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30 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Works well with opening and closing credits or commercials with a regal feel. Traditional nightly news theme feel using 6 French Horns, 10 Cellos, 3 Flutes, 9 Double Basses, 1 Glockenspiel, and heavy drumming.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
A relaxed acoustic 12 string fingerpicking song. This one conjures up the feeling of relaxing by the river side, listening to the water flow and being one with nature.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dropping keyboard notes spread out in waves over a cloud of synths to set the mood for an electronic groove
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Acoustic fingerpicking piece. Starts off like a very young child learning how to walk, then gradually finding momentum and exploring this great big world through all it's ups, downs, twists, and turns.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Atlernative rock with chugging guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and a driving rhythm section. Dramatic music for lifechanging scenes!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Groovy reggae like acoustic guitar ala Bob Marley. Fun, upbeat, chill out tune. Would be great for advertising campaigns, or fun scenes on the beach. Works well for scenes with humor too!
A reflective piece with strong emotional flow. Conjures up visions of walking down a deserted beach, driving through the country, or sitting on a mountain as the autumn leaves fall and the sun rises or sets!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Fluttering synths and buzzing keyboards adorn a syncopated and aggressive drum groove
Fast paced, energetic, bluesy acoustic jam piece that is constantly moving in new directions. Great backdrop for any scene with pace and movement!
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
A jazzy landscape of electric piano, warm guitar, and bouncing bass.
Very percussive, rhythmically driven piece. Full of suspense. Good for chase scenes whether by foot or by car.
Driving piece featuring electric guitar and an Egyptian vibe. Would work great in chase or escape scenes, car commercials, or military bases cues. You can almost see the air force jet flying into "crowded" air space! This song is all about action!
Elegant, classy, and energetic instrumental that builds and breaks with synths doused with reverb, a clattering of percussion, and a buzzy bass synth. Would be great for commercials selling fancy products like luxury cars, rolexes, or jewelry. Welcome to the good life!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun, upbeat, rootsy song featuring harmonica and acoustic guitar. Gives the impression of fun times in a relaxed setting.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Fun, light hearted jazz with a very upbeat feel. Features organ, a piano solo, a guitar solo, and synthesizer.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Very exciting strumming sets this piece in motion. Makes you feel like you're on the final stretch to make it home after a long and exciting journey!
Action synthesizer piece that contains 80's infused sounds. Good background for sportscasts, weather forecasts, news, or computer graphics content.
The 9ths (The 9ths) ** instrumental version ** Featuring: Amelia Ali
Soulful guitar, electric piano, bass and drums lead the way through sultry chord progressions adorned by saxophone and organ. The music ebbs, flows, and swells through chill vibes and epic buildups.
Sleek, sexy hip-hop instrumental that's perfect for club scenes or the backdrop to a house party. Also a solid fit for sleek advertisement campaigns.
Acoustic guitar/violin based piece with a Arabian desert/snake charmer feel to it. Good for driving scenes, themes involving an enchanter or enchantress, or documentaries involving our slithering little reptiles
Hip Hop beats that you can't resist dancing to as a backdrop for a Joe Satriani-esque guitar solo that starts off innocently before building up to an aggressive funky jam
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun) ** instrumental version **
Weird sounding instrumental that evolves as it plays. Has a trippy, psychedelic vibe that sounds like it could be from the 60s.
Tense orchestral piece that would fit well in any suspense or action sequence. Characters could be in a desperate race against the clock. Would also be a great underlying theme for a newscast, sportscast, or commercial.
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration) ** instrumental version **
This is the instrumental version.
High energy "Satriani-esque" funky guitar song that sounds like spy music. Great for a James Bond or Burn Notice type action scene.
Jazz tune with two personalities - Laid back, Latin jazz with guitar that sounds like Carlos Santana then switches to a heavy Spanish riff before switching back to the Latin jazz.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dreamy electronic instrumental filled with spacey synths and percussion
25 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Works well with opening and closing credits or commercials with a regal feel. Traditional theme with big horns and percussion, mixed with minimal sitar to create just a touch of Bollywood.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Warbled synthesizers zig zag with melodies that shift dark and back to bright. Sounds a bit like old video game music.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Synth melody with an Afro-samba inspired drumbeat that brings a happy and uplifting vibe.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of rising through a high rise complex, then coming out and greeting everyone that come along for the ride or whoever is on the floor when you get off your ride. Light, airy, relaxed - makes this a good fit for commercials and children's shows.
Unique, frenetic, high energy, repetitive electronica with an emphasis on percussion.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Thoughtful and meditative fingerpicking song. Strings wash in as all the answers you've been contemplating become more and more clear.
Shawn Mathews (Blue) ** instrumental version **
Music box synths dance with a hard hip hop drum beat. Brings on a heavy feeling good for dramatic montages.
60 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Gentle delivery with a slower feel using 6 French Horns, 10 Cellos, 2 Muted Trumpets with slight echo, and soft drumming.
Cam Alexander ** instrumental version **
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Falling Apart has a dreamy electronic sound that evokes feelings of coming of age and following your dreams.
Luke, Bo, Jesse, Daisy and Cooter taking a break from making moonshine to play a friendly game of stick ball in the field
Light, free flowing acoustic piece that would work well for travel, news, and scenes with gentle motion. Great underlying theme for a weather cast... "And for the weather today, there will be a high of 78 degrees ..."
Yee-haw! A day at the County Fair. Breathe in and smell the beef brisket! Would also be a good soundbed for a sportscast or newscast when describing something comical.
Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Traditional background news theme feel.
Uptempo finger-style guitar piece that has no bounds. Good for scenes where someone embarks on a journey to prove something to the world.
Jazzy and snazzy...Great backdrop for spy film/tv show ala "Burn Notice", or soundbed for CSI show montages while the forensic scientists run their tests!
New age piece with a solid pulse of only bells and cymbals. Possible Uses - Winter Scenes, Teeth or Dental promotion,Cleaning promotion, Deep heavy thoughts or questions in life.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
A very full sounding and fun instrumental with groovy bass, explorative chord progressions, syncopated drums, percussive chants, and plenty of fun synthesizers! Makes you feel like everything is okay and life is good!
Driving fantasy rock a la Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Would work great in sci-fi or fantasy scenes. Great backdrop for technology related themes and sports highlights as well!
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration) ** instrumental version **
Calm and uplifting background music with pop-style chords.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Fun and upbeat music with infectious beats, flickering guitars, and plenty of twists and turns. Sounds like a futuristic dance party!
Donovan Rice ** instrumental version **
An upbeat and happy instrumental piece that takes a few dark turns. Effectively produces a feeling of good times as well as providing a feeling of reflecting upon the past.
Shawn Mathews (Blue) ** instrumental version **
Instrumental hip hop song with evolving synth textures, complex rhythms, and a solid groove.
This just in, here on Newsline 4, an exciting new musical piece that evokes feelings of curiosity and wonder is taking documentaries by storm! Back to you, Al!
Shawn Mathews (Blue) ** instrumental version **
Fluttering synths playfully dance with a drum machine giving off a romantic and nostalgic feeling.
'Homecoming' celebrates the timeless customs of the Appalachian people, their music, and their culture as they made their way in the 'new world'. Engaging, authentic musical themes use mandolins, fiddles, guitars, and old-fashioned knee-slapping percussion to portray a loving, gentle, yet rousing vision of folks from way back-up-yonder and the fierce pride they have in 'what they got'
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Happy, energetic music that evokes a feeling of excitement. Celebrate the good times and enjoy yourself with this upbeat music! Perfect for commercials or scenes that need a vibe that is fun and lighthearted.
Atlas Jack (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Starting with a climbing electronic keyboard, the bass and beats slowly build up and calm down before erupting into an emotional and cathartic release with robotic melodies and explosive percussion!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun upbeat guitar lines perfect for sipping coffee while sitting around in a cafe, riding your bicycle through the country side, or doing something fun with your best friend.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Very fun, playful music that has an almost cartoon quality to it. Perfect for any silly scenes or to evoke very positive feelings.
Breanne Primeau (Take The First Step) ** instrumental version ** Featuring: The 9ths
Gentle piano and string music that builds up to a crescendo with drums. Perfect for introspective moments, "will they / won't they?" moments, or just any scene that needs calm background music.
Get ready to learn about technology! Watch the machines dance as they package, protect, and move the tasty food we eat! Also has a "flowing water" feel.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) ** Instrumental Version **
A head-banging rock tune to get any party started! Great for a montage scene of someone riding a motorcycle or background music being played at a bar. The added keyboard effects are also great for a space-themed film.
Intense guitar solo with a classical music vibe. Sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen or Trans-siberian Orchestra. Good for any scene that could use a dose of extravagant excitement!
Fantasy rock a la Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Rush. Would be a dramatic backdrop for the opening of a program or news segment. Also, great for use in fantasy scenes or any scene that evokes a sense of wonder.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) ** Instrumental Version **
Moody, sad music with a slow burn. Features many synthesizers and gated reverb on the drums giving it a slightly electronic and 80s feel.
Scholarly sounding piano based piece with urgent rhythms and a soft refrain that honors all teachers. Knowledge is Power!
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Classy and romantic horn-led jazz piece that evokes the feelings of cigarettes, champagne, and a lovely Late Night out with that special someone. Featuring piano, saxophones, trumpets, and trombones, this piece of music could adorn any scene requiring a dash of elegance!
Mellow finger-style guitar treatment, gives the impression of someone travelling in the country. Gives off the feeling of someone going away from home for a long time. Good for open road cross country driving scenes.
Quirky and humorous vintage synthesizer piece creates the perfect environment for a scene full of hustle and bustle. Whether it be people, animals, or machines, this diddy shows them working hard to achieve their goal.
Cam Alexander ** instrumental version **
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat and reflective pop-electronic song. Invokes feelings of reflection as well as understanding and forgiveness.
Poppy electronic instrumental. Features funky guitars, four-on-the-floor drums, hand claps, and a whole lotta synths. Great for dance scenes or for adding a jolt of energy!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo Bo Didley esque hippy blues jam with ultra cool slide guitar and hand percussion. Repetitive theme with fun, chilled out slide guitar licks throughout.
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
Sounds like music from Mad Men, or a James Bond film. Exciting, flashy, toe tapping, Latin-tinged jazz with all the mystery and swagger you could imagine!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Starts with acoustic guitar and cello playing a nostalgic tune but quickly speeds up into a fun and happy jam. Then slows back down to end where it began. Perfect for scenes of reminiscing about the old days, particularly the good times involving family memories, fun and games! Can also provide the feeling of looking forward and making new memories!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mysterious and dreamlike synths percolate as a driving beat begins to take hold. Has a late night drive sound to it
An orchestral theme with simple piano. Elegant, stylish, and graceful. Perfect for such scenes as a high class soiree.
Cristabelle Braden (Declaration) ** instrumental version **
Feel-good beat with brass features. relaxing and uplifting music to vibe to.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of happyness as walking down the street without a care. This song has an old standard/period, "Singing in the Rain" feel to it, which can used in commercials or films set in the past
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Features a barrage of funk guitars, syncopated stop-start beats, and cascading keyboards.
Smooth pop/dance instrumental with warm synths, jazzy piano, and groovy percussion. Would work great for party scenes, sports montages, crime show forensics, etc.
Uplifting, cinematic pop rock which suggests hope and victory are close at hand! Repeating piano ostinato over a huge wash of big synths, which gives way in the chorus to a heroic melody played by two trumpets,all supported by a gritty rock guitar.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Bass, drums, piano, and strings create a swirling, syncopated melody that is balanced with a tense soundscape that reminds you of scores from the 80s and early 90s.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) **instrumental version**
Chill instrumental bed. Features piano, synth, drum machine, and soft repeating melodies.
Serene piano and acoustic guitar with light percussion creates music perfect for a relaxing sail across the blue ocean on a crystal clear day
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
Lush acoustic guitar picking that features back-and-forth bass lines along with sweet melodies.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version ** **
Features guitar, piano, cello and percussion building up and then cutting out. Has that calm, happy feel like you would hear in a Sims game or in various Nintendo games. Would work for scenes in Film/TV that show happy homes or small towns.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the fun and memories of being a kid sliding down a slide or climbing on the monkey bars. This song can be seen in connection with a cartoon or as a theme song for a favorite video game character.
An ode to the irresistible city of Las Vegas! This song could be the ultimate advertisement for the glitz, glamor, luxury, and lure of Las Vegas.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat punk rock with a driving bass line, aggressive drums, and an intense guitar solo for the perfect climax!
Feel the rush as you barrel down a mountain ski slope, cut through massive surf, lean that motorcycle hard into the trickiest of turns, or pound the half pipe into submission! Great for sports clips of all types, olympic events, chase scenes, riding down the open road in a convertible, and car commercials.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
An emotive acoustic guitar ornamented with dramatic keyboards creates a versatile soundbed that could soundtrack the next phase in life. Perhaps finding a new love or letting go of a lost one? A bittersweet soundbed appropriate for many types of scenes.
Learning has never been so alluring! Lose yourself in concentration as you're hypnotized by the computer animation!
Lose yourself in elegance as you listen to the graceful plucked string sound of the "Harp-olin"
Country style feel, fast picking. Ideal for background in scenes in the mountains or drives through the country.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Jazzy guitar with an upbeat feel, subtle organ, and a terrific electric piano solo, this song will have you feeling alright and taking it easy!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mellow electronica piece featuring syncopated drums and distant melodies. The slice of life, you gotta get it right
This piece has a real Hoe Down feel to it. Perfect for scenes up in the mountains or out in the sticks. Especially good for hoe down/country gathering scenes with the band strumming hard on their guitars and folks dancing like there was no tomorrow. Would also work for chases or running from something or someone!
Fluttery percussion with chugging synths and heroic melodies. Sounds similar to Daft Punk's score for the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Flute mixed with a raging guitar riff sets a strong and upbeat feel. A shocking guitar solo, breakdown, and flute solo at the bridge paves way for a strong finish.
Cristabelle Braden (Start With Hello) instrumental version
Soft, relaxing, lowkey instrumental featuring guitar, light percussion, and vocals.
60 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Hard-driving piece with motion and an up-tempo feel using soft synths and light "metal" drumming.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a sense of unease, as if a storm is coming, this electronica piece can be used to show anything from tense scenes to club/party scenes!
15 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Soft plucking strings layered with hand percussion,low horns, plus gentle triangle highlights.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Intertwining guitar and piano melodies create a tense and reflective piece of music that eventually shifts with acoustic guitar and a driving rhythm.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat alternative rock that will make you think of a fun vacation in a beautiful warm place! Features a tempo change and dip into reggae!
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
Airy, uplifting theme with a "Champagne Supernova" (Oasis) feel. Good for documentaries, emotional "crossroads of life", scenes involving travel, or commercials/cues for airline, train, cruise, or travel agencies.
Maria Wilson (Epiphany Rising)
A slow and contemplative descending melody evokes a lonely and forlorn feeling. Perhaps the feeling of a loved one passing away, or the end of a treasured relationship.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
An upbeat instrumental composition with contrasting sections. Its use of piano and strings gives it an earthy feel.
An electronic groove with a walking bass introduce this Satriani-esque guitar jam. As the song progresses, the tension grows beyond containment. Could be the soundtrack for cruising around, a wild night out on the town, or a simple crime gone suddenly awry.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
Fun upbeat instrumental that is perfect for showing a happy moment. Could also provide a reflective moment for a character.
KNova (Warped Passages)
A seven beat looped drum pattern with bouncy bass lines, vibrating synths, and bright melodies.. The perfect track for a Sci-fi style television series such as Stranger Things. Perhaps use in a climatic part of a show and/or movie.
Egon and the Slimers (Searching For An Exit Door) ** Instrumental Version **
A classic alternative rock sound fit for any bar scene or rock concert montage. Great for background music for a passionate kiss scene in the middle of a crowd at a rock concert or for the credits to an action film.
Chill electronica with quirky synth melodies and a lumbering bassline. The percussion saunters as it evolves, gradually changing the grooves musically and sonically.
The 9ths (The 9ths) ** instrumental version ** Featuring: Efficial Dudley
Heartfelt piano, strings, and guitars ebb and flow to bring out every emotion in this dramatic R&B instrumental.
Happy upbeat jazz tune. Sounds like Pat Metheny. Great for background music like The Weather Channel. And the extended forecast is...?
Experimental dance/electronica that features frequent changes in texture and vibe. Choruses are ideal for any intense scene that needs a lot of energy and verses are good to bring the scene down a notch.
Dominic French ('Bout Time, Part One)
A mysterious and alluring introduction lead way to this toe-tapping jazz odyssey featuring piano, horns, drums, and walking bass.
Cristabelle Braden (Hope Survives) **instrumental version**
A fun upbeat pop instrumental ideal for commercials, inspirational videos, fun videos, wedding videos, anniversary videos, and more.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Quirky guitar and piano based pop tango that should've been written by Quentin Tarantino. "Marching" drums throughout and makes you want to dance oh so mysteriously. From "Dancing With The Stars" to sports shows...has a real tension to it, so would also be great for action, adventure, travel, exploration, and a great backdrop for animal planet type of films. This one is fun and mysterious at the same time!
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SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Acoustic foot stompin', guitar based Americana/New Country with an upbeat and happy feel! Layed back in the verses and then driving in the chorus! Plus a really nice guitar lead for the bridge section. Great for ad campaings for anything from retail, to fast food, to viagra! Also a great background jukebox song in a country pub or use in humorous scenes where the characters are getting into (or trying to stay out of) trouble!
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