Joshua Long


A classic case of Man and Machine working in tandem, Joshua Long uses his musical knowledge and technological savvy to bring the listener a selection of potent tunes viable for any situation. From classic electronica to Hip-Hop/Trap-esque beats, Joshua shows that a man with a plan and a solid computer can make music just as moving as the real deal. In addition to his electronica tracks with RDSD Publishing, Joshua also writes Worship Music that is progressive, spiritual, and inclusive. The Debut Album from this Christian Unitarian Universalist Music director is full of heart-felt melodies and a wide instrumentation.

Sleek, sexy hip-hop instrumental that's perfect for club scenes or the backdrop to a house party. Also a solid fit for sleek advertisement campaigns.
Poppy electronic instrumental. Features funky guitars, four-on-the-floor drums, hand claps, and a whole lotta synths. Great for dance scenes or for adding a jolt of energy!
Smooth pop/dance instrumental with warm synths, jazzy piano, and groovy percussion. Would work great for party scenes, sports montages, crime show forensics, etc.
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