Very eclectic, thequietcampaign is a one-man-band the touches on numb acoustic ponderings to hard rock musings, all the way to jazz fusion illusions!

This raw, distorted alternative song talks about a man who has struggled with addiction and responsibility due to the convenience of that particular lifestyle.
Dreary indie song that contemplates settling down and moving on. With a very detached and numb sounding vocal that drips out over a somber and dreamlike musical bed.
A light-hearted, almost comical combination of a story about a stalker or ex-lover coming to the singers house and a contrasting soft and jazzy instrumentation.
A vulnerably sung acoustic song that suggests a resolution to relationship issues in the form of a letter. Rather than following a strict storyline, DeSantis paints a lyrical picture of tension and reflection that allows the listener to fill in the blanks with their own personal experiences.
A slow rock tune with a catchy guitar riff about ignoring people who criticize you.
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