Kali Rodgers

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/kalirodgersmusic/ / DOWNLOADS:https://valerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-deepest-blue

Kali Rodgers is a jazz/pop singer based in Annville, PA. Her lyrical vocals paint beautiful images while keeping a calm and relaxed vibe to her music. Whether itís a pop ballad or an upbeat dance song, Kali Rodgers' music will make you groove.

Kali Rodgers (The Deepest Blue)
A ballad about falling in love with the wrong person. Features a horn section and jazz scatting.
Kali Rodgers (Single)
Bluesy rock song about yearning and fighting for love.
Kali Rodgers (The Deepest Blue)
Old lovers meet again after three years of silence and share a night of love one more time, marking the Marriott On East a memory of what was. Using guitar accompaniment, would work for somber break-up scene.
Kali Rodgers (The Deepest Blue)
Just a girl in a club blowing off steam and, of course, all of the boys want her. A fun, up beat song that will remind you of the fun of summer.
Kali Rodgers (The Deepest Blue)
A driving contemporary rock song that depicts a scene of forbidden love that a character knows isn't good for them, but wants it anyway.
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