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With an unrivaled passion for all things Musical, Brian Leverings songs are nothing less than entertaining and adventurous. Drawing inspiration from any-and-all styles of music, Levering has proven that his versatility is an instrument within itself, forging songs representing nearly every genre. Whether playing solo or with his brothers (Egon And The Slimers), you will find Brian's songwriting arsenal vast!

Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Soft, acoustic song that creates a feeling of reflection about love filled days gone by. Perfect for reminiscing about a relationship.
Soft, acoustic song about the ones that got away. Would work great in scenes where a character is reminiscing about a lost love.
Dynamic rock breakup song. Switches between sad, subdued, acoustic guitar to defiant, determined, hard rock. Could work in any scenes of unrequited love, breakups, or separations. A modern day "Free Bird".
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Acoustic guitar melody turns into all out rocker that keeps building up to a great guitar solo!
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Catchy funk rock song that sets a mysterious mood. Could be used for introducing a new lover that likes to live on the edge.
Catchy funk rock song about the grass always being greener. Perfect for any scenes where the character wants what he or she can't have or is disappointed with the prize they coveted.
A jazzy indie pop song with a fun light hearted feel with lyrics about driving home to see the one you love. Features a piano solo and guitar solo.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Fun, light hearted jazz with a very upbeat feel. Features organ, a piano solo, a guitar solo, and synthesizer.
a Guns N Roses style hard rock song with lyrics about dealing with a tough situation and trying to get through it. Perfect for scenes of perseverence or any time an uptempo rock song is needed.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Guns N Roses style hard rock music that features killer guitar playing and a high energy groove! Could work in action scenes, sports recaps, bar room scenes or anything that needs some good old fashioned rock and roll!
Fun electronic pop song about a night on the town, dressed to the nines and ready for action in your Drinking Shoes! Musically sounds like a cross between David Bowie, Danger Mouse, and The Flaming Lips. Great for bar and party scenes!
Pop/Rock about that feeling of trepidation you get in the pit of your stomach when a big change is coming in your life and is utterly unavoidable. Could be something good like getting married, or something bad like a family member dying. This song is perfect for any scene depicting big changes in a character's life.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Pop rock song that has an upbeat sound with just a touch of melancholy during the chorus. Features a great guitar solo!
Feels like funeral music for a pirate; sad, tense, and turbulent. Melodies and wind effect give the vibe of being on the ocean. Perfect for any dramatic scenes, especially deaths.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Spaced out and mysterious electronic piece. Perfect for showing a feeling of loneliness in a sci-fi or space setting.
Three scenarios about persevering through hardship.
Bright, fun, and upbeat song about the excitement one feels when going to see that special someone. Happy commercials, kids movies, and any scene filled with excitement would fit with this song!
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Happy, energetic music that evokes a feeling of excitement. Celebrate the good times and enjoy yourself with this upbeat music! Perfect for commercials or scenes that need a vibe that is fun and lighthearted.
Love song to the one that got away, beckoning for a clandestine rendezvous to ignite romance from the past
Aggressive hard rock / punk song with abstract stream of consciousness lyrics and dissonant lead guitars. Good for any scene requiring music to take it up a notch. For example: burglars making their get-a-away; soldiers initiating battle; football team blitzing the quarterback.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Loud, aggressive, angry punk music similar to the Pixies. Features lots of guitar soloing. Perfect for scenes of gangs or bikers.
Scary, forlorn, lonely music that makes you feel like your isolated in a spaceship silently floating through outer space. All alone... or are you?
Heavy alternative rock music with an electronic feel. Somewhat silly, yet surreal, lyrics that evoke imagery of a person's death and/or destruction. Features guitar solos, vocal harmonies, and a vocoder.
Brian Levering ** instrumental version **
Heavy alternative rock music with an electronic feel. Has a sinister sound to it which could work for say a horror/vampire film.
Experimental electronica featuring heavy use of synthesizers, vocal harmonies, and drum machines. Lyrics about a desolate post-apocalyptic future where everyone is out to get each other. Can work for anything from movies about underbelly of society, sci-fi, the desperation of leaving one's personal hell behind, to depiction of the struggles of an aspiring actor, musician, artist who gives all to a city/society that refuses to give back.
Experimental dance/electronica that features frequent changes in texture and vibe. Choruses are ideal for any intense scene that needs a lot of energy and verses are good to bring the scene down a notch.
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