Catalog Adminstration

Personalized Support

CATALOG ADMINISTRATION… Contract management (acquisitions/reversions), performing rights administration, copyright registration, royalty collection and distribution, licensing preparation, sub publishing support…hire us to give you the personalized assistance that you need to keep your business running efficiently.

Simply put…we love organizing stuff and we know where and how your data needs to live so that you can properly manage your copyrights and maximize your royalties. With our state of the art/proprietary in-house software, and our extensive background in copyright management, we can effectively document your catalog and disseminate the proper information to the organizations and databases that will insure more accurate performance tracking and royalty collection. For select clients, we also offer an online presence and licensing portal for your music through our “Music Fortress” initiative.

If you are a label, publisher, or songwriter who needs support with your catalog, you need look no futher!

When You Need It Most