Deja Vudoo


Drawing inspiration from the Supernatural side of the world, Deja Vudoo brings an impressive amount of content to the table. With the guitars, vocals, and industrial keys all wailing away in tandem, it's easy to lose yourself in the chaotic melody. Touching on subjects both popular and taboo, Deja Vudoo offer a musical experience that is both entertaining, and thought provoking. So sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the hearse-ride; Deja Vudoo certainly does!

Fast paced song about being addicted to loving someone or something that may or may not be good for you - good for chase scenes or even drug/addiction based scenes
Fast paced metal song with wicked cool synths/guitar harmonics throughout...verses are open and free, building to the big heavy, in your face chorus. Picture a dozen airplanes in a dog fight, or an airstrike by the good guys, just when you think there is no hope for survival. This song would be a good sound bed for any action scene, and also for various hard hitting sports themes. Nice pace and movement...
Tense, angry, powerful intro with big, mysterious verses with clean guitars building into heavy intro/chorus theme. The title says it can feel the hero (or villain?) lying in wait, in preparation of the ultimate ambush! Possible uses, various sports themes, and film/tv cues represneting tension (being trapped, struggling to break free, wanting someone to save you), hero saving someone
Don't let the heavy intro fool goes into dreamy, mysterious vibe...chorus movement is heavier with distorted guitars. Bad guy becomes good guy and goes out on a vigilante mission to atone for his sins. Possible uses - dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, scenes shrouded in mystery, graveyard, full moon, vampires, ghosts, etc.
Creepy, industrial goth type of treatment...synths, cool bass line, varied electric guitar treatments, nice steady movement. Chorus is filled with "tension". At 3:15, neat breakdown with strange, almost "spacey" vibe. You can picture walking through a graveyard, or underground cave and finding the secret passage where others did not make it out! Good for horror films, action, chase, stalking scenes, or scene where someone is building something, or a CSI is working in the forensics lab, or a cop checking out a crime scene.
Mid-tempo and heavy "paced" guitars with space in verses, leading into full chorus. Very modern/alternative treatment. This song is reminiscent of a fight scene in the style of Rocco Bonetti, the great Renaissance Italian fencing master. Song would be good for any type of action scenes, sports themes, thriller scenes, and of course a good sword fight to the death!!
Tribal rhythm...weird chanting in the background...can almost see someone dancing around a fire in a ritual for this one!
Song about things not being what they seem...good for vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes
Very fast paced, hard driving rock song with several guitar themes/movements, and intermittent breaks. You can almost picture two airplanes in an intense firefight! Good for sports, chase scenes, vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes.
Vampire song. I will make you my immortal and you will live forever. A must have for your vampire or supernatural being themed films!
Dark, what am I doing, why can't I stop, I know this is wrong. Uptempo and heavy-good for action scenes.
Hard driving and fast paced...very modern and alternative.'s okay to go fast, but kick in the NITRUS, and you fly (for a short while)!Action & chase scenes, love gone bad, bad guy stalking victim, muscle sports & fast paced sports (weight lifting, luge, downhill skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, football)
Sad, desperate ballad about struggling with one's demons. Good for suicide contemplation, depression scenes, or death of someone.
High energy, powerful, intro/choruses that would be perfect for sports...especially full contact (football, hockey) or sports with movement or element of danger (skiing, luge, speed skating). Intense and full of energy. Great for horror movies, vampires, ghosts,chase, bad guy trying to shoot good guy, and MORE!!
Hard, fast paced, "piece by piece you're tearing me apart"! action & chase scenes, love gone bad
Up tempo, alternative rock song - good for sports, chase scenes, driving, action...good guy chasing bad guy...or perhaps the other way around!
Tense,angry,being trapped, struggling to break free,wanting someone to save you...superhero scenes or victims trying to rise above their situation and take action
Bizzare, industrial like goth rock song about child abuse by a father, and wanting revenge - creepy, but tastefully done
Weird, creepy, intro...wispy and erie..going into mellow arpeggio electric guitar. Mid tempo, builds to heavier guitars in chorus. Bridge at 2:15 contains "Phantom of the Opera" type organ interlude. You can feel the moonlight rising, day melting into night. Possible uses...supernatural themes, vampire, contemplation, gentle/flowing type sports with an attitude, like figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and more!
Cool arpeggio "chorused" guitar/synth intro, verses have strange guitars bouncing back and forth...chorus has heavy, driving guitars. We've all floated in and out of that scarey dream, so glad to wake up and find it is not true. But what if the dream was peaceful and the awakening held frightening surprises. Great for sports, action, chaos, mystery and more
Strange, erie industrial goth rock...verses focus on a drum beat..then chorus hits with guitars, synths, and weird fuzzy drums. Fits any theme that is creepy or where tension is desired. Good for scenes where someone is hiding and being pursued by the creepy bad guy...they hide, bad guy stalks, and then they RUN LIKE HELL to get away from him!
Piano & cello - Erie, sad, atmospheric, gentle, dreamy, suspenseful - lovely backdrop for contemplative, sad, dream scenes...or looking out at the ocean and thinking, floating on the water, walking along the beach...or gentle, graceful sports themes (gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc.)
Fast paced heavy metal song about willingly carrying the burden of being a scapegoat for someone
Layers of floating harmonies sitting on top of heavy dark about deceiving someone & getting close to being found out
Creepy, industrial goth type of tune about the things we hide. Good fit for horror and vampire movies!
Dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, beautiful, but tense. Female Pink Floyd "esque"
Great weird creepy intro...high energy...powerful...your God has turned his back on you (come to the dark side with me). Revolution!
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