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These songs and instrumentals have a “western” vibe. Whether your production is an old school western or a modern day show with a western flair, these pieces will integrate seamlessly to create a sound palette suitable for modern day or vintage cowboys and outlaws!

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Luke, Bo, Jesse, Daisy and Cooter taking a break from making moonshine to play a friendly game of stick ball in the field
With a booming serenade of Strings and Brass, Glen Morgan is at it again! With an epic ebb and flow of delight and tension, this piece is an ideal attention-getter for both the ever-pleasant optimist, and sinister villain to make their first impressions. Saddle up, and prepare for the adventure!
Yee-haw! A day at the County Fair. Breathe in and smell the beef brisket! Would also be a good soundbed for a sportscast or newscast when describing something comical.
Glen Morgan ** Concertino For Horn And Orchestra version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers massive Orchestral Mastery with Booming Brass and Symphonic Strings-- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films. British Brass band for Similarly titled song.
Glen Morgan ** British Brass Band version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers an exciting musical concoction featuring a British Brass Band -- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films.
Bluegrass song featuring mandolins and vocal harmony. Great for scenes that depict struggling through life and trying to stay afloat.
'Homecoming' celebrates the timeless customs of the Appalachian people, their music, and their culture as they made their way in the 'new world'. Engaging, authentic musical themes use mandolins, fiddles, guitars, and old-fashioned knee-slapping percussion to portray a loving, gentle, yet rousing vision of folks from way back-up-yonder and the fierce pride they have in 'what they got'
This piece as the feel of someone looking out over a vast desert to see nothing but sand. Perhaps showing tension between Native Americans and Cowboys?
Get things moving!! Glen Morgan's frilly Brass section twiddles along, merrily bouncing from beat to beat, and Varying in Volume from Dim to Deafening. Ideal for a scene Bursting with Bustle and Business!
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Song about standing tall and having things your way. "This is MY town!"
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
Spacious song with natural and earthy inflections. Tense and could set the tone for a struggle between peace and injustice.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Spacious song with Native American inflections. Tense and spiritual, could work in scenes featuring the fine line between peace and struggle.
This song is about the crossroads of life, and the decisions that shape the future. Its a great tune for traveling scenes, and scenes focused on going out after your dreams
"Hell bent on being heaven bound", The Arrival has a tribal and southern sounding vibe. Perfect soundtrack for the appearance of a Clint Eastwood-esque badass, here to to show everyone who's the new boss in town!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Aggressive acoustic piece that provides a feeling of oncoming dread. Perfect for introducing the troubled hero or the next boss in town!
Acoustic alternative indie pop. Soulful vocals with swagger and a very urgent and rhythmic delivery. Perfect for any dramatic scene that needs an exciting, dangerous sounding song. Tense & edgy.
Walk the wire, and then dive off of it! The tension and tenacity of this Orchestral movement by Glen Morgan offers an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. Let the Tug of War between Good and Evil commence!
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Opens like an old time Clint Eastwood western, then directly into driving guitars and desperate vocals. Tortured soul drowning in the flood of life - underlying reference to insanity and depression. Pearl Jam "esque" vocals. 4 minute mark changes into a Hendrix type guitar interlude - good for chase scenes, suicidal thoughts, insanity, hiding out, and any good vs. evil struggle.
Desperate, sad, and sparse. Sounds like a hero's regret at the end of his days. Broken and defeated. Would work in any scene that needs a somber swan song.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Sad downtrodden acoustic instrumental. Perfect for reminiscing on the good days gone by while recognizing that the end to an adventure, or life, is drawing near.
As the dust settles on the scene, the bittersweet triumph of the protagonist rings true. This slow and steadily-paced piece is the ideal tune for unveiling a hard-fought victory, as well as the price paid for such a victory.
Tribal, Native American music with lyrics about living large and making the most of life. Would be great for any scenes that depict characters out of their element, finding themselves in new environments.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tribal, Native American music. Would be great for any scenes that depict nature, the environment, and Mother Earth.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Kick ass song in the style of Little Big Town or Lady Antebellum, about living life to its fullest! "Every day in life that I lived . . . was worth dying for!"
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