The Lone Wolf Project


Created by singer/songwriter Phil Freeman, The Lone Wolf Project is the title he has fronted for his solo work. A Wildman at heart, Freeman's voice is packed full of unfettered power, and as the Lone Wolf, he lets that dog run! With tunes to mirror any mood, Freeman plays and sings his heart out with each verse-- and by the end of the song, he ends up stealing yours!

duet between two ex-lovers recalling all the good times before their lives took them in different directions and separated them. Any scenes where characters are missing each other would be perfect for this song.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
A gentle acoustic piece that invokes feelings of reflection on past love or the promise of things to come as a new love blooms.
Very simple instrumentation with gorgeous vocal harmonies singing a short prayer-like lyric. A touch of melancholy; this song would be perfect for any scenes needing a somber push.
"Hell bent on being heaven bound", The Arrival has a tribal and southern sounding vibe. Perfect soundtrack for the appearance of a Clint Eastwood-esque badass, here to to show everyone who's the new boss in town!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Aggressive acoustic piece that provides a feeling of oncoming dread. Perfect for introducing the troubled hero or the next boss in town!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tense and edgy alternative acoustic piece. Perfect for showing drama and tension building within the scene.
Acoustic alternative indie pop. Soulful vocals with swagger and a very urgent and rhythmic delivery. Perfect for any dramatic scene that needs an exciting, dangerous sounding song. Tense & edgy.
Desperate, sad, and sparse. Sounds like a hero's regret at the end of his days. Broken and defeated. Would work in any scene that needs a somber swan song.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Sad downtrodden acoustic instrumental. Perfect for reminiscing on the good days gone by while recognizing that the end to an adventure, or life, is drawing near.
Tribal, Native American music with lyrics about living large and making the most of life. Would be great for any scenes that depict characters out of their element, finding themselves in new environments.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tribal, Native American music. Would be great for any scenes that depict nature, the environment, and Mother Earth.
Folky indie song demanding for some decisiveness! Bluegrassy like Mumford and Sons; poppy like Jason Mraz. Perfect for scenes about indecisive relationships that need a quirky song!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Folk indie song with a bluegrass sound in the style of Mumford & Sons. Great for party scenes, fun outdoors, etc.
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