Las Vegas based Matt Dorman is the consummate songwriter. With over 400 songs under his belt, his music has appeared in films, and on 17 artist's albums, racking up 8 charted radio cuts. Now he's taking his "all originals" show on the road with his country rock/christain band DORMAN, which features the songwriting team of Dorman/Foley/Holder and some of the best musicians in Vegas! You can find them in various clubs up and down the strip, rocking out as only Dorman can. Gotta Getcha Some Dorman!!

Dark and dreary country song about someone getting messages in their dreams from a murder victim trying to reveal the secret of who did it and what really happened.
Dorman Featuring: Betsy Holm
Traditional style country song about the abuse of a young girl who is finally old enough to go out on her own and get away from it.
Midtempo country ballad about a meaningful love that bounces back and forth between good and bad, hot and cold, "from heaven to hell"
Fun and upbeat country rock song about the comedic premise of the modern day scene many decades from now: A goofy, lighthearted poke at the styles and trends of the modern day youth. Well Suited for any comedy environment, or even the introduction of an older character with some of those prominent 'Bad-Girl' qualities.
Upbeat country love song in the style of Garth Brooks. Great for any scene involving characters with the "will they won't they" vibe finally going for it!
An ode to the irresistible city of Las Vegas! This song could be the ultimate advertisement for the glitz, glamor, luxury, and lure of Las Vegas.
Moody country song that looks back on the good times and better times of a love that has since faded. But the memories always remain...
Outlaw country vibes with a lyric about what makes a man who he is. It's not possessions, books you've read, money you have, it's your heart and soul.
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