Jon Smiths Voyages


Often compared to David Bowie, Queen, and Meat Loaf, the music from Jon Smith's Voyages encompasses theatrical elements throughout eclectic (and sometimes quirky) arrangements. The "band" is comprised only of Jon Smith, as he sings all vocals, plays over 15 instruments, and writes all the songs. With thoughtful lyrics, unique arrangements, and a dynamic vocal range, he's likely to captivate.

You're a clumsy, foolish, accident prone slob who never learns from mistakes. Oh well, who cares if they find you absurd? Features great dixieland sounding woodwind action!
Joyous and regal sounding piano, woodwind, and horn piece.
One man band? More like one man orchestra! Jon Smith plays everything from the piano and drums, to the clarinet and trumpet on this fun and robust sounding song about unintentionally offending someone and wanting their forgiveness.
Classic rock sounding song with touches of Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Queen. Tells the tale of deciding to stubbornly weather the storm and not let anything else make your decisions for you!
With an arrangement and style that would be right at home at a Renaissance Fair, Jon puts his guard up against strangers. The lyrics describe the lonely feeling of preemptively rejecting potential friends before they can reject you in the future.
Retro sounding upbeat rock song that muses on needing to work so you can live life, but being unable to live life because you're too busy working! There's always something else that you have to do.. Meh, "I'll Get Around To It"!
The music has sort of an old school Hollywood vibe, which is very fitting because amongst the accordian, piano and trumpet, is the sad observation of a valuable and talented human being who is only appreciated for her exterior.
Latin tinged song about someone who's a bit of a Debbie Downer / contrarian type: pulls the fourth leaf off a four leaf clover, burns flowers from her boyfriend, rejects the singer's fashion sense. And yet the singer can't help but still care for her and want to be kept posted on how she's doing.
Starts off acoustic and simple before building up to a dramatic song about someone who feels they are past their prime or at least considered by others to be past their prime...
Classic rock song that would sound at home on Bowie's Man Who Sold The World album. Tells the tale of Reginald who attempts to warn his peers of a danger but fails as they just want to have fun. Ends with a magnificent woodwind coda.
A fun song with woodwinds, organs, guitars, and plenty of exuberant vocals and harmonies! The lyric expresses the worry of eternal damnation but in the fun wording that hell would be "Too Hot For Me"
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