Queens Ransome

A modern rock band with a new spin on the old. Featuring expressive guitar playing, combined with futuristic synthesizer sounds, all painted overtop a rhythm section with more than a little R&B influence, Queen's Ransome has plenty to offer both fans of old Rock and R&B as well as modern electronic music.

Electronic rock song with synthesizers, lots of guitars, and a dancey vibe featuring lyrics about a battle between good and evil, ultimately lamenting that good won't necessarily prevail
Fast paced rock song with a country vibe and electronic elements. Lyrics musing upon how things have changed since a breakup ultimately deciding "maybe this road is winding downwards, lucky for me I can fly"
Synth Pop / Rock song that's very cinematic. Has a modern Alan Parsons Project feel. Lyrics about dreaming about the one that got away, only to have her torn away again by waking up.
Epic classic rock feel. A goodbye song featuring harmonies, synths, and lots of guitar!
Prince meets Bowie meets Bloc Party in this electronic rock song. Good for party scenes, various montages, or movie introductions
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