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Finding the right music for a production does not have to be overwhelming. To help to simplify this task, our music curation specialists have scanned the catalog to create some popular THEMED PLAYLISTS containing some of our favorite tracks.

We control the licensing rights for both the SONG and the MASTER recording…so there is never any need to track down other rights holders! Discover, listen, explore…and when you find something that you like, simply click the LICENSE button, follow the prompts to complete your license, and download your music! It really is that simple!

One stop licensing built on the reputation of passionate, creative, artists…

Music For Media : Action

Music For Media : Love

Music For Media : Sad

Music For Media : Happy

Music For Media : Comedy

Music For Media : Patriotic

Music For Media : Holiday



Music For Media : Rock

Music For Media : Electronica

Music For Media : Electric Guitar

Music For Media : Orchestral

Music For Media : Soundscapes

Music For Media : Fingerstyle Guitar

Music For Media : Synth Piano

Music For Media : Sax Big Band


Vampires & Zombies

Music For Media : Vampires & Zombies

Music For Media : Workout Warrior

Music For Media : Relaxation & Meditation

Music For Media : Wedding


Music For Media : PSA Non Profit


Music For Media : On Hold Instr

Music For Media : On Hold Songs


ROYALTY FREE For News/Sports/Weather

These songs are available for use ROYALTY FREE for TELEVISION STATIONS broadcasting news, sports, and weather related shows/content, so long as the station has a valid performance license with ASCAP & BMI, and agrees to SUBMIT CUE SHEETS for all usages.

Royalty Free Music : News

Royalty Free Music : Stings

Royalty Free Music : Sports

Royalty Free Music : weather


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