Henry Devorick

WEBSITE: https://valerecords.bandcamp.com / DOWNLOADS:https://valerecords.bandcamp.com/album/nelson-umbrella

A man of many talents, Henry Devorick's widely spread musical background and skill with many instruments provide him with a diverse palette with which to create music that ranges from jazz to R&B and electronica.

Henry Devorick (Nelson Umbrella)
This dreamy, sexy love song can put you in the mood. Great music for a love scene in a movie.
Henry Devorick (Nelson Umbrella)
Lay U Down is a jazzy love song about the drive to know everything about your lover.The synth creates a vibe that is undeniable to jam along to.
Henry Devorick (Nelson Umbrella)
Henry Devorick sings a heart-wrenching tune about an old flame, Luna. This dreamscape piano ballad will have you longing for an unrequited love.
A city-based love song that features saxophone for a city sidewalk performance vibe. Great for a confession scene in a romantic movie.
Henry Devorick (Nelson Umbrella)
A slow, electronic R&B song revealing the sad truth of a friend who is losing their life to drugs.
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