Christy Jefferson


Christie Jefferson is a singer/songwriter worthy of all the praise she gets. With a laid-back flow and an immensely positive attitude, Christie creates songs that shed light back on the often forgotten virtues in the world. Alluring and sultry, Christie Jefferson's music is a must-have!

Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Sultry blues tune with swagger. Perfect for seductive dance scenes, a smokey bar room, or any scene involving good times with a little bit of decadence!
A light-hearted boogie woogie song that describes how nature makes us unite! Perfect for commercials/movies/tv scenes involving the environment, or going green.
Beautiful ballad about a complicated relationship. Good for any scenes involving the ups and downs of love.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Pensive, elegant music. Subtle builds of tension give the music a sense of anticipation which could really accent scenes of hope and desire.
Sexy, flirtatious, and passionate, this song is all about the thrill of the chase and falling in love!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun, upbeat, rootsy song featuring harmonica and acoustic guitar. Gives the impression of fun times in a relaxed setting.
An Indie song about things comin' around and life getting better. Would work in scenes where the characters are getting on with their lives, overcoming problems, and getting things done.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Wistful piano takes you back to the old days, reflecting on what was great and what could have been better. Nostalgic. Provides a sense of looking forward at a new future.
Piano ballad of advice from a deceased loved one telling to live every moment of our lives through the good times and bad. Funeral scenes, or anything involving reflecting on loved ones who are gone. Melancholy, but uplifting.
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Christy Jefferson spin on a classic Christmas song.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun upbeat guitar lines perfect for sipping coffee while sitting around in a cafe, riding your bicycle through the country side, or doing something fun with your best friend.
The ultimate coffee song! Tells the true story of a couple that fell in love at a coffee shop. Perfect for coffee commercials or any movie scenes involving romance in a cafe.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Very fun, playful music that has an almost cartoon quality to it. Perfect for any silly scenes or to evoke very positive feelings.
A folk song about the trials and tribulations of eating ice cream! Would be a perfect fit for a comedic scene of a woman trying to resist the temptation of her favorite treat!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Melancholy piano piece with subtle cello playing that is perfect for reflecting on memories of loved ones especially ones that have passed away. Very beautiful.
Soft ballad about losing a good friend at a young age. Ideal for scenes involving death, sickness, or mourning.
Another soft ballad about the art of flirting. Could work for scenes of falling in love and making love.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Starts with acoustic guitar and cello playing a nostalgic tune but quickly speeds up into a fun and happy jam. Then slows back down to end where it began. Perfect for scenes of reminiscing about the old days, particularly the good times involving family memories, fun and games! Can also provide the feeling of looking forward and making new memories!
Christy Jefferson (Contact RDSD for Licensing)
Perfect song to get you in the holiday spirit. Will work in any nostalgic Christmas scene.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version ** **
Features guitar, piano, cello and percussion building up and then cutting out. Has that calm, happy feel like you would hear in a Sims game or in various Nintendo games. Would work for scenes in Film/TV that show happy homes or small towns.
A driving, upbeat song about family, memories, and the circle of life. Perfect for nostalgic scenes.
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Christy Jefferson's acoustic guitar version of a Christmas hymn.
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
The classic Christmas tune with the Christy Jefferson touch.
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