Sacred Jason


Experimental, eccentric, and electronic based music with an emphasis on drums and percussion. Simultaneously strange and welcoming, Sacred Jason will hypnotize and enchant you!

Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This song captures multiple moods throughout it's duration. With a driving drum groove and experimental synths, Century Egg would fit perfectly in an action adventure film.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
A bizarre and dreamy low-beat song about cough drops, cats, and life in quarantine. Appropriate to a kind of bored, lazy, meandering scene or moment.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
Dreamy, reflective electronica. The synth, mellow drum beats, and occasional snaps compose a calm vibe, perfect for unwinding. Could be used for podcast intros or transitions.
Sacred Jason (Let It Roll)
Heavy and dark Electronica with crunchy distorted drums and computer analog sound effects. Sacred Jason uses the full scope of an arsenal of effects to create cacophonous beats. Only a small amount of vocal samples are used, the song is mostly instrumental.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
This quirky song is constantly changing and filled with interesting synths. Perfect for wacky cartoons and video games.
Sacred Jason (Tranquil Dimension)
Sacred Jason creates this electonica, rock blend with three distinct sections, the last of which contains a chant-like lyrical part.
Sacred Jason (Under The Bus)
Sacred Jason uses a unique variety of electronic sounds to create a driving and chaotic soundscape. Under The Bus would be great for background music during a chase scene, or something crime related.
Sacred Jason (Century Egg)
Swirling, hypnotic melodies take you on a tour through the East while a barrage of percussion envelopes you in a stream of conscious dream. This music is both experimental and addicting!
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