Lucas Gienow


Imagine the perfect pop singer: you're hearing Lucas Gienow. An extremely versatile singer/songwriter with slick productions and infectious melodies, Lucas is here to provide the soundtrack of your best memories!

Lucas Gienow (Falling Apart)
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Falling Apart shows the struggle of aging and realizing that some dreams take longer to come true. Provides a feeling of reflection on who the person has become based on the trials and tribulations they have faced.
Lucas Gienow (Lost In The City - Single)
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat yet reflective pop-electronic song about feeling lost, whether the feeling comes from romance, moving to a new place, or from life in general. With Zedd-esque builds and instrumental drops and a catchy chorus, this song is a great fit for all kinds of visual projects.
Lucas Gienow Courtesy of: VALE Records
Featuring Electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lucas Gienow gives the Sheridan Ave song "Our Love" a synth-driven new sound.
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