Dance Party

Dance Party

Check out our royalty free dance music, perfect for dance/club scenes! Fun, sultry, sexy, and high energy music to get your toes tapping! Because we all want to dance like no one is looking! Go gettem’!

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KNova (Warped Passages)
Fluttering synths and buzzing keyboards adorn a syncopated and aggressive drum groove
Shawn Mathews Courtesy of: VALE Records
If there's a song that can perfectly describe the year 2020, it's this one. This song reflects wholly on Shawn's experience being in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perfect for a TV show/film that has a scene with a teen/young adult who is isolated in their room yet wants to get out and explore the world beyond those walls or even a modern rendition of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This song captures multiple moods throughout it's duration. With a driving drum groove and experimental synths, Century Egg would fit perfectly in an action adventure film.
Hip Hop beats that you can't resist dancing to as a backdrop for a Joe Satriani-esque guitar solo that starts off innocently before building up to an aggressive funky jam
Shawn Mathews (Blue) ** instrumental version **
Music box synths dance with a hard hip hop drum beat. Brings on a heavy feeling good for dramatic montages.
Repetitive melody in the bass. Fluttering piano melody offset by a menacing bass line.
Fun and upbeat country rock song about the comedic premise of the modern day scene many decades from now: A goofy, lighthearted poke at the styles and trends of the modern day youth. Well Suited for any comedy environment, or even the introduction of an older character with some of those prominent 'Bad-Girl' qualities.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Fun and upbeat music with infectious beats, flickering guitars, and plenty of twists and turns. Sounds like a futuristic dance party!
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Classy and romantic horn-led jazz piece that evokes the feelings of cigarettes, champagne, and a lovely Late Night out with that special someone. Featuring piano, saxophones, trumpets, and trombones, this piece of music could adorn any scene requiring a dash of elegance!
Mellow finger-style guitar treatment, gives the impression of someone travelling in the country. Gives off the feeling of someone going away from home for a long time. Good for open road cross country driving scenes.
Sacred Jason (Let It Roll)
Heavy and dark Electronica with crunchy distorted drums and computer analog sound effects. Sacred Jason uses the full scope of an arsenal of effects to create cacophonous beats. Only a small amount of vocal samples are used, the song is mostly instrumental.
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello) **instrumental version**
Poppy musical background that builds up with acoustic guitars, synths, and an infectious drum beat
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Sounds like music from Mad Men, or a James Bond film. Exciting, flashy, toe tapping, Latin-tinged jazz with all the mystery and swagger you could imagine!
Sinister sounding bass, syncopated percussion, and epic synth melodies comprise this sci-fi sounding electronica song. Sounds like the hero's last stand in a movie like Tron.
Electronic song with a four on the floor beat, a heavy repeating bassline, a gradual buildup, and slushy synths. Could be perfect accompaniment for models on the runway strutting their stuff!
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
A techno-style song that is good for any dance party!
Lucas Gienow (The Other Side - Single)
Featuring: Langhoff Glassy, futuristic, and propulsive sounding electronic music that will get your feet on the dance floor! Smooth vocals with mysterious and trippy lyrics eluding to reaching to something higher, better, and more advanced.
Lucas Gienow ** instrumental version **
Featuring: Langhoff Glassy, futuristic, and propulsive sounding electronic music that will get your feet on the dance floor! Perfect for any dance scene, cyber punk, or sci-fi moods.
Sacred Jason (Under The Bus)
Sacred Jason uses a unique variety of electronic sounds to create a driving and chaotic soundscape. Under The Bus would be great for background music during a chase scene, or something crime related.
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
A mysterious and alluring introduction lead way to this toe-tapping jazz odyssey featuring piano, horns, drums, and walking bass.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A Tango that should've been written Quentin Tarantino. A back and forth between a male and female character planning and pulling off a heist. Sounds like Dresden Dolls meet Santana
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
Swirling, hypnotic melodies take you on a tour through the East while a barrage of percussion envelopes you in a stream of conscious dream. This music is both experimental and addicting!
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