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Fast, Easy, Cost Effective Licensing

We control the licensing rights for both the SONG and the MASTER recording, so there is never any need to track down additional rights holders. Need music for your film, tv show, web series, video game, ad campaign, corporate presentation, trade show, student project, personal video, or artist project? We’ve got you covered with one stop, stress free licensing.

With access to quality music from “real” artists, and the best price points around, you will be able to bring your creation to life at a price that fits your budget. We think you will be very pleased with our prices, but if something does not fit your budget, there is always an option to negotiate/bid. Check out some of our licensing options below!

YouTube, Web, Video, Film, TV, Apps, Video Game, and Other Media Projects

Production Blanket Licenses are offered for companies that have ongoing music needs. The license allows for unlimited licensing from the catalog during the term (typically 1-2 years). Pricing is based on the licensees business model and anticipated volume of licensing during the term. This license is perfect for film schools, non profits, advertising agencies, production companies, and studios who cater to media creation for local/regional clients. Switch to us and SAVE MONEY!  We will BEAT your current music library’s rate! 

YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other social networking content  The creation of social media content has exploded and we want our music to be part of your next creation! Licenses start as low as $1 – so go ahead and CREATE!

Internet, Website, Podcast, Slide Show, Power Point  Pricing is based on where the project will be used (corporate “in-house”, personal website, YouTube,  subscription based service, etc.) and the length of the song to be used. Licenses start as low as $25

Videos We encourage and support content creators at all levels. We offer our videographers a “non theatrical release” license that allows you to put your creation on the internet or sell it to the public. We can provide you with music for your personal wedding, birthday, or private event video, and offer single unit licensing for small quantity distribution. Licenses start as low as $30

Film Projects This license is a popular choice for our independent filmmakers. Whether you are headed to a film festival, releasing the film on internet, headed to theaters local, regional, or world wide, or simply need a great piece of music to bring your trailer to life, we have flexible pricing starting as low as $75!

Student Film Projects Working on a class project? Tell your school to contact us for a discounted educational blanket license. If your school does not have a blanket license with us, no worries…you can still have access to our artists music for your projects! Licenses start as low as $10

Apps and Video Games  Some of are artists and composers are gamers…so you will be pleasantly surprised at the depth of music that you can find here to bring that app or video game of yours to life. Whether you are creating a mobile gaming app or a full scale game that will be released on a variety of platforms, we can offer you affordable “in perpetuity” or “buy out” pricing that guarantees that you will never have to re-negotiate.

Advertisements Priced to fit the needs of our customers who create local ad campaigns, we are always happy to negotiate a price that will allow you to get the spot created on time / on budget.  For those tasked with creating campaigns with a larger reach (regional/national), we are experienced in working out a license that covers all of the variables and “options” that you need. Negotiated based on broadcast media and region, we’ve got you covered no matter how large or small your project is! 

TV Show or Web Series  are available for use of the licensed song in a tv show or web series. This license fee is negotiated at time of contract, and pricing is based on the rights requested, broadcast media, duration, length of music cue, and territory. ALL IN options are very popular for our television clients who wish to retain the right to continue to use the song in their production, in perpetuity. Licenses start as low as $147

Royalty Free Music for News, Sports, and Weather Broadcasts is available for stations that have a valid performance license with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. CUE SHEET submission are required for all uses, so that performance royalties are properly routed to the rights holders.

Custom Score, Theme Songs, and Jingles can be produced to support the specifics of your production!

Artist Projects

All songs are subject to a Mechanical License which is based on the Statuatory Rate at time of licensing. The current rate is 9.1 cents per song.

For independent artists (not attached to a major label) & vanity labels, we offer Limited Quantity Mechanical Licenses for rate of $91 per song – per 1000 units (cd’s/downloads).

For artists working on a budget, we offer Track Lease Licenses (pre-mixed, stereo instrumental tracks minus vocals). Most tracks are $200-$300 per song.

Songs used by permission only – Unauthorized use is subject to legal action!

Please contact RDSD Publishing, if you are interested in licensing material from this catalogue, or if you have any questions.