Small Town Titans


The music of Small Town Titans is an eclectic and powerful melting pot of metal, blues, and singer/songwriter paired with a savage and exciting live shows that push the limits. Their thought provoking single "We Owe You The Truth" highlights a vision of a world full of deceit, lies and deception, urging the masses to rise up and be counted among those that have the courage to let their voices heard! Dynamic front man Phil Freeman showcases powerful, raging vocals in perfect pitch, while the rest of the trio lays down an explosive backdrop of heavy, hard hitting, fist pumping, sound waves, leaving their fans in a frenzy. Experience the "truth" and you will be set free!

Hard-rocking song that viciously ponders the question of following the crowd or going against the tide and not being one of them. This song would work for scene with a lot of action sequences or for an action movie itself.
Small Town Titans ** instrumental version **
Hard hitting rock song that provides a sense of tension that is about to break at any moment.
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