Breanne Primeau


With pipes that pack a powerhouse of a punch, Breanne Primeau sings with the soul of a woman twice her age, and the strength of a small battalion. A lady who believes Independence and Respect are the keys to success, Breanne's tunes will have you on your feet and moving before you know what happened.

Breanne Primeau ** instrumental version **
Fun uptempo modern take of the old school Motown sound. Sparks feelings of independence and confidence.
Fun, uptempo modern take on the old school Motown sound. With lyrics about not caring what others think about you, this is the perfect sassy song for a character to get the point across that they're feeling good, confident, and that no one or thing will bring them down!
Breanne Primeau ** instrumental version **
Sexy R&B instrumental track that can set the mood for mystery but also for a good time at a bar or club.
Soulful and sexy, this R&B infused track contemplates a relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. She knows she ought to leave, but that doesn't mean it's an easy decision. This song would fit any scene that needs a complicated relationship song, or anything with a smooth R&B vibe.
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