Clovadine is a Rap-Rock group based in Annville PA. Fusing together characteristics of rock and hip-hop to create a blend that will surely make your heart bounce. Though they can get the crowd moving about they can also take it back with soothing melodies to the ears, so sit back and let the sounds consume you.

Clovadine (Clovadine)
An alternative rock song, featuring rap elements that embodies a break up.
Clovadine (Clovadine)
A song that reminisces a childhood lullaby, and launches into a young man leaving the nest, discovering a whole new world.
Clovadine (Clovadine)
Calming and hopeful with tones of aspiration to successful future endeavors.
Clovadine (Clovadine)
A song about remembering the pain and regrets from a past love. The burden of heartbreak makes it impossible to sleep or move past painful memories.
Clovadine (Clovadine)
An alternative rock track that has elements of rap and punk with an angsty vibe to it.
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