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Check out these compositions…hand picked to create a unique sound palette for your game! From hard driving rock, to vintage “pong” or “tron” esque offerings, to the bizarre (listening is believing), these tunes and soundscapes are bound to breathe life into your Esports / Gaming productions! Our composers and emerging artists are also gamers, so this music was crafted with you in mind! Esports Gaming Music Licensing simplified!

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Minimalistic electronic that builds.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A rocking guitar riff sets the stage for this powerful song. The clashing guitars can set a feeling of tension as well as reflection on previous actions.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Atlernative rock with chugging guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and a driving rhythm section. Dramatic music for lifechanging scenes!
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Groovy rhythm with snyth melody that floats above, interjected with guitar strums.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Hard hitting rock song with an aggressive guitar riff paired with powerful drums. Perfect for creating a rocking atmosphere and vibe
Dangerous vibe. Builds tension. Perfect for scenes where someone is working in the lab or intently focused on a task in hand.
Listen to the eerie, and all-around creepy tones of the composer's Organ as he paints the scene of sailors attempting to dance in a stately and orderly manner. The name of the game is 'Spooky', and the mood foreshadows a grim future for all involved.
Careless ** instrumental version **
Fast paced metal with a gigantic, epic feel! Perfect for scenes of high drama that require an aggressive heavy metal touch.
An Organ displays the maddening disdain of the ship captain, dealing with both his disagreeable crew, and his own personal demons to boot. Listen to the madness and insanity manifest!
Driving piece featuring electric guitar and an Egyptian vibe. Would work great in chase or escape scenes, car commercials, or military bases cues. You can almost see the air force jet flying into "crowded" air space! This song is all about action!
Sleek, sexy hip-hop instrumental that's perfect for club scenes or the backdrop to a house party. Also a solid fit for sleek advertisement campaigns.
Careless ** instrumental version **
Fast heavy metal song with harmony guitars, galloping drums, and chugging bass. Perfect for sports scenes or action sequences!
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
A moog Synthesizer piece filled with the darkness and mystery of the abyss. A soundscape hand-crafted for under the water, or out in vastness of space.
Tense orchestral piece that would fit well in any suspense or action sequence. Characters could be in a desperate race against the clock. Would also be a great underlying theme for a newscast, sportscast, or commercial.
High energy "Satriani-esque" funky guitar song that sounds like spy music. Great for a James Bond or Burn Notice type action scene.
The composer's Organ gives off the eerie image of a late night drunken stumble through unknown and ominous territory. Good for moments of shell shock, or hazy moments frozen in time.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
As if the game 'Pong' suddenly decided to Go Postal, this Moog synth soundscape brings the tension and suspenseful horror to any futuristic or isolated scene. Scary, and satisfying!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Synth melody with an Afro-samba inspired drumbeat that brings a happy and uplifting vibe.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of rising through a high rise complex, then coming out and greeting everyone that come along for the ride or whoever is on the floor when you get off your ride. Light, airy, relaxed - makes this a good fit for commercials and children's shows.
Unique, frenetic, high energy, repetitive electronica with an emphasis on percussion.
With a booming serenade of Strings and Brass, Glen Morgan is at it again! With an epic ebb and flow of delight and tension, this piece is an ideal attention-getter for both the ever-pleasant optimist, and sinister villain to make their first impressions. Saddle up, and prepare for the adventure!
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Cathedral Music"
The Bells speak! This Cathedral-esque soundscape brings about a feeling of comfort and confidence as the chimes entwine and the percussion drives the tune.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
The metaphorical 'End' to a character's existence, The composer paints a picture of the fading light of a life lost to the depths, or an individual deserted, left to fade into the fabric of time.
Glen Morgan ** Concertino For Horn And Orchestra version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers massive Orchestral Mastery with Booming Brass and Symphonic Strings-- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films. British Brass band for Similarly titled song.
Glen Morgan ** British Brass Band version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers an exciting musical concoction featuring a British Brass Band -- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films.
A good old fashioned burner with exotic guitar playing mixed with Van Halen-esque jams. The raucous guitar and drums will be perfect for high octane scenes like a championship football game when the hero's team is in the midst of their big comeback!
Driving fantasy rock a la Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Would work great in sci-fi or fantasy scenes. Great backdrop for technology related themes and sports highlights as well!
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Fun and upbeat music with infectious beats, flickering guitars, and plenty of twists and turns. Sounds like a futuristic dance party!
Sweet glockenspiel melody with frantic drums that come in and out. Climax is with a Nintendo-esque melody on synth.
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Starting with a climbing electronic keyboard, the bass and beats slowly build up and calm down before erupting into an emotional and cathartic release with robotic melodies and explosive percussion!
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Grooving rock with a sexy and sultry vibe. Perfect for setting a rock and roll scene and character.
Intense guitar solo with a classical music vibe. Sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen or Trans-siberian Orchestra. Good for any scene that could use a dose of extravagant excitement!
Fantasy rock a la Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Rush. Would be a dramatic backdrop for the opening of a program or news segment. Also, great for use in fantasy scenes or any scene that evokes a sense of wonder.
Very rhythmic electronica song with quirky sounds that spiral, buzz, vibrate and bounce.
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
Poppy rock song with classic Egon lyrics: "I love you like the sun; but it so happens I perfer the moon". Features vocoder, synth, and even a long coda!
Cam Alexander ** instrumental version **
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat and reflective pop-electronic song. Invokes feelings of reflection as well as understanding and forgiveness.
Poppy electronic instrumental. Features funky guitars, four-on-the-floor drums, hand claps, and a whole lotta synths. Great for dance scenes or for adding a jolt of energy!
Get things moving!! Glen Morgan's frilly Brass section twiddles along, merrily bouncing from beat to beat, and Varying in Volume from Dim to Deafening. Ideal for a scene Bursting with Bustle and Business!
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of happyness as walking down the street without a care. This song has an old standard/period, "Singing in the Rain" feel to it, which can used in commercials or films set in the past
Smooth pop/dance instrumental with warm synths, jazzy piano, and groovy percussion. Would work great for party scenes, sports montages, crime show forensics, etc.
Careless ** instrumental version **
Heavy metal featuring creative interplay between the guitar and bass while the drums thunder along driving the song forward! Sounds like Queensryche or Judas Priest.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Funk styled rock and roll with a grooving bass line. Features a driving drum beat and an electrifying guitar solo.
Sinister sounding bass, syncopated percussion, and epic synth melodies comprise this sci-fi sounding electronica song. Sounds like the hero's last stand in a movie like Tron.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the fun and memories of being a kid sliding down a slide or climbing on the monkey bars. This song can be seen in connection with a cartoon or as a theme song for a favorite video game character.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat punk rock with a driving bass line, aggressive drums, and an intense guitar solo for the perfect climax!
Feel the rush as you barrel down a mountain ski slope, cut through massive surf, lean that motorcycle hard into the trickiest of turns, or pound the half pipe into submission! Great for sports clips of all types, olympic events, chase scenes, riding down the open road in a convertible, and car commercials.
Very tense soundscape for a break in, hold up, and robbery that concludes with a frantic gun fight and escape! Or so one could hear.. Perfect for any scene that builds tension and eventually erupts!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
High energy rock song that can easily set the stage for a "get off your feet and go" moment!
Learning has never been so alluring! Lose yourself in concentration as you're hypnotized by the computer animation!
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
A jazzy instrumental acoustic piece that provides a feeling of reflection as well as discovery and wanderlust.
Lo-fi synth sound that clash and fight to build tension. Perfect for representing a character's insanity.
Electronic song with a four on the floor beat, a heavy repeating bassline, a gradual buildup, and slushy synths. Could be perfect accompaniment for models on the runway strutting their stuff!
Fluttery percussion with chugging synths and heroic melodies. Sounds similar to Daft Punk's score for the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Flute mixed with a raging guitar riff sets a strong and upbeat feel. A shocking guitar solo, breakdown, and flute solo at the bridge paves way for a strong finish.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a sense of unease, as if a storm is coming, this electronica piece can be used to show anything from tense scenes to club/party scenes!
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
With a Moog Synth playing a faint, distant, and altogether smooth jam, this Spacey, Jazzy Soundscape brings the easy-going vibe and unadulterated relaxation out in a moment where all seems disconnected and far away.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat alternative rock that will make you think of a fun vacation in a beautiful warm place! Features a tempo change and dip into reggae!
Egon and the Slimers (Blow Up The Sun)
Reggae tinged song that references Back To The Future, this song frenetically slips between calm synocpation, and aggressive hard rock!
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
Walk the wire, and then dive off of it! The tension and tenacity of this Orchestral movement by Glen Morgan offers an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. Let the Tug of War between Good and Evil commence!
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
The composer creates a soundscape ripe with spacey Moog Synth that will give even the most fortified of characters an atmospheric chill to the bone.
An electronic groove with a walking bass introduce this Satriani-esque guitar jam. As the song progresses, the tension grows beyond containment. Could be the soundtrack for cruising around, a wild night out on the town, or a simple crime gone suddenly awry.
Straight-up, no-nonsense heroic music for all occasions. Hero Returns features a full orchestra and all-stops-out pipe organ to paint a symphonic portrait of true majesty, triumph, and joy.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
This song comes on like a burst of adrenaline! Features driving beats, a rubbery bassline, and some aggressive guitars that are sure to keep your blood pumping!
With a classic retro-feel that comes straight out of an 80's Crime Drama, this piece brings with it a feeling of urgency, hustle, and daring. Perfect setup for a frantic chase, a nimble escape, or a full-out pursuit.
Small Town Titans ** instrumental version **
Hard hitting rock song that provides a sense of tension that is about to break at any moment.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Electronic piece that evolves and develops. Changes feel from a slow groove, to a 1-2-1-2 polka feel, and goes back. Pensive and pondering, then excited and determined, back to thoughtful and wondrous.
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