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Socially conscious lyrics with a classic heavy metal sound like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche or Dio. Perfect for action films or sports shows!
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Rocking hardcore Synth that goes through your sole as you imagine the song in an episode of Criminal Minds as the criminal is causing his brutal disaster.
Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, Cop - about getting the bad guy ("the DNA don't lie")
Heavy alt-rock meets the synth soundtrack to your favorite action movie in the lyrically-dark "Ballad of Annie." The story of a physically abusive struggle is sung with haunting vocals and accompanied by a clever hybrid of synthesizers and real instruments.
Electronic rock song with synthesizers, lots of guitars, and a dancey vibe featuring lyrics about a battle between good and evil, ultimately lamenting that good won't necessarily prevail
Classic heavy metal sound with raging guitars, Dio-esque vocals, galloping bass and thunderous drums. Perfect for any scene that needs a good dose of adrenaline!
This raw, distorted alternative song talks about a man who has struggled with addiction and responsibility due to the convenience of that particular lifestyle.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Intense metal with an electronic twist. This song gets everyone hyped up and ready to mosh.
Dark and dreary country song about someone getting messages in their dreams from a murder victim trying to reveal the secret of who did it and what really happened.
Hendrix type guitar licks layered on top of dark vocals - desperate, dreary, sad, suicidal "you will notice me" type of concept. Nirvana meets Hendrix. The guitar parts alone would make a great soundbed as well
Shawn Mathews (Blue) Courtesy of: VALE Records
Downtrodden hip hop. Mathews laments on the feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, and the need to reset. Could be used in any scene featuring a character who is at the end of their wits.
Song about things not being what they seem...good for vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
A hard-hitting yet heavy driving beat song that shares a glimpse of the speaker's dark thoughts and rough patches in life. Great for a scene that signifies the "rock bottom" moment for the individual.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Fast paced alternative industrial style. This energetic song screams action and would be perfect for movies about zombies.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Chilling vocals, oozing synth basses, and a steady backbeat combine to create what sounds like a Mission Impossible Halloween Special.
Dorman Featuring: Betsy Holm
Traditional style country song about the abuse of a young girl who is finally old enough to go out on her own and get away from it.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Dynamic and aggressive hard rock song about a vigilante who rescues helpless children and punishes their predators accordingly.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
A driving rhythm song for the inner rockstar couple at heart. The speaker has this girl on their mind and can't seem to get her out even if they tried. With a reference to mind control, the infatuation felt by the speaker is very intense.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A story song about a Man losing the woman he loves and seeking vengeance. Jimi Hendrix Meets Alice n Chains and Janis Joplin
Industrial and electronic. Very catchy rhythms and a dangerous vibe. "I keep falling down...but I keep on climbing". Song is about not giving up. Perfect for club scenes, party scenes, or perhaps something more daring like drag races or a fight scene.
Dark, what am I doing, why can't I stop, I know this is wrong. Uptempo and heavy-good for action scenes.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
A syncopated percussion pattern sets the mood as menacing chords begin to poke through. Eventually things really take off as an aggressive and swift strumming pattern emerges, and Mr. Hyde is off on his quest for revenge!
Elysian Jane (N.F.)
Electronica-inspired dark pop with female lead. Features a steady "four on the floor" pulse with simple harmonic progressions, sweeping synth leads, tribal-esque auxilliary percussion patterns, and cinematic sound effects at transition points. Note: Outro after guitar solo includes a spoken word section to conclude the narrative.
Sad, desperate ballad about struggling with one's demons. Good for suicide contemplation, depression scenes, or death of someone.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) ** Instrumental Version **
A mosaic of keyboards, guitars, and strings ebb and flow through this piece that has a seriousness to it, but also feels good at the same time.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) * instr tracks available
The eerie compressed keyboard serves as the perfect introduction to this story that almost sounds like a more somber version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. Perfect for an angsty and confused character that is trying to find their way in the world or through a lucid dream.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Good for action scenes, standing on the edge of something, decision (push me or save me), car chases, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing
Classic heavy metal song about revenge. Uptempo, aggressive music similar to Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Judas Priest. Virtuoso guitars, vocals in the stratosphere, and a rhythm section that sounds like bombs hitting the ground with unrivaled force!
Hard, fast paced, "piece by piece you're tearing me apart"! action & chase scenes, love gone bad
Tense,angry,being trapped, struggling to break free,wanting someone to save you...superhero scenes or victims trying to rise above their situation and take action
Bizzare, industrial like goth rock song about child abuse by a father, and wanting revenge - creepy, but tastefully done
A slow rock tune with a catchy guitar riff about ignoring people who criticize you.
Creepy, industrial goth type of tune about the things we hide. Good fit for horror and vampire movies!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A song about sleep deprivation and the effects it has on the mind. Hard Grungy rock with thick, deep, sound and back and forth male/female vocals. Sounds like Tool, Godsmack, Pearl Jam meets Heart.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Angsty, Dancy, industrial rock with a strong Nine Inch Nails groove.
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Opens like an old time Clint Eastwood western, then directly into driving guitars and desperate vocals. Tortured soul drowning in the flood of life - underlying reference to insanity and depression. Pearl Jam "esque" vocals. 4 minute mark changes into a Hendrix type guitar interlude - good for chase scenes, suicidal thoughts, insanity, hiding out, and any good vs. evil struggle.
Tribal, Native American music with lyrics about living large and making the most of life. Would be great for any scenes that depict characters out of their element, finding themselves in new environments.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Welcoming you to a new version of reality. Artist has confidence to deal with the problems of this world.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A Tango that should've been written Quentin Tarantino. A back and forth between a male and female character planning and pulling off a heist. Sounds like Dresden Dolls meet Santana
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