying electric guitar providing the backdrop for thought provoking lyrics about courage, spirituality, and believing that even in the darkest of times, we are not alone . . .
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Intense metal with an electronic twist. This song gets everyone hyped up and ready to mosh.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Tension filled song with a spacey vibe that starts off with a lone marimba, sparse acoustic guitar, and a barely audible perculating synthesizer that gradually grows in volume and ferocity until it feels like the mother ship is about to land right next to you! Strong and courageous, with determination...Lyrically focused on rebirth from darkness into the light.
You can almost see Jack Sparrow looking out over the sea, waiting for the impending epic battle to begin.
A modern, edgy take on Mozart's Dies Irae - complete with choir. You can almost see Jack Sparrow looking out over the sea, waiting for the impending battle to begin.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
A hard-hitting yet heavy driving beat song that shares a glimpse of the speaker's dark thoughts and rough patches in life. Great for a scene that signifies the "rock bottom" moment for the individual.
Rollicking rock and roll song about cutting loose and getting into the fun kind of trouble! Features thunderous drums, screaming organ, booming bass, smoking sax, and killer guitar!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Starting with a dark, serene and distant guitar vocal, Ghost Riders erupts into a chatoic nightmare with hard rock guitars, thundering drums, and anthemic vocals with lyrics that will send a shiver down any grown man's spine!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Dynamic and aggressive hard rock song about a vigilante who rescues helpless children and punishes their predators accordingly.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Beginning with a lone piano, this song quickly hightens as steady bass grooves are woven together with intricate electric guitar licks and synthesizers added in for good measure! Lyrically intriguing, the alt rock composition (in the style of "Muse") is about the universal struggle to become the good that the world needs. "Looking for my HALO . . . swimming in fire rings, as I try to earn my wings . . . "
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Dark, brooding, etherial, reflective piece about looking into the mirror and not recognizing the reflection that is looking back at you. Wanting to change...knowing you have become someone you do not recognize.
Industrial and electronic. Very catchy rhythms and a dangerous vibe. "I keep falling down...but I keep on climbing". Song is about not giving up. Perfect for club scenes, party scenes, or perhaps something more daring like drag races or a fight scene.
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
Poppy rock song with classic Egon lyrics: "I love you like the sun; but it so happens I perfer the moon". Features vocoder, synth, and even a long coda!
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello)
This song is about the artist struggles with how she lives her life, and what she believes in. She has come to realize her challenges and realized that
Dark, what am I doing, why can't I stop, I know this is wrong. Uptempo and heavy-good for action scenes.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Wandering, longingly trying to figure out where you fit in this world, suffocated by the "mask" that you must wear with courage, and strength...trying to break free. Deep, reflective, isolated...reaching out for help.
Elysian Jane (N.F.)
Electronica-inspired dark pop with female lead. Features a steady "four on the floor" pulse with simple harmonic progressions, sweeping synth leads, tribal-esque auxilliary percussion patterns, and cinematic sound effects at transition points. Note: Outro after guitar solo includes a spoken word section to conclude the narrative.
80s rock vibe a la David Bowie. Could be used in upbeat, optimistic scenes. "It's wonderful world".
Very simple instrumentation with gorgeous vocal harmonies singing a short prayer-like lyric. A touch of melancholy; this song would be perfect for any scenes needing a somber push.
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello) * instr tracks available
Song with spiritual themes about struggling through hard times, but being lucky to have someone go through it with you. "You are right there / With me in my fear"
A slow rock tune with a catchy guitar riff about ignoring people who criticize you.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
An invocation for a protector from all the evils and harmful forces in the world. Starts serene and sparse before building to a ritualistic prayer.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This is an emotional song that focuses on being lost in despair, not knowing what to do next and keep going backward and not forward. The can be used in a scene where someone has lost their way, physically and emotionally, and needs help out, but there is none.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This light, calming song describes the feeling of someone becoming one with themselves, growing and conquering all of the fears that held them down before. This can be used in a scene where a boy or girl were in horrible situations growing up, but they overcame them and broke out to "stretch their wings."
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Spacious song with Native American inflections. Tense and spiritual, could work in scenes featuring the fine line between peace and struggle.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
With a bit of a cabaret feel, "Stuck In These Ways" intertwines piano and organ with a rock song about being unable to change your ways for the better.
Moody, driving, aggressive, trippy alternative rock touching on internal struggles of good and evil. Evolving instrumentation that builds up and then calms down with a very dramatic ending.
"Hell bent on being heaven bound", The Arrival has a tribal and southern sounding vibe. Perfect soundtrack for the appearance of a Clint Eastwood-esque badass, here to to show everyone who's the new boss in town!
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Angsty, Dancy, industrial rock with a strong Nine Inch Nails groove.
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Opens like an old time Clint Eastwood western, then directly into driving guitars and desperate vocals. Tortured soul drowning in the flood of life - underlying reference to insanity and depression. Pearl Jam "esque" vocals. 4 minute mark changes into a Hendrix type guitar interlude - good for chase scenes, suicidal thoughts, insanity, hiding out, and any good vs. evil struggle.
Outlaw country vibes with a lyric about what makes a man who he is. It's not possessions, books you've read, money you have, it's your heart and soul.
Tribal, Native American music with lyrics about living large and making the most of life. Would be great for any scenes that depict characters out of their element, finding themselves in new environments.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
The narrator of this song talks about a guy has an electric attraction to a woman with these very vivid images of the ways his attraction has affected him. Great for a scene of an edgy guy/girl after they met or had a date with their potential first love.
Great weird creepy intro...high energy...powerful...your God has turned his back on you (come to the dark side with me). Revolution!
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