Music Supervision

Bringing Your Creative Vision To Life

FULL SERVICE or ALA CART Music Supervision services tailored to the needs of your project!

Whether you are a filmmaker, production company, or advertisement agency that needs someone to take on the gauntlet of music supervision tasks for your entire project…OR a Music Supervisor or other creative that needs some extra help with song clearances, licensing or cue sheet preparation, we are ready to step up to the task and help you to bring your project in ON TIME and ON BUDGET!


Music Budget  Analysis & Preparation – We can review your script or spot your rough cut, and  estimate a music budget for the project that covers existing music cues, potential source music cues, composer fees, production costs, soundtrack licensing, and other music related costs.

Selection & Acquisition of Source Music – Need songs or instrumentals to cover specific cues? We have access to thousands of quality, pre-cleared, songs and catalogs and can do the legwork of  locating and licensing the music that fits with the creative vision of your project, while not breaking the bank.

Music Clearance – Have you already identified several songs that you “must have” for your production? We can track down the copyright holders of the songs and the owners of the recordings, contact them, get the necessary permissions, and negotiate the licensing fees on your behalf.

Music Licensing – We can coordinate all of the music licensing for your project, creating and issuing the licenses to the copyright holders on your behalf.

Composer Selection  – Tell us what you are looking for in a composer, and let us use our connections to vet the talent pool and make suggestions on composers that would be a good fit for your project. Already have a composer in mind? Let us negotiate and prepare the Composer Agreement on your behalf, so that everyone is on the same page and there are no unwanted surprises!

Cue Sheet Preparation – Cue sheets are critical in identifying the details of music uses throughout your production, and must be submitted to the appropriate performing rights organizations in a timely manner in order to insure proper performance royalty crediting as defined by copyright law. Music usage licenses usually include a provision that requires cue sheet preparation (even if your distribution model does not mandate submission of the cue sheets to the PRO’s). We know that preparing the Cue Sheet can seem like an insurmountable task when you are down to the wire, and trying to get your production finished on time. Let us lighten the load by handling this task for you.

Contract & License Review – Ready to sign on the dotted line, but not exactly sure if what you are signing is in your best interest? Let us review your composer agreement, synchronization & master use licenses, mechanical licenses, and any other music related contract or license. We can explain what you are getting yourself into, and offer suggestions for modification so that you can sign off with confidence.

Consulting  – If you’d prefer a more hands on approach to your project, we can provide you with the guidance you need to understand the legal aspects of licensing music for your project, and give you valuable input that will help you to make informed and cost effective decisions throughout the process.  Maybe you just need a little help identifying and quantifying the cost of potential music cues, or need some training on how to negotiate and write synchronization or master use licenses, or need to understand the ins and outs of copyright laws as they pertain to the music you will be using in your project. Perhaps you don’t understand what steps you need to take to create a soundtrack album to include with your finished film, or maybe you just need a second set of eyes to review cue sheets, music budgets, contracts, or licenses. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you, as we empower you to take control with confidence.

Film, television, web based projects, commercials, promos, business presentations, theatrical productions? We have you covered!  Call or email us with the particulars of your project, and let us work out a solution that helps you to realize your creative vision.

Your Needs, Your Budget, Your Schedule….Our Priority