Angela Sheik


Angela Sheik performs as a one-woman army, with her Looping software as her trusty weapon. With a sack full of optimistic lyrics and catchy chord progressions, she broadcasts her message of Hope and positive emotions through the airwaves.

With her looping device, a guitar, and her own voice as her weapons of choice, Angela Sheik pours forth an anthem for anyone who has ever felt they were destined for something more. The instrumentation mixed with the lyrics provides a solid environment for someone who can't seem to get it right, but can be seen working hard to change the alignment of their stars.
Sheik Delivers an upbeat, feel-good tune about consulting the 'powers that be' to fill a hole in her life. Provides a positive vibe while discussing a subject that some would doom to negativity. Great for an individual looking for the silver lining in the rain cloud of the day.
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