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RDSD Music controls the song and sound recording licensing rights for over 500 songs and instrumentals created by some of the best songwriters in the world. Songs have been placed internationaly in films such as "Little Glory" (Cameron Bright/"Twilight", Hannah Murray/ "Game Of Thrones"), and "Angel Camoflauged" (James Brolin/"Life In Pieces", Dilana / "Rockstar Supernova"), and Commercials including Ronald McDonald House "Red Shoes Campaign", Aspire Health Care, Klines, and Tire Mart. RDSD Publishing believes in supporting content creators at all levels, as proven by hundreds of placements in student films, indie films, corporate presentations, web series, personal projects, and artist projects. "With content creation at an all time high, my goal is to provide quality songs by real artists for all types of projects!It's creatives supporting creatives! Everybody wins!" (President/Owner - Sherri Mullen)

Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
The song is a soft ballad, using some aspects of soul, with the main use of acoustic guitar. This song goes through five questions about the love that just left. This can be used for a scene after a break-up or after a huge fight between the couple.
30 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Works well with opening and closing credits or commercials with a regal feel. Traditional nightly news theme feel using 6 French Horns, 10 Cellos, 3 Flutes, 9 Double Basses, 1 Glockenspiel, and heavy drumming.
Dreamy, serene piece that would work well in nature scenes, documentaries, or for The Animal Planet.
You're a clumsy, foolish, accident prone slob who never learns from mistakes. Oh well, who cares if they find you absurd? Features great dixieland sounding woodwind action!
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
The song has a funk groove, but adds in some soul. The song talks about a break up and that this loss has to be put away and forgotten. This can be used for a scene after the splitting-up of a couple and they have to forget what happened to their relationship, to continue on with their lives.
Fast paced song about being addicted to loving someone or something that may or may not be good for you - good for chase scenes or even drug/addiction based scenes
Sad and elegant piece that would work well in a romantic or somber scene. Character could be pining over a lost love or dealing with a tragic situation.
Socially conscious lyrics with a classic heavy metal sound like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche or Dio. Perfect for action films or sports shows!
Careless ** instrumental version **
Heavy Metal instrumental that sounds like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or Queensryche. Features chugging guitars, varied rhythms, and a wicked guitar solo!
A light-hearted boogie woogie song that describes how nature makes us unite! Perfect for commercials/movies/tv scenes involving the environment, or going green.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Sultry blues tune with swagger. Perfect for seductive dance scenes, a smokey bar room, or any scene involving good times with a little bit of decadence!
Fast paced metal song with wicked cool synths/guitar harmonics throughout...verses are open and free, building to the big heavy, in your face chorus. Picture a dozen airplanes in a dog fight, or an airstrike by the good guys, just when you think there is no hope for survival. This song would be a good sound bed for any action scene, and also for various hard hitting sports themes. Nice pace and movement...
Minimalistic electronic that builds.
Reflective, looking back on past events. In a series, a post-moral nostalgic moment, where a Character reminisces about the events that transpired, and the lessons they have learned from those experiences.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Rocking hardcore Synth that goes through your sole as you imagine the song in an episode of Criminal Minds as the criminal is causing his brutal disaster.
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Driving song, great for truck driving or driving back home scenes - love, trust, and coming back home to the one you love
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A sad song of being the object of someones affection only when the person THEY love is not treating them right. Rebound love, wanting something you can not have. Slow acoustic ballad with piano. Sounds like John Mayer, Coldplay
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Mid tempo piano & guitar based composition ala Coldplay, One Republic. Good for scenes where character is longing or wanting something they can not have. Also good for montage, flashback, flashforward...and scenes of deep thought as well as showing gentle and tender moments.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dropping keyboard notes spread out in waves over a cloud of synths to set the mood for an electronic groove
Tense, angry, powerful intro with big guitars...open, mysterious verses with clean guitars building into heavy intro/chorus theme. The title says it all...you can feel the hero (or villain?) lying in wait, in preparation of the ultimate ambush! Possible uses, various sports themes, and film/tv cues represneting tension (being trapped, struggling to break free, wanting someone to save you), hero saving someone
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Don McLean, John Mellencamp
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Sidewindy guitars and gutteral vocals set the stage for a cold hard look at the American Dream.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A rocking guitar riff sets the stage for this powerful song. The clashing guitars can set a feeling of tension as well as reflection on previous actions.
Somber, ambient piece that would be perfect for any scenes needing a serene or subdued vibe. Would work well for dream or nature scenes as well.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Atlernative rock with chugging guitars, atmospheric keyboards, and a driving rhythm section. Dramatic music for lifechanging scenes!
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Atlernative rock song with chugging guitars, atmospheric keyboards and harmonies. Ponders how to stay grounded after losing the stabilizing force in his life: "I don't wanna know where I will float to without you to Anchor Me Down"
Energetic adult alternative. About writing a song as the best way to say "I love you." Would work for any scene that conveys a character struggling to make his/her feelings known especially if that person is a writer of sorts.
Crime Scene Investigation, Forensics, Cop - about getting the bad guy ("the DNA don't lie")
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Groovy rhythm with snyth melody that floats above, interjected with guitar strums.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
Upbeat, happy, fun tune with a reggae vibe. ...about pushing oneself to the limit in life, being stressed out, and yet taking it all in stride. "Life is a trip...are we having fun yet?". A reggae influenced rock song with a Beatles-esque chorus and harmonies. Sounds like The Beatles, The Police
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Groovy reggae like acoustic guitar ala Bob Marley. Fun, upbeat, chill out tune. Would be great for advertising campaigns, or fun scenes on the beach. Works well for scenes with humor too!
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
"Don't try to fix me, it's YOU whose broken"! Empowering and sassy
Don't let the heavy intro fool you...song goes into dreamy, mysterious vibe...chorus movement is heavier with distorted guitars. Bad guy becomes good guy and goes out on a vigilante mission to atone for his sins. Possible uses - dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, scenes shrouded in mystery, graveyard, full moon, vampires, ghosts, etc.
The Spoon Dogs (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Arranged by Tom Diecidue...this is a bluesy take on the classic New Years song. Full band featuring the electric guitar.
The Spoon Dogs ** instrumental version **
Arraned by Tom Diecidue... A blues take on a holiday classic! Incredible guitar playing that puts a great spin on an old favorite!
A reflective piece with strong emotional flow. Conjures up visions of walking down a deserted beach, driving through the country, or sitting on a mountain as the autumn leaves fall and the sun rises or sets!
Acoustic guitar piece conveying a great sense of love to the listener. Ideal for scenes where two people fall in love, or for scenes where families reunite/add new members.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Fluttering synths and buzzing keyboards adorn a syncopated and aggressive drum groove
KNova (Warped Passages)
Driving, syncopated beats set the foundation for minor, electronic synths. Sort of sounds like the soundtrack to a nature show about Planet Earth, but leaves you feeling like this planet is doomed
An intriguing piano based piece that displays the chaos before finding balance in one's life.
J and The 9s (Birth)
Hard rock song with female vocals, aggressive riffs, a sing-along chorus, and a scorching guitar solo. Could be used to establish a sexy or "cool" vibe in any scene.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Hard hitting rock song with an aggressive guitar riff paired with powerful drums. Perfect for creating a rocking atmosphere and vibe
Heavy alt-rock meets the synth soundtrack to your favorite action movie in the lyrically-dark "Ballad of Annie." The story of a physically abusive struggle is sung with haunting vocals and accompanied by a clever hybrid of synthesizers and real instruments.
Jay Romero ** instrumental version **
A dark industrial rock styled instrumental song that creates a sense of mystery and dread.
Fast paced, energetic, bluesy acoustic jam piece that is constantly moving in new directions. Great backdrop for any scene with pace and movement!
Dreamy orchestral love song. Great for scenes of lovers finding each other after a long journey.
Gaelic inspired music that represents absolute, timeless, unconditional love. Listening makes you feel like you're on misty cliffs of some ancient Irish Isle.
Dangerous vibe. Builds tension. Perfect for scenes where someone is working in the lab or intently focused on a task in hand.
Slow, brooding. This very uncomfortable piece slowly raises the tension until eventually you feel that something horrifying has arrived! Good for scenes with monsters unleashing their fury or perhaps to build up to something very evil occurring/arriving
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This theatrical, fast-paced song goes through the push and struggle of starting from the bottom again after being push down from the top. This can be used for a scene about someone finding themselves fighting to come back from what brought them down.
Somber, haunting song with Asian musical influences. Would work well in any scene following the aftermath of a disaster.
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
A soulful ballad about the power of love and the desire to make it through anything life has to offer!
Uptempo country about a memorable day of hot summer lovin'. Remembering the best day of his life! Sounds like Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Song about addiction, not wanting to believe what people say, wanting to rise above the addiction but unable to do so
Highly percussive with a Bollywood flare. You can almost see the lioness stalking her prey in the jungle. Senses sharpened & hightened awareness as she gets closer to the prize. What other predators lurk?
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Etherial, haunting, Pink Floyd-esque song with echoing vocals, pulsating piano, droning strings, and an emotive, crying electric guitar providing the backdrop for thought provoking lyrics about courage, spirituality, and believing that even in the darkest of times, we are not alone . . .
Beautiful ballad about a complicated relationship. Good for any scenes involving the ups and downs of love.
Creepy, industrial goth type of treatment...synths, cool bass line, varied electric guitar treatments, nice steady movement. Chorus is filled with "tension". At 3:15, neat breakdown with strange, almost "spacey" vibe. You can picture walking through a graveyard, or underground cave and finding the secret passage where others did not make it out! Good for horror films, action, chase, stalking scenes, or scene where someone is building something, or a CSI is working in the forensics lab, or a cop checking out a crime scene.
Mid-tempo and heavy "paced" guitars with space in verses, leading into full chorus. Very modern/alternative treatment. This song is reminiscent of a fight scene in the style of Rocco Bonetti, the great Renaissance Italian fencing master. Song would be good for any type of action scenes, sports themes, thriller scenes, and of course a good sword fight to the death!!
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
A jazzy landscape of electric piano, warm guitar, and bouncing bass.
Pop/Rock song with a positive message for kids with big dreams. Good for any scenes involving the aspirations of kids who may be down on themsevles but want to reach for the stars. Sounds like Pink, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson
Listen to the eerie, and all-around creepy tones of the composer's Organ as he paints the scene of sailors attempting to dance in a stately and orderly manner. The name of the game is 'Spooky', and the mood foreshadows a grim future for all involved.
Classic heavy metal sound with raging guitars, Dio-esque vocals, galloping bass and thunderous drums. Perfect for any scene that needs a good dose of adrenaline!
Careless ** instrumental version **
Fast paced metal with a gigantic, epic feel! Perfect for scenes of high drama that require an aggressive heavy metal touch.
Spanish style piece with a lot of intensity. Quick paced driving tempo.
Jazzy island song with a good grove. Great for travel and weather related content.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Steady, lagging, song about a psychopath, someone who is mentally unstable, dysfunctional mind...underlying "voices in your head" throughout track and insane guitar solo- Good to describe a demented villain
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only - Song in the style of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Elvis, etc.
Singer/Songwriter song with piano and acoustic guitar. Reflecting on the past with a no-regrets attitude.
Pretty pop/R&B piano song in the style of Alicia Keys throughout which the singer ponders a relationship wondering *what* it actually is. "Maybe this time it's romance, but you can't call it love." Perfect for scenes involving budding relationships.
An Organ displays the maddening disdain of the ship captain, dealing with both his disagreeable crew, and his own personal demons to boot. Listen to the madness and insanity manifest!
Joe Trojcak (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Arranged by Joe Trojcak...this is a fresh version of the old classic "Jingle Bells"...with a twist!! Get ready to rumble!
Sheridan Ave (Our Love) Courtesy of: VALE Records
It's the name of the girl and the name of the city? A fun, energetic pop-rock tune about a poisonous relationship in the big city.
Sexy, flirtatious, and passionate, this song is all about the thrill of the chase and falling in love!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Pensive, elegant music. Subtle builds of tension give the music a sense of anticipation which could really accent scenes of hope and desire.
Beautiful patriotic piece that ends with a solemn feature of the American classic "My Country Tis of Thee". Starts out slow but builds in intensity! Very dramatic!
Very percussive, rhythmically driven piece. Full of suspense. Good for chase scenes whether by foot or by car.
Driving piece featuring electric guitar and an Egyptian vibe. Would work great in chase or escape scenes, car commercials, or military bases cues. You can almost see the air force jet flying into "crowded" air space! This song is all about action!
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Love gone bad,she had the fairytale and then he left her,Cinderella doesn't live here anymore
This raw, distorted alternative song talks about a man who has struggled with addiction and responsibility due to the convenience of that particular lifestyle.
Elegant, classy, and energetic instrumental that builds and breaks with synths doused with reverb, a clattering of percussion, and a buzzy bass synth. Would be great for commercials selling fancy products like luxury cars, rolexes, or jewelry. Welcome to the good life!
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Reba, Martina McBride, Faith Hill
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Beth Orton, Lucinda Williams meets One Republic
Slow acoustic country ballad yearning for the one who got away. Describes the pain of seeing him with someone else and reflects on what has been lost. A sure tear jerker, a fit for any scenes of unrequited love.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Intense metal with an electronic twist. This song gets everyone hyped up and ready to mosh.
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Girl leaves go of boyfriend and pines for him to come back. Not able to let go of a relationship.
Uptempo sexy male country song about someone who was living the playboy lifestyle deciding to settle down now that he's found that special someone who has stolen his heart. Commitment? Bring it on!
An Indie song about things comin' around and life getting better. Would work in scenes where the characters are getting on with their lives, overcoming problems, and getting things done.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun, upbeat, rootsy song featuring harmonica and acoustic guitar. Gives the impression of fun times in a relaxed setting.
Gentle, uplifting, and inspirational, this beautiful sound bed features piano, flute, and strings in a sensitive arrangement that musically represents compassion, love, and hope.
Action synthesizer piece that contains 80's infused sounds. Good background for sportscasts, weather forecasts, news, or computer graphics content.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Edgy relationship song, in the style of Adele/Melissa Etheridge, about jumping back into a situation that caused you harm in the past. "Your cotton candy words. . .they must have made me high"
Melancholy guitar jam with shades of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Evokes the feeling of having to leave someone you care deeply for. Would be great for breakup scenes, funeral scenes, or any scenes involving a taxing moral dilemma.
Conjures up a vision of a girl running through the streets crying, trying to escape the pain. She finds a calm, secluded place to sit and reflect.
Sleek, sexy hip-hop instrumental that's perfect for club scenes or the backdrop to a house party. Also a solid fit for sleek advertisement campaigns.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Strings, Cymbals, Ding!
Dissonant guitar harmonies start this driving metal song that sounds right at home amid Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Perfect for any scene that could use an uptempo classic heavy metal song.
Careless ** instrumental version **
Fast heavy metal song with harmony guitars, galloping drums, and chugging bass. Perfect for sports scenes or action sequences!
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Relationship with Dad going thru the phases of a daughters life...kindergarten, high school, married with children. Beautiful and simple!
A happy-go-lucky and bouncy Brass piece by Glen Morgan. With abrupt eruptions of energy and power, this piece is ideal for a break in the action, where characters can be seen in their more natural, care-free state of mind, with a touch of slapstick comedy in between!
Piano ballad of advice from a deceased loved one telling to live every moment of our lives through the good times and bad. Funeral scenes, or anything involving reflecting on loved ones who are gone. Melancholy, but uplifting.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Wistful piano takes you back to the old days, reflecting on what was great and what could have been better. Nostalgic. Provides a sense of looking forward at a new future.
Acoustic guitar/violin based piece with a Arabian desert/snake charmer feel to it. Good for driving scenes, themes involving an enchanter or enchantress, or documentaries involving our slithering little reptiles
Mockingbird (Mockingbird)
The perfect wedding song! "Dance With Me" is a beautiful celebration of the special day, with all the sights and sounds of two lovers starting their new lives together!
Hip Hop beats that you can't resist dancing to as a backdrop for a Joe Satriani-esque guitar solo that starts off innocently before building up to an aggressive funky jam
Whether your scene is elephants romping through the jungle, or CSI's working on evidence in a high tech forensics lab, this versatile composition with a Bollywood feel will highlight the action!
Cool Jazz Piece with solid sax and drum programming. Possible Uses - as a theme for a radio talk show, Bumpers for radio, or Family / kids playing in the back yard
Epic, grand music that sounds like it could stand next to Also Sprach Zarathustra in 2001: Space Odyssey. Could work in any scene with historical importance, a space age grandeur, etc. Starts out slow, then gathers more movement and mystery as it goes.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Tension filled song with a spacey vibe that starts off with a lone marimba, sparse acoustic guitar, and a barely audible perculating synthesizer that gradually grows in volume and ferocity until it feels like the mother ship is about to land right next to you! Strong and courageous, with determination...Lyrically focused on rebirth from darkness into the light.
A calming redemptive piece that sounds like passing from one side to the other with the safety of an angel's guidance
Starts off with what sounds like a tense standoff just before exploding into violent turmoil! Features mostly orchestration and is the perfect soundtrack to build suspense before an exciting action scene!
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
A moog Synthesizer piece filled with the darkness and mystery of the abyss. A soundscape hand-crafted for under the water, or out in vastness of space.
Tribal rhythm...weird chanting in the background...can almost see someone dancing around a fire in a ritual for this one!
Tense orchestral piece that would fit well in any suspense or action sequence. Characters could be in a desperate race against the clock. Would also be a great underlying theme for a newscast, sportscast, or commercial.
You can almost see Jack Sparrow looking out over the sea, waiting for the impending epic battle to begin.
Synthesizer symphony good for background for computer graphics or Space footage
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
Male and Female vocals. Country with some rock edge. Sounds like Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Mid tempo starting out with gentle lonely guitar in the verses, building into big full band chorus and bridge. Would work for montages, and scenes where character is contemplating, or thinking about past or future events. Also would work for travel scenes.
Hendrix type guitar licks layered on top of dark vocals - desperate, dreary, sad, suicidal "you will notice me" type of concept. Nirvana meets Hendrix. The guitar parts alone would make a great soundbed as well
Joyous and regal sounding piano, woodwind, and horn piece.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Satirical song about a Jamaican pot dealer and a tourist. Great for comedy scenes or scenes where folks are smoking pot or getting wasted! Chillax mon!!
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Girl finds out that ex boyfriend is getting his due. Karma is a bitch! What goes around comes around harder!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A song about not drawing conclusions and keeping an open mind. Set in a nice groove with fast paced lyrics and a lot of movement. Good for an action or chase scene. Sounds like Matchbox 20
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo acoustic guitar based rock song ala Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas...lots of movement to this one. Good for travel scenes and montages. Would work for lab scenes or evidence collection in your favorite CSI shows. Also perfect for advertising campaigns...phones, retail, travel, shopping, and more!
High energy "Satriani-esque" funky guitar song that sounds like spy music. Great for a James Bond or Burn Notice type action scene.
duet between two ex-lovers recalling all the good times before their lives took them in different directions and separated them. Any scenes where characters are missing each other would be perfect for this song.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
A gentle acoustic piece that invokes feelings of reflection on past love or the promise of things to come as a new love blooms.
Danger is lurking and getting closer as you listen!
Jazz tune with two personalities - Laid back, Latin jazz with guitar that sounds like Carlos Santana then switches to a heavy Spanish riff before switching back to the Latin jazz.
Song about things not being what they seem...good for vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
This GNResque power ballad is the perfect goodnight kiss to say farewell before riding off into the night. "I'll see you in my dreams..."
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
This Guns N' Roses/Poison styled acoustic/electric power ballad is perfect for setting the stage of a love lost or love gone by moment.
Skittering beats support a very chill musical bed that provide the perfect canvas for this rap about nothing holding you back until you reach your dreams. Perfect for any scene involving characters reaching for something bigger and better in their lives.
Deep grove with syncopated percussion and splashed with synth noise.
The composer's Organ gives off the eerie image of a late night drunken stumble through unknown and ominous territory. Good for moments of shell shock, or hazy moments frozen in time.
KNova (Warped Passages)
Dreamy electronic instrumental filled with spacey synths and percussion
25 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Works well with opening and closing credits or commercials with a regal feel. Traditional theme with big horns and percussion, mixed with minimal sitar to create just a touch of Bollywood.
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
Soulful, smooth, and sultry...this song captures the essence of a woman's love and passion for her man.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.)
Hoppenjans puts on a sultry performance in this bass-driven song about playing the field and keeping potential lovers from getting too close. It really sets a mysterious mood and could be a great addition to anything resembling a James Bond movie.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
A jazz rock feeling song that provides a sultry vibe. Bass driven that provides a mysterious mood.
Let the Solitary Spainiard play you his tale of Woe. Glen Morgan creates panic and peril to the tune of a lone guitar in this unique work of art. Ideal for a traumatic flashback, or a bare-bones, high-tension scene.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Alt Rock - Edgey, nervewracking drums, nice breakdown at 1min 40 sec...great for chase scenes, action scenes, and "tough guy" sports...downhill skiing, speed skating, racing, football, hockey, boxing
KNova (Warped Passages)
Warbled synthesizers zig zag with melodies that shift dark and back to bright. Sounds a bit like old video game music.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
As if the game 'Pong' suddenly decided to Go Postal, this Moog synth soundscape brings the tension and suspenseful horror to any futuristic or isolated scene. Scary, and satisfying!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Synth melody with an Afro-samba inspired drumbeat that brings a happy and uplifting vibe.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of rising through a high rise complex, then coming out and greeting everyone that come along for the ride or whoever is on the floor when you get off your ride. Light, airy, relaxed - makes this a good fit for commercials and children's shows.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Fast paced alternative industrial style. This energetic song screams action and would be perfect for movies about zombies.
Unique, frenetic, high energy, repetitive electronica with an emphasis on percussion.
An aggressive Spanish styled acoustic guitar instrumental piece that can leave the listener feeling uneasy. Could be used to show that not everything is the way it seems.
60 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Gentle delivery with a slower feel using 6 French Horns, 10 Cellos, 2 Muted Trumpets with slight echo, and soft drumming.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
A delicate and sad acoustic guitar accompanied by a haunting flute, this song is about courage and hope in the face of change.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Chilling vocals, oozing synth basses, and a steady backbeat combine to create what sounds like a Mission Impossible Halloween Special.
Slowly building with eerie whispers, hair-raising screams, creepy synths, and suspenseful strings. Perfect for any horror scene.
One man band? More like one man orchestra! Jon Smith plays everything from the piano and drums, to the clarinet and trumpet on this fun and robust sounding song about unintentionally offending someone and wanting their forgiveness.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This song is a calming, but uplifting ballad that shows that even though there are problems that need to be faces, we can still overcome them and be free. It can be either used for someone coming out of their shell and being who they are or about someone that is forgetting the past and looking forward to their future.
Lucas Gienow (Falling Apart)
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Falling Apart shows the struggle of aging and realizing that some dreams take longer to come true. Provides a feeling of reflection on who the person has become based on the trials and tribulations they have faced.
Cam Alexander ** instrumental version **
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Falling Apart has a dreamy electronic sound that evokes feelings of coming of age and following your dreams.
Luke, Bo, Jesse, Daisy and Cooter taking a break from making moonshine to play a friendly game of stick ball in the field
A driving symphony of synthesizer that paints a picture of the final frontier. Begins as an almost weary and yearning whisper, and builds to a robotic spacey frenzy.
With a booming serenade of Strings and Brass, Glen Morgan is at it again! With an epic ebb and flow of delight and tension, this piece is an ideal attention-getter for both the ever-pleasant optimist, and sinister villain to make their first impressions. Saddle up, and prepare for the adventure!
Light, free flowing acoustic piece that would work well for travel, news, and scenes with gentle motion. Great underlying theme for a weather cast... "And for the weather today, there will be a high of 78 degrees ..."
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Song about the things in life that just happen and change our lives
Traditional style country song about the abuse of a young girl who is finally old enough to go out on her own and get away from it.
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Uplifting song about strength, courage, and the power of a love so strong that all things are possible!
With her looping device, a guitar, and her own voice as her weapons of choice, Angela Sheik pours forth an anthem for anyone who has ever felt they were destined for something more. The instrumentation mixed with the lyrics provides a solid environment for someone who can't seem to get it right, but can be seen working hard to change the alignment of their stars.
Jazz tune with blues edge; features electric guitar.
Yee-haw! A day at the County Fair. Breathe in and smell the beef brisket! Would also be a good soundbed for a sportscast or newscast when describing something comical.
Sheik Delivers an upbeat, feel-good tune about consulting the 'powers that be' to fill a hole in her life. Provides a positive vibe while discussing a subject that some would doom to negativity. Great for an individual looking for the silver lining in the rain cloud of the day.
Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Traditional background news theme feel.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Cathedral Music"
A soundscape bringing the charm of bells and Piano to a scene. With a sense of finality and grace, this piece both opens and closes a scene with serenity and purpose.
Whimsical, peaceful, and playful. Whether its a day in park, blossoming love, or time with a special someone, this song feels like a celebration of life & happiness.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Etherial and sad...Opens with fluttering isolated classical piano riff representing a flickering flame. Song about being on the brink of realizing your personal dreams and goals, but not being able to take that all important step. Thinking about giving up, things seem hopeless, the fire has dwindled down to a flickering ember.
Very fast paced, hard driving rock song with several guitar themes/movements, and intermittent breaks. You can almost picture two airplanes in an intense firefight! Good for sports, chase scenes, vampire, action, chaos, confusion, and supernatural type themes.
The fog begins to float as you feel the warmth of the sunrise
Piano melody with a patriotic poem dedicated to the soldiers who never came home.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Cathedral Music"
The Bells speak! This Cathedral-esque soundscape brings about a feeling of comfort and confidence as the chimes entwine and the percussion drives the tune.
A beautiful mixture of piano and classical guitar intertwine in this delicate ode to true love. This is the perfect soundtrack to wedding reels, slow dances, and love montages.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
The metaphorical 'End' to a character's existence, The composer paints a picture of the fading light of a life lost to the depths, or an individual deserted, left to fade into the fabric of time.
Uptempo finger-style guitar piece that has no bounds. Good for scenes where someone embarks on a journey to prove something to the world.
Jazzy and snazzy...Great backdrop for spy film/tv show ala "Burn Notice", or soundbed for CSI show montages while the forensic scientists run their tests!
New Age Piece following a peaceful journey of a drop of water through waterfalls and ending in the ocean. Possible Uses include Psychological therapy, Drug rehab story. Painfull loss
Repetitive melody in the bass. Fluttering piano melody offset by a menacing bass line.
New age piece with a solid pulse of only bells and cymbals. Possible Uses - Winter Scenes, Teeth or Dental promotion,Cleaning promotion, Deep heavy thoughts or questions in life.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
An upbeat, feel good song (ala Pentatonix) with a universal theme, delivered a capella "family style" (performed by Sherri Mullen featuring her sons Shane & Brett). Anyone that has a loved one living far away will embrace this tune. "In my heart you're here with me . . . and the rest is just GEOGRAPHY!"
A trip back in time to the old-school, retro air band days. Instrumental- all guitars and heavy on the energy. Rock on!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Starting with a dark, serene and distant guitar vocal, Ghost Riders erupts into a chatoic nightmare with hard rock guitars, thundering drums, and anthemic vocals with lyrics that will send a shiver down any grown man's spine!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A haunting instrumental which begins with an innocent acoustic guitar riff that then develops into a hard rock song that leaves you feeling as if something unsettling is about to happen.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Dynamic and aggressive hard rock song about a vigilante who rescues helpless children and punishes their predators accordingly.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A dynamic and aggressive hard rock instrumental. Perfect for creating a sense of tension between characters.
Glen Morgan ** Concertino For Horn And Orchestra version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers massive Orchestral Mastery with Booming Brass and Symphonic Strings-- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films. British Brass band for Similarly titled song.
Glen Morgan ** British Brass Band version **
When it comes to Action and Adventure potrayed by music, Giovale is no exception. Once again, Glen Morgan delivers an exciting musical concoction featuring a British Brass Band -- adding Life and Luminosity to any and all adventure-fueled films.
A good old fashioned burner with exotic guitar playing mixed with Van Halen-esque jams. The raucous guitar and drums will be perfect for high octane scenes like a championship football game when the hero's team is in the midst of their big comeback!
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul)
Electronic tinged pop-punk/emo song that bids goodbye with very catchy melodies, infectious grooves, and a unique mixture of acoustic guitars and synths. "Go find somebody else!"
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
A very full sounding and fun instrumental with groovy bass, explorative chord progressions, syncopated drums, percussive chants, and plenty of fun synthesizers! Makes you feel like everything is okay and life is good!
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul)
Stripped down acoustic version of The Noisy Soul's very catchy "GO!" The song takes on a more wistful vibe with the much calmer and quieter arrangement.
The Spoon Dogs (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Arranged by Tom Diecidue...starts slow and gentle then builds to a jazzy mid-tempo.
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Christy Jefferson spin on a classic Christmas song.
Driving fantasy rock a la Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Would work great in sci-fi or fantasy scenes. Great backdrop for technology related themes and sports highlights as well!
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
Rock song intermixed with soul, giving the song an attitude of a scorned woman getting back at her ex by showing what he is missing. The song can be used in a scene, where a woman either gets revenge on her ex or if the male wants to come back, that she does not accepts his apology.
Dreary indie song that contemplates settling down and moving on. With a very detached and numb sounding vocal that drips out over a somber and dreamlike musical bed.
An intense moment captured in melody, this tune is perfect for intense chases, and desperate, dangerous escapes. Keeps the listener holding on for dear life until the end.
Acoustic breakup song reflecting on the end of a relationship.
Inspired by a walk through Civil War Battlegrounds in Gettysburg, this song can easily be portrayed as a post-wartime anthem of hope. Additionally, the flow and the mood of this piece can also constitute Any various incarnation of triumph, glory, or grandeur.
Inspired by a walk through Civil War Battlegrounds in Gettysburg, this song can easily be portrayed as a post-wartime anthem of hope. Additionally, the flow and the mood of this piece can also constitute Any various incarnation of triumph, glory, or grandeur.
Inspired by a walk through Civil War Battlegrounds in Gettysburg, this song can easily be portrayed as a post-wartime anthem of hope. Additionally, the flow and the mood of this piece can also constitute Any various incarnation of triumph, glory, or grandeur.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Beginning with a lone piano, this song quickly hightens as steady bass grooves are woven together with intricate electric guitar licks and synthesizers added in for good measure! Lyrically intriguing, the alt rock composition (in the style of "Muse") is about the universal struggle to become the good that the world needs. "Looking for my HALO . . . swimming in fire rings, as I try to earn my wings . . . "
Schroeder from Charlie Brown plays a blues number while Snoopy struts his stuff
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul)
Introspective pop rock with electric guitars, synths, and lyrics about feeling like a burden on loved ones for all the times they have to help you get through the the hard times.
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Fun and upbeat music with infectious beats, flickering guitars, and plenty of twists and turns. Sounds like a futuristic dance party!
Bluegrass song featuring mandolins and vocal harmony. Great for scenes that depict struggling through life and trying to stay afloat.
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Song about still being in love with someone who has walked out of your life or who is bad for your life. Very Kurt Cobain "esque" sound
An upbeat acoustic guitar instrumental that can be used to show a happy moment, or reflect back upon the past in a fond manner.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Drum roll, Big Horns, Ding!
Classic rock sounding song with touches of Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Queen. Tells the tale of deciding to stubbornly weather the storm and not let anything else make your decisions for you!
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Ambient piano song about someone you care about who hides out in their head from all the stresses and demons in life.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Wistful piano melodies adorned with atmospheric guitars and strings. Evokes feelings of loss and redemption.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial.Percussive treatment ala Lion King
Donovan Rice spins an anthem for those of us who have ever been inspired by an unlikely character. With a full band at his back, the springing rhythm and prominent beat bring a sense of hope and joy for all to embrace!
Donovan Rice ** instrumental version **
An upbeat and happy instrumental piece that takes a few dark turns. Effectively produces a feeling of good times as well as providing a feeling of reflecting upon the past.
You can almost see a clumsy loveable hippo slothing around trying to jam to the beats. Good for animation, animal shows, cartoons, educational pieces, and much more!
This just in, here on Newsline 4, an exciting new musical piece that evokes feelings of curiosity and wonder is taking documentaries by storm! Back to you, Al!
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Sad ballad about holding on to a doomed relationship...desperate and lonely
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Patriotic song about how great it is to be American and how we won't live in fear, but will stand proud
Soft piano-led ballad. You can almost see soldiers returning to their families after a long time away from home.
A gentle guitar ballad that conjures up feelings of reflection and contentment. Good for a scene where a character is embracing a bright future, looking into their past, or walking next to a babbling brook as they experience natures beauty and solitude.
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Garth Brooks, Nickel Creek, and Mercy Me.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
About the trials and tribulations of life. What does it take to make it through? "How Fast Can We Dance?"
Sweet glockenspiel melody with frantic drums that come in and out. Climax is with a Nintendo-esque melody on synth.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Joe Trojcak leads the listener on a journey that inspires courage and confidence.
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson
Fun, uptempo modern take on the old school Motown sound. With lyrics about not caring what others think about you, this is the perfect sassy song for a character to get the point across that they're feeling good, confident, and that no one or thing will bring them down!
Breanne Primeau ** instrumental version **
Fun uptempo modern take of the old school Motown sound. Sparks feelings of independence and confidence.
Very theatrical cabaret style song. Perfect for quirky scenes about cynical people.
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul)
Wistful keyboards, slow grooving drum machines, and yearning vocals that lament having to get going without resolution. The electronics build up with angst as the song crescendos for a final plea "I Don't Wanna Leave"
The Noisy Soul (The Noisy Soul) ** instrumental version **
Starting with a climbing electronic keyboard, the bass and beats slowly build up and calm down before erupting into an emotional and cathartic release with robotic melodies and explosive percussion!
With an arrangement and style that would be right at home at a Renaissance Fair, Jon puts his guard up against strangers. The lyrics describe the lonely feeling of preemptively rejecting potential friends before they can reject you in the future.
The ultimate coffee song! Tells the true story of a couple that fell in love at a coffee shop. Perfect for coffee commercials or any movie scenes involving romance in a cafe.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Fun upbeat guitar lines perfect for sipping coffee while sitting around in a cafe, riding your bicycle through the country side, or doing something fun with your best friend.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Dark, brooding, etherial, reflective piece about looking into the mirror and not recognizing the reflection that is looking back at you. Wanting to change...knowing you have become someone you do not recognize.
Soulful and sexy, this R&B infused track contemplates a relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. She knows she ought to leave, but that doesn't mean it's an easy decision. This song would fit any scene that needs a complicated relationship song, or anything with a smooth R&B vibe.
Breanne Primeau ** instrumental version **
Sexy R&B instrumental track that can set the mood for mystery but also for a good time at a bar or club.
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Toby Keith
A song of celebration and determination reflecting on all that we desire from love!
J and The 9s (Birth)
Sexy hard rock song with more than a little swagger. Would be perfect music for establishing a character as the alluring vixen, or perhaps setting the mood between two characters who finally give in to their urges.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Grooving rock with a sexy and sultry vibe. Perfect for setting a rock and roll scene and character.
The ultimate song about love and commitment to your soulmate. "I will.I do... Promise I'll always be there for you". Perfect for a wedding.
Retro sounding upbeat rock song that muses on needing to work so you can live life, but being unable to live life because you're too busy working! There's always something else that you have to do.. Meh, "I'll Get Around To It"!
Relationship song in the style of Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Little Big Town
A folk song about the trials and tribulations of eating ice cream! Would be a perfect fit for a comedic scene of a woman trying to resist the temptation of her favorite treat!
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Very fun, playful music that has an almost cartoon quality to it. Perfect for any silly scenes or to evoke very positive feelings.
Country tinged song about having empathy for who's had a hard life.
In the style of Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Boys 2 Men, this is a sexy and seductive song promising to hold fast to that which is most dear to us all...LOVE!
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
Funky,soulful song with a 70's Disco vibe. This song has sexy lyrics for a powerful female. The scene could be used either in a club scene, strip clubs, sensual scenes, or for movies that are describing the years of the 70's.
Vampire song. I will make you my immortal and you will live forever. A must have for your vampire or supernatural being themed films!
A musical snapshot of a world in between waking and sleeping. Exotic basslines, shimmering keyboards, and tribal percussion make you feel like you're in a fantasy that's both beautiful and haunting.
Get ready to learn about technology! Watch the machines dance as they package, protect, and move the tasty food we eat! Also has a "flowing water" feel.
Vicki McCrone (Here)
Lovely indie rock love song featuring tense arpeggiated guitars, vocal harmonies, and keyboard strings
Vicki McCrone (Here) ** instrumental version **
Melodic acoustic guitar starts this lovely soundbed that builds into a pop/alternative dream with piano, arpeggiated guitars, and saccharine "ahs".
Running through a jungle, chased by a animal, man or perhaps even a stampede! The sounds of the jungle pulsating in the background...this composition provides the perfect backdrop for nature based shows!
Soft, dreamy ballad about being lost and trying to find oneself. Would work well in any scene that depicts loss or heartache.
Soft, dreamy ballad about being lost and trying to find oneself. Would work well in any scene that depicts loss or heartache.
The Spoon Dogs (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Arranged by Tom Diecidue...this old favorite starts slow and dreamy, then goes into upbeat, happy calypso/jazz/world fusion style of arrangement.
The Spoon Dogs ** instrumental version **
Arranged by Tom Diecidue... Starting with a calm classical take on this Christmas melody, the song erupts into a jazz fusion jam!
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This calming, gentle, medium-paced song that reflects on the times where there is a moment of calm and clarity about a difficult situation. This calm and clarity will show that people need to push through and stay the course that they are on, leading them to get it done and everything will be fine.
Upbeat country with attitude, about falling for "Mr. Wrong" and wishing you had the strength to stop the disruptive relationship!
Patriotic song about the statue of liberty and what liberty means
Intense guitar solo with a classical music vibe. Sounds like Yngwie Malmsteen or Trans-siberian Orchestra. Good for any scene that could use a dose of extravagant excitement!
Piano tune with a positive melody that reminds one of the falling snow in January.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A story song about a Man losing the woman he loves and seeking vengeance. Jimi Hendrix Meets Alice n Chains and Janis Joplin
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Retro electric guitar based rock. Hendrix...Hendrix...Hendrix! The lead guitar feels like Jimi is playing it! Great bluesy, rockin tune perfect for anything from sports, to action/adventure films, to ad campaigns, to natural disaster documentaries. First lead is edgey...second lead section is explosive!! Rock on!!
This piece as the feel of someone looking out over a vast desert to see nothing but sand. Perhaps showing tension between Native Americans and Cowboys?
Soft ballad about losing a good friend at a young age. Ideal for scenes involving death, sickness, or mourning.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Melancholy piano piece with subtle cello playing that is perfect for reflecting on memories of loved ones especially ones that have passed away. Very beautiful.
Upbeat acoustic indie pop with flourishes of electric instruments. Hooky vocals with lots of background harmonies. Could be a perfect summertime song, or for various montages.
Fantasy rock a la Jethro Tull, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Rush. Would be a dramatic backdrop for the opening of a program or news segment. Also, great for use in fantasy scenes or any scene that evokes a sense of wonder.
The music has sort of an old school Hollywood vibe, which is very fitting because amongst the accordian, piano and trumpet, is the sad observation of a valuable and talented human being who is only appreciated for her exterior.
Another soft ballad about the art of flirting. Could work for scenes of falling in love and making love.
Industrial and electronic. Very catchy rhythms and a dangerous vibe. "I keep falling down...but I keep on climbing". Song is about not giving up. Perfect for club scenes, party scenes, or perhaps something more daring like drag races or a fight scene.
Latin tinged song about someone who's a bit of a Debbie Downer / contrarian type: pulls the fourth leaf off a four leaf clover, burns flowers from her boyfriend, rejects the singer's fashion sense. And yet the singer can't help but still care for her and want to be kept posted on how she's doing.
Uptempo and fun with a retro latin beat - big horn section and little chipmunk style vocal. Perfect for children themed shows or cartoons.
Very rhythmic electronica song with quirky sounds that spiral, buzz, vibrate and bounce.
Whether it be the introduction of the Smooth-operating Street-rat, or a montage of the gang on a Boardwalk Bar Crawl, The upbeat, feel-good vibe presides over every second of this Indie-styled, pseudo-funky number.
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
Funky, soulful song that describes a women's hardship after a rough relationship with her lover ends. This can be used in either for a break up/fight scene or for a couple that is going through a divorce, where there is a feeling of remorse.
Scholarly sounding piano based piece with urgent rhythms and a soft refrain that honors all teachers. Knowledge is Power!
Ideal for Nightclub scenery, a City-based chase, a back-alley brawl, or a sudden, horrific development. The tension builds as the beat progresses, and in the heat of the moment, brings a mixture of panic, anticipation, and action to the scene.
Mellow finger-style guitar treatment, gives the impression of someone travelling in the country. Gives off the feeling of someone going away from home for a long time. Good for open road cross country driving scenes.
Chill electronic music with lush textures that emphasis basic synth melodies and a slow groove.
* Guitar / Vocal Work Recording *
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only - Song in the style of The Band Perry, Martina McBride, and Carrie Underwood.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Haunting bluesy vocals layered on top of a single acoustic guitar and bass, with piano highlights added in for good measure . . . this song is all about never quitting and making the best out of your current situation. "I'm down but I'm not out, yeah I can take it . . . cause life is what you make it!".
Quirky and humorous vintage synthesizer piece creates the perfect environment for a scene full of hustle and bustle. Whether it be people, animals, or machines, this diddy shows them working hard to achieve their goal.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
We all have scars...this is about trying to find your way "back home"...back to the light that you know exists. Reflective and hopeful...good trying to overcome the darkness.
Beautiful orchestral piece that has both the mirth and melancholy of a long awaited reunion. Such as a little lost boy who found his way home and everyone is so happy they could cry.
* Guitar / Vocal Work Recording *
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only - Song in the style ofMiranda Lambert, Casey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Taylor Swift, Sarah Evans
Lucas Gienow (Lost In The City - Single)
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat yet reflective pop-electronic song about feeling lost, whether the feeling comes from romance, moving to a new place, or from life in general. With Zedd-esque builds and instrumental drops and a catchy chorus, this song is a great fit for all kinds of visual projects.
Cam Alexander ** instrumental version **
Featuring electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lost in the City is an upbeat and reflective pop-electronic song. Invokes feelings of reflection as well as understanding and forgiveness.
Elegant, soft piano ballad that would work well in any scene where a romance is flourishing.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
Song about lust and love and learning the difference. Bluesy up-tempo acoustic jam. Sounds like Bonnie Rait, Sheryl Crow.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo and fun acoustic guitar based song with a blues meets bluegrass feel to the leads and fills! We be jammin' on this one! Works for a variety of visual themes including love, relationships, travel, sports, vacations, or characters dating or getting to know each other. Also a nice backdrop for ad campaigns.
Poppy electronic instrumental. Features funky guitars, four-on-the-floor drums, hand claps, and a whole lotta synths. Great for dance scenes or for adding a jolt of energy!
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style ofTaylor Swift, Sarah Evans
Fun, upbeat rock song that depicts having a great day. Would work great in children's shows or motivational clips. Sounds like The Beatles or Phil Collins.
Gentle piano instrumental with a soothing melody that could put anyone to sleep. Use in any scene that requires a peaceful lullaby.
Song in the style of Garth Brooks, Jo Nichols
Upbeat, light and happy contemporary country song in the vein of Taylor Swift or Kellie Pickler about the intense, passionate feelings experienced when in love. Great for that juke box playing in the honkeytonk, or for backround music from a car radio, or for montage scenes where someone it falling in love. This is a "feel good" tune for the ages.
Dark, what am I doing, why can't I stop, I know this is wrong. Uptempo and heavy-good for action scenes.
Relaxing fingerstyle guitar piece with subtle ebb and flow, which conjurs up visions of a peaceful, meditative, dreamlike journey.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Wandering, longingly trying to figure out where you fit in this world, suffocated by the "mask" that you must wear with courage, and strength...trying to break free. Deep, reflective, isolated...reaching out for help.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A hippy blues jam with Allman Brothers slide guitar and hand percussion. A song about change and the law of attraction. Sounds like the Rolling Stones or Bo Didley
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Up tempo Bo Didley esque hippy blues jam with ultra cool slide guitar and hand percussion. Repetitive theme with fun, chilled out slide guitar licks throughout.
Simple piano with flute and guitar. Elegant and graceful.
Piano and synthesizers; graceful piece with a sad feeling.
Christy Jefferson (Contact RDSD for Licensing)
Perfect song to get you in the holiday spirit. Will work in any nostalgic Christmas scene.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version **
Starts with acoustic guitar and cello playing a nostalgic tune but quickly speeds up into a fun and happy jam. Then slows back down to end where it began. Perfect for scenes of reminiscing about the old days, particularly the good times involving family memories, fun and games! Can also provide the feeling of looking forward and making new memories!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mysterious and dreamlike synths percolate as a driving beat begins to take hold. Has a late night drive sound to it
Eerie, old-fashioned Chimes coagulate with classical Violin and Orchestral themes to create the perfect setting for Sneaking and Shady activity in a fantasy/medieval environment.
Get things moving!! Glen Morgan's frilly Brass section twiddles along, merrily bouncing from beat to beat, and Varying in Volume from Dim to Deafening. Ideal for a scene Bursting with Bustle and Business!
Rapid and desperate notes carry the listener through the line of fire in this collaboration. High-tension Strings and a driving melody make this song perfect for a good old fashioned 'Shoot 'em Up'.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Satirical song about dysfunctional family and how the Mom tries to keep it together - great for chaotic, family type themes. Every family can relate to this!
Wes Montgomery-esque jazz treatment. Gives the image of someone happily walking down the street, taking it all in on a beautiful day. Great backdrop for weather forecasts or radar now!
Serene piece with world-music flavors throughout.Has a gentle ebb and flow to it.
Starts with a lonesome piano line then picks up with drums and horns. Midway through, the upright bass and extra horns come in followed by dissonant strings. Has an old school 20's & 30's vibe to it that makes you feel like you're living in the days of prohibition.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Good for bar scene, sitting at the bar contemplating a boring mundane life, afraid to try love again, noticing another person in the room who is in the same situation, possibility of a new beginning
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Cathedral Music"
Let the service begin, as the composer creates a soundscape of the churchgoing nature. a distant Piano and organ gives way to bells and a hint of percussion. Ideal for a religious set-up, or the introduction of a character with a peaceful, yet mysterious essence.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Song full of faith, hope,and inner strength... about finding the inner strength to step out of the shadow of others and become your own person.
An orchestral theme with simple piano. Elegant, stylish, and graceful. Perfect for such scenes as a high class soiree.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Song about standing tall and having things your way. "This is MY town!"
Deepest and darkest part of the early morning in an oriental forest
Upbeat pop/R&B song that's perfect for any modern day RomCom. Would be great for setting the tone of the movie, or for specific romance scenes such as a characters out on a date experiencing that initial spark.
Upbeat song with spunk and attitude, ala Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Casey Musgraves. This woman knows what she wants in love, and is not afraid to make it crystal clear that this fellow has no chance of winning her heart!
Available for Artist Recording Projects Only (instr trax available) - Song in the style of Garth Brooks, David Allen Coe, Tim McGraw
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
This song has a soulful groove, with some funk added in. The song is about a breakup between a man and a woman and the guy is trying to get back at his old girlfriend by dating another girl right in front of her. This can be used during a break up scene or either during a scene, where a man or woman are in another relationship, trying to make the other person from the last relationship jealous.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Traditional national nightly news feel
Hard driving and fast paced...very modern and alternative. Yeah...it's okay to go fast, but kick in the NITRUS, and you fly (for a short while)!Action & chase scenes, love gone bad, bad guy stalking victim, muscle sports & fast paced sports (weight lifting, luge, downhill skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, football)
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A fast paced hard rock song about being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks. Slow intro leads abruptly into manic, arrangement. Piano underneath a heavy riff reminiscent of Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome". Sounds like Muse, Halestorm
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
Hard rock - Piano underneath and a heavy riff reminiscent of Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome".
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
Soft, lighter version of the original, about being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the feeling of happyness as walking down the street without a care. This song has an old standard/period, "Singing in the Rain" feel to it, which can used in commercials or films set in the past
Definitely downtrodden and weary. Filled with major Downs and minor Ups, maintains a sense of defeat or death. Could be used as a tragic hero's "Last supper" theme, as he/she indulges in their favorite final meal before their foreseen demise.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A sweet guitar ballad about the bad and the good that follows it. A hopeful anthem. A mix of country and the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood".
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Gentle acoustic guitar ballad. Dreamy, thoughtful guitar with arrangement that feels like a mix of country meets the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood". Great for relationship scenes, montages, sleep or dream scenes, scenes of deep tought, sailing on the ocean, fishing in the bay, hiking in the quiet backwoods.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Retro rock song about all the good, bad, and ugly things love can do to you, yet still you take the chance and fall. Good for passionate scenes.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
A barrage of funk guitars, syncopated stop-start beats, and sidewinding keyboards cascade over a catchy melody about the frustrations of a "loves me / loves me not" relationship.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Features a barrage of funk guitars, syncopated stop-start beats, and cascading keyboards.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Determined and focused, ready to take control, this song resonates in anyone who has ever been the underdog. Beginning with a lone acoustic guitar and steady drum beat, an intricate bass line (ala Red Hot Chili Peppers) quickly adds movement and depth, setting up for electric guitar licks that errupt and howl in unison with theatrical vocals, as the song ebbs and flows.
Starts off acoustic and simple before building up to a dramatic song about someone who feels they are past their prime or at least considered by others to be past their prime...
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Scorned woman, throwing away cheating lovers possessions, making him hurt back, revenge
Sad, desperate ballad about struggling with one's demons. Good for suicide contemplation, depression scenes, or death of someone.
The Spoon Dogs (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
NOT the mellow version that you are used to hearing...this fun, head banging arrangement by Tom Diecidue ROCKS!!!
The Spoon Dogs ** instrumental version **
Arranged by Tom Diecidue... Instrumental rock and roll version with a touch of blues version of a Christmas classic! Harmony guitars and some wicked soloing!
Originally written by JS Bach, this is a new arrangement on a classic hymn; slow and melodic.
Smooth pop/dance instrumental with warm synths, jazzy piano, and groovy percussion. Would work great for party scenes, sports montages, crime show forensics, etc.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Good for action scenes, standing on the edge of something, decision (push me or save me), car chases, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing
Uplifting, cinematic pop rock which suggests hope and victory are close at hand! Repeating piano ostinato over a huge wash of big synths, which gives way in the chorus to a heroic melody played by two trumpets,all supported by a gritty rock guitar.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
Bass, drums, piano, and strings create a swirling, syncopated melody that is balanced with a tense soundscape that reminds you of scores from the 80s and early 90s.
High energy, powerful, intro/choruses that would be perfect for sports...especially full contact (football, hockey) or sports with movement or element of danger (skiing, luge, speed skating). Intense and full of energy. Great for horror movies, vampires, ghosts,chase, bad guy trying to shoot good guy, and MORE!!
A light-hearted, almost comical combination of a story about a stalker or ex-lover coming to the singers house and a contrasting soft and jazzy instrumentation.
Sheridan Ave (Our Love) Courtesy of: VALE Records
This driving pop-rock song tells the story of a sultry affair.
Lucas Gienow Courtesy of: VALE Records
Featuring Electronic artist Cam Alexander, Lucas Gienow gives the Sheridan Ave song "Our Love" a synth-driven new sound.
Beautiful piano and violin accompany a sensitive and emotive male vocal in which a groom serenades his new bride.
80s rock vibe a la David Bowie. Could be used in upbeat, optimistic scenes. "It's wonderful world".
Classic heavy metal song about revenge. Uptempo, aggressive music similar to Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Judas Priest. Virtuoso guitars, vocals in the stratosphere, and a rhythm section that sounds like bombs hitting the ground with unrivaled force!
Careless ** instrumental version **
Heavy metal featuring creative interplay between the guitar and bass while the drums thunder along driving the song forward! Sounds like Queensryche or Judas Priest.
Serene piano and acoustic guitar with light percussion creates music perfect for a relaxing sail across the blue ocean on a crystal clear day
Powerful political anthem about being an individual in America.
New Age piano and synth juxtaposed with exciting rootsy guitar keep listeners both calm and excited for another opportunity for adventure and learning
J and The 9s (Birth)
Hard rock song with female vocals that shuts down the hopes of any guy thinking he's got a shot with this woman. Features an aggressive rhythm section and an electrifying guitar solo.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Funk styled rock and roll with a grooving bass line. Features a driving drum beat and an electrifying guitar solo.
Lush acoustic guitar picking that features back-and-forth bass lines along with sweet melodies.
A glimpse of serenity with this gentle southern welcoming that features layered acoustic guitars and upright bass
A driving, upbeat song about family, memories, and the circle of life. Perfect for nostalgic scenes.
Christy Jefferson ** instrumental version ** **
Features guitar, piano, cello and percussion building up and then cutting out. Has that calm, happy feel like you would hear in a Sims game or in various Nintendo games. Would work for scenes in Film/TV that show happy homes or small towns.
Hard, fast paced, "piece by piece you're tearing me apart"! action & chase scenes, love gone bad
Edgey Pop ala Miley Cyrus meets Avril with a Maroon 5 Feel. Youthful, rebellious...tired of being told what to do, and frustrated.
Sinister sounding bass, syncopated percussion, and epic synth melodies comprise this sci-fi sounding electronica song. Sounds like the hero's last stand in a movie like Tron.
Funky guitars and bass introduce a smooth jazz guitar line with electronic flourishes. Could be a good fit for spy scenes or perhaps forensics montages.
Joe Trojcak (Smile)
With the use of piano, synths, and percussion, this song emits the fun and memories of being a kid sliding down a slide or climbing on the monkey bars. This song can be seen in connection with a cartoon or as a theme song for a favorite video game character.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Cathedral Music"
A soundscape with an added human element, the percussive instruments scatter their tones in a pleasant, yet serious manner. This piece is ideal for the introduction of a character with both class, and grace.
KNova (Warped Passages)
A tense and atmospheric instrumental that anticipates something malevolent occurring. Very dark and unnerving. Depression music.
Very simple instrumentation with gorgeous vocal harmonies singing a short prayer-like lyric. A touch of melancholy; this song would be perfect for any scenes needing a somber push.
Electric guitar grooves; good for scenes involving characters reflecting on their past and moving on.
Up tempo, alternative rock song - good for sports, chase scenes, driving, action...good guy chasing bad guy...or perhaps the other way around!
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Acoustic ballad about growing apart. Sad and lonely
Pop/R&B love song great for romantic scenes. Suggests putting everything to the side for a chance to embrace love
Upbeat country song ala Sara Evans, Taylor Swift, Jana Kramer - about finding the perfect man.
Tense,angry,being trapped, struggling to break free,wanting someone to save you...superhero scenes or victims trying to rise above their situation and take action
Classic rock song that would sound at home on Bowie's Man Who Sold The World album. Tells the tale of Reginald who attempts to warn his peers of a danger but fails as they just want to have fun. Ends with a magnificent woodwind coda.
Soft, dreamy piano ballad. Feels like someone is reflecting on their past.
Skittering percussion and fat portamento synths make a rich soundbed that would be at home on a show like Breaking Bad.
A vulnerably sung acoustic song that suggests a resolution to relationship issues in the form of a letter. Rather than following a strict storyline, DeSantis paints a lyrical picture of tension and reflection that allows the listener to fill in the blanks with their own personal experiences.
Bizzare, industrial like goth rock song about child abuse by a father, and wanting revenge - creepy, but tastefully done
J and The 9s (Birth)
Uptempo female punk rock song about having it your own way. Would work in party scenes and any other scene that needs a jolt of angsty energy!
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat punk rock with a driving bass line, aggressive drums, and an intense guitar solo for the perfect climax!
Feel the rush as you barrel down a mountain ski slope, cut through massive surf, lean that motorcycle hard into the trickiest of turns, or pound the half pipe into submission! Great for sports clips of all types, olympic events, chase scenes, riding down the open road in a convertible, and car commercials.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Full band, with an Americana/Alt Country feel ala Lady Antebellum / Little Big Town, this upbeat song is an anthem for all who refuse to let life get them down! "I'm gonna stand tough . . . RISE!"
Weird, creepy, intro...wispy and erie..going into mellow arpeggio electric guitar. Mid tempo, builds to heavier guitars in chorus. Bridge at 2:15 contains "Phantom of the Opera" type organ interlude. You can feel the moonlight rising, day melting into night. Possible uses...supernatural themes, vampire, contemplation, gentle/flowing type sports with an attitude, like figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and more!
Very tense soundscape for a break in, hold up, and robbery that concludes with a frantic gun fight and escape! Or so one could hear.. Perfect for any scene that builds tension and eventually erupts!
Nearly York (Time Alone)
This beautiful mixture of acoustic guitar, male and female vocals, keyboards, and spacey sounds paints a delicate picture that mourns a loss and reflects on what was, what is, and what could have been.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
An emotive acoustic guitar ornamented with dramatic keyboards creates a versatile soundbed that could soundtrack the next phase in life. Perhaps finding a new love or letting go of a lost one? A bittersweet soundbed appropriate for many types of scenes.
Matt Miskie (Hometown Serenade And Other Ta)
Singer/songwriter song about a road-weary traveling man who longs to see his love again. Beautiful and peaceful arrangement featuring intertwining string instruments and a gentle vocal.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A touching acoustic ballad about losing love. A relationship you thought would last forever ending. Sounds like a Rolling Stones ballad
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Sad, lonely acoustic guitar ballad with harmonica highlights that tug at the heart strings. Definitely a relationship song...you can feel the loneliness and longing in this one.
Cool arpeggio "chorused" guitar/synth intro, verses have strange guitars bouncing back and forth...chorus has heavy, driving guitars. We've all floated in and out of that scarey dream, so glad to wake up and find it is not true. But what if the dream was peaceful and the awakening held frightening surprises. Great for sports, action, chaos, mystery and more
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Rock song exploring the cat and mouse dynamics of a relationship and the fight or flight feeling of needing to run, run, run away!
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
High energy rock song that can easily set the stage for a "get off your feet and go" moment!
Strange, erie industrial goth rock...verses focus on a drum beat..then chorus hits with guitars, synths, and weird fuzzy drums. Fits any theme that is creepy or where tension is desired. Good for scenes where someone is hiding and being pursued by the creepy bad guy...they hide, bad guy stalks, and then they RUN LIKE HELL to get away from him!
Very fast paced piece with an ominous feel. Great for adding tension to any type of scene. Ideal for scenes where someone is being chased by the villain.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
Slow, melancholy piece that can play with the emotions. There is some hope near the end, but the song still has that overwhelming sad feeling. Can be used in a scene about a break-up of a long relationship or a marriage gone wrong.
Isolated piano tells the dim story that leads to a sad ending. Evokes the feeling of struggling to make a decision, going back and forth in uncertainty
Dramatic piano and strings introduce this piece which leads into spanish guitar and a latin drum groove. Somber but sexy, this could back a scene involving a dance off, or any scene of characters one-upping each other.
Peaceful song that evokes feelings of sadness, but also acceptance. Could work in reflective scenes of past (or present) tragedy or pain.
Piano & cello - Erie, sad, atmospheric, gentle, dreamy, suspenseful - lovely backdrop for contemplative, sad, dream scenes...or looking out at the ocean and thinking, floating on the water, walking along the beach...or gentle, graceful sports themes (gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc.)
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A humorous Christmas song with a twist, about a stressed out, red neck Santa Clause and his unsuspecting reindeer!
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Life has it's ups and downs, but this song is about finding a way to rise above the negativity and grab some satisfaction for yourself! Bluesy, high energy, and lots of attitude...plus some bad ass guitar solos after each verse!
Fast paced heavy metal song about willingly carrying the burden of being a scapegoat for someone
Percussive,sci-fi themed piece that contains futuristic sounds with a groovy hip-hop beat that any robot can dance to!
Learning has never been so alluring! Lose yourself in concentration as you're hypnotized by the computer animation!
Layers of floating harmonies sitting on top of heavy dark guitars...song about deceiving someone & getting close to being found out
Sexy modern R&B that will instantly turn the steam up on any scene that needs the perfect song to set the mood.
A slow rock tune with a catchy guitar riff about ignoring people who criticize you.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
An invocation for a protector from all the evils and harmful forces in the world. Starts serene and sparse before building to a ritualistic prayer.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A darkly toned rock instrumental. Sets the stage that something negative or evil could be on the way or about to happen.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This is an emotional song that focuses on being lost in despair, not knowing what to do next and keep going backward and not forward. The can be used in a scene where someone has lost their way, physically and emotionally, and needs help out, but there is none.
Dark, brooding, non-rhythmic soundscape composition perfect for horror or suspense scenes. Also a great sound bed for daytime drama.
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Boy gets into drugs,girl watching him fade away and contemplating leaving him. Thoughtful sad verses, from both boy and girl perspective, and soaring chorus in the style of Pearl Jam
Jazzy indie rock with a gradual build. There's a sense of urgency. Could work in scenes dealing with illness, death, hard times, etc.
Lose yourself in elegance as you listen to the graceful plucked string sound of the "Harp-olin"
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This light, calming song describes the feeling of someone becoming one with themselves, growing and conquering all of the fears that held them down before. This can be used in a scene where a boy or girl were in horrible situations growing up, but they overcame them and broke out to "stretch their wings."
Country style feel, fast picking. Ideal for background in scenes in the mountains or drives through the country.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.)
Soft, jazzy, reflective song that faces that sink or swim moment in an uncertain relationship.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
A jazzy instrumental acoustic piece that provides a feeling of reflection as well as discovery and wanderlust.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Spacious song with Native American inflections. Tense and spiritual, could work in scenes featuring the fine line between peace and struggle.
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
Spacious song with natural and earthy inflections. Tense and could set the tone for a struggle between peace and injustice.
Lo-fi synth sound that clash and fight to build tension. Perfect for representing a character's insanity.
Creepy, industrial goth type of tune about the things we hide. Good fit for horror and vampire movies!
Feels like something bad is about to happen... like a twisted take on West Side Story gangs snapping their fingers as they walk into their meth lab to cook up their next batch. Perhaps a little Chinese water torture?
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Modern jazz feel, this song paints a picture of spending time in Seattle, calling to mind the movie by the same title. Features a wonderful electric piano solo
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Jazzy guitar with an upbeat feel, subtle organ, and a terrific electric piano solo, this song will have you feeling alright and taking it easy!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Mellow electronica piece featuring syncopated drums and distant melodies. The slice of life, you gotta get it right
A gentle, soothing piece. Perfect for putting the baby to sleep in its crib while the parents stand by and watch over him. The light acoustic guitar provides a great backdrop for budding love as well!
Electronic song with a four on the floor beat, a heavy repeating bassline, a gradual buildup, and slushy synths. Could be perfect accompaniment for models on the runway strutting their stuff!
Subdued song dripping with emotional turmoil. You can almost see soldiers getting ready for a battle they feel they cannot win, or possibly a funeral taking place.
Upbeat country that optimistically deals with the tough times of a recession by focusing on the non-materialistic good things in life. "Life is better now making something out of nothing." Ideal for scenes dealing with taking financial troubles in stride.
This piece has a real Hoe Down feel to it. Perfect for scenes up in the mountains or out in the sticks. Especially good for hoe down/country gathering scenes with the band strumming hard on their guitars and folks dancing like there was no tomorrow. Would also work for chases or running from something or someone!
This song is about the crossroads of life, and the decisions that shape the future. Its a great tune for traveling scenes, and scenes focused on going out after your dreams
The journey begins with monk like chanting expressing words of freedom and imagination, as the soul leaves the body, heading off into the vast astral plane. Then the tempo kicks in with a gentle rhytmic motion depicting the flight of the spirit as sets off on its journey into vast unknow adventures. "To know beyond believing. To feel what is not there, To re-invent myself right out of thin air, To trust outside lifes illusion".
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories)
Groovy, trippy, and spacey, this song is perfect for chilling out and relaxing with your lover. Could fit for party scenes or perhaps ones with hallucinations...
MILEUNDER (Bedtime Stories) ** instrumental version **
A gooving, trippy, and spacey instrumental piece. Perfect for setting up a relaxing scene or a scene involving hallucinations.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
A soundscape fit for a gamer! Using moog synthesizers, the composer creates an eerie, spacey, and ominous feeling to the scene. Suitable for tense and dangerous scenes, where the walls have eyes, and trouble is lurking behind every shadow.
Fluttery percussion with chugging synths and heroic melodies. Sounds similar to Daft Punk's score for the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Ascending Strings with light percussion.
Donovan Rice brings us a tune that hits home with anyone who has been head-over-heels in love, then kicked to the curb by heartbreak. The hurricane of heartache and hope hurls the listener into the wind as Donovan relays his message to the 'one that got away'.
Donovan Rice ** instrumental version **
An uptempo acoustic piece that provides a feeling of calm as if everything is okay. Could also show a realization or reflective moment.
J and The 9s (Birth)
In your face hard rock song with plenty of attitude, guitar riffs, and a flute solo.
J and The 9s (Birth) ** instrumental version **
Flute mixed with a raging guitar riff sets a strong and upbeat feel. A shocking guitar solo, breakdown, and flute solo at the bridge paves way for a strong finish.
Love song about trying to get your lover to stay. Could work for any scenes of romance.
60 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Hard-driving piece with motion and an up-tempo feel using soft synths and light "metal" drumming.
Tense and suspenseful piece that would be perfect for any chase or action scene.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a sense of unease, as if a storm is coming, this electronica piece can be used to show anything from tense scenes to club/party scenes!
Nearly York (Time Alone)
A song about using your favorite music to work through the demons in your head; the storm will come but it will pass eventually
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
This light, semi-fast paced song give the listener the feeling of running through their dreams. This song can be used in, specifically, a dream sequence. If you cannot go there, you can still dream being there. This can be also seen through someone trying to do something different, but they are already there.
15 Second Soundbed for commercials, newscasts, and other media. Soft plucking strings layered with hand percussion,low horns, plus gentle triangle highlights.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
With a bit of a cabaret feel, "Stuck In These Ways" intertwines piano and organ with a rock song about being unable to change your ways for the better.
Sheridan Ave (Our Love) Courtesy of: VALE Records
An upbeat and constantly evolving song structure accompanies fast-paced, reflective lyrical content about a red sunset.
Peaceful happier New Age piece. Possible Uses - Psychological therapy, Drug rehab story, or Religious programs
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
A techno-style song that is good for any dance party!
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A song about sleep deprivation and the effects it has on the mind. Hard Grungy rock with thick, deep, sound and back and forth male/female vocals. Sounds like Tool, Godsmack, Pearl Jam meets Heart.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Tense, flowing mid tempo, hard grungy rock with thick, deep, sound and Godsmack esque (ala "Voodoo") drums. This one is great for the big screen. Cops, stalking, vampires, bad guys, action, adventure, dream scenes, and a great soundbed for sports!!!!
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Kick back, enjoy life, take chances, and make things happen..very upbeat and happy
Moody, driving, aggressive, trippy alternative rock touching on internal struggles of good and evil. Evolving instrumentation that builds up and then calms down with a very dramatic ending.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Jazzy guitar and piano create a tense musical bed for this lyric lamenting the grounded feeling of being stuck in a rut in a humdrum existence. Worst of all "you stopped coming round to take me higher"
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Intertwining guitar and piano melodies create a tense and reflective piece of music that eventually shifts with acoustic guitar and a driving rhythm.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
With a Moog Synth playing a faint, distant, and altogether smooth jam, this Spacey, Jazzy Soundscape brings the easy-going vibe and unadulterated relaxation out in a moment where all seems disconnected and far away.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Upbeat alternative rock with quick fire vocals, dreamy chord progressions, and a fun in the sun lyric. Perfect for scenes of escaping into a fun, carefree and warm life. Features a tempo change and dip into reggae!
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Upbeat alternative rock that will make you think of a fun vacation in a beautiful warm place! Features a tempo change and dip into reggae!
Starts off as an acoustic number before getting orchestral with strings and epic percussion. Lyrics about trying to understand each other.
Calm, peaceful piece featuring solo violin. Would work well in scenes that want to evoke a feeling of imagination or wonder.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
One event changed the way we all look at freedom, liberty, life, and terror. Dark, true, "this will change us, nevermore will we be the same". Written on Sept 11 as the towers fell...
Piano pop ballad heavy on the electronics. Perfect for any scenes involving bad relationships or pining for one's ex.
Uptempo pop love song - with lots of txt acronyms that will make you LOL. Tribute to the way technology can affect your love life! Perfect for phone company commercials or scenes with two people on the phone or texting.
"Hell bent on being heaven bound", The Arrival has a tribal and southern sounding vibe. Perfect soundtrack for the appearance of a Clint Eastwood-esque badass, here to to show everyone who's the new boss in town!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Aggressive acoustic piece that provides a feeling of oncoming dread. Perfect for introducing the troubled hero or the next boss in town!
Elegant and fancy piece that reminds one of a classic romance story.
Musically driven piece that finds the simplistic beauty within the complicated rhythms.
Acoustic alternative indie pop. Soulful vocals with swagger and a very urgent and rhythmic delivery. Perfect for any dramatic scene that needs an exciting, dangerous sounding song. Tense & edgy.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tense and edgy alternative acoustic piece. Perfect for showing drama and tension building within the scene.
Cam Alexander (Falling Apart)
Creating a feeling, like it's the calm before or after the storm, this piece could be used to show a great time between friends coming to a close, the aftermath of a dramatic plot twist, or a high energy gathering, like a wedding reception!
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Angsty, Dancy, industrial rock with a strong Nine Inch Nails groove.
A tension filled, spacey sounding soundscape with a minimalistic touch, representing the end of civilization as we know it. Some fearful idiot with anger management issues has gone and pushed "the button", and now look!
Airy, uplifting theme with a "Champagne Supernova" (Oasis) feel. Good for documentaries, emotional "crossroads of life", scenes involving travel, or commercials/cues for airline, train, cruise, or travel agencies.
Beautiful, elegant, inspiring. Gives the impression of unrequited love with no regret. A melody fit for royalty! Could work for the credits, or for scenes depicting love affairs between classes.
This piece has a slight Eastern feel to it. Perfect for a scene where someone is lost in an unfamiliar, probably Asian country.
Walk the wire, and then dive off of it! The tension and tenacity of this Orchestral movement by Glen Morgan offers an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. Let the Tug of War between Good and Evil commence!
Tangello Blue (Freshly Squeezed)
Opens like an old time Clint Eastwood western, then directly into driving guitars and desperate vocals. Tortured soul drowning in the flood of life - underlying reference to insanity and depression. Pearl Jam "esque" vocals. 4 minute mark changes into a Hendrix type guitar interlude - good for chase scenes, suicidal thoughts, insanity, hiding out, and any good vs. evil struggle.
Glen Morgan From Glen E. Morgan's "Concentric Spheres"
The composer creates a soundscape ripe with spacey Moog Synth that will give even the most fortified of characters an atmospheric chill to the bone.
Joe Trojcak (Liquid Voltage)
An upbeat instrumental composition with contrasting sections. Its use of piano and strings gives it an earthy feel.
Tranquil, dreamy song. Would be perfect in nature scenes or any scene that evokes a calm, serene vibe.
An electronic groove with a walking bass introduce this Satriani-esque guitar jam. As the song progresses, the tension grows beyond containment. Could be the soundtrack for cruising around, a wild night out on the town, or a simple crime gone suddenly awry.
Straight-up, no-nonsense heroic music for all occasions. Hero Returns features a full orchestra and all-stops-out pipe organ to paint a symphonic portrait of true majesty, triumph, and joy.
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.)
A fun ukelele introduction leads the way in this light-hearted, upbeat song about blocking out a know-it-all's voice. The musical style sounds like it comes right out of a Disney motion picture (eg: "You've Got A Friend in Me," from Toy Story).
Kelly Hoppenjans (Simple Thing.) ** instrumental version **
Fun upbeat instrumental that is perfect for showing a happy moment. Could also provide a reflective moment for a character.
A mystical hunt deep into the shade of the woods, searching for the answers to life's mysteries. What adventures will we find?
Another exciting endeavor, searching for mysteries and their answers
Happy uplifting bike ride on streets with no cars. Possible Uses - Transition bumpers for radio or TV, Music for fly over footage
Quick zany ragtime piece. Good for Old black and white footage, comedic scenes, or that special scene in football where the ball is fumbled 2-3 times and eventually still ends up in the end zone!
Calm and melodic song a la Phil Collins that reflects on letting go of what burdens you. Would be great in reflective scenes or where a character is dealing with an internal conflict.
A classic Irish-styled party-fest. Ideal for drinking, comical bar room brawling, or simplistic merriment and brotherhood in the most joyous of ways.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A reggae-rock infused song with hand percussion all about music and how it can get you by. Sounds like Bob Marley with a Kurt Cobain vocal
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Acoustic guitar reggae-rock infused song with hand percussion throughout. Great for travel, driving, discovery, adventure and would be perfect in ad campaigns and sports highlights. Happy, feel good, vibe!
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
: Soulful song that has a funk aspect in it. This song describes a situation, where a man asks a former girlfriend to take him back, but she does not. This song can be used for break-up scenes or for scenes where the man comes back for forgiveness from the former girlfriend.
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
The ultimate song about getting married and starting the first day of the rest of your life - perfect for bridal, wedding, and engagement scenes
Gentle piece with some tension. Conjures images of the exciting but unsure reuniting with "the one that got away."
Desperate, sad, and sparse. Sounds like a hero's regret at the end of his days. Broken and defeated. Would work in any scene that needs a somber swan song.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Sad downtrodden acoustic instrumental. Perfect for reminiscing on the good days gone by while recognizing that the end to an adventure, or life, is drawing near.
KNova (Warped Passages)
A seven beat looped drum pattern with bouncy bass lines, vibrating synths, and bright melodies.. The perfect track for a Sci-fi style television series such as Stranger Things. Perhaps use in a climatic part of a show and/or movie.
As the dust settles on the scene, the bittersweet triumph of the protagonist rings true. This slow and steadily-paced piece is the ideal tune for unveiling a hard-fought victory, as well as the price paid for such a victory.
Uptempo spanish piece. Full of suspense, laced with torment and frustration. Ideal for scenes where the protagonist contemplates what to do at an impasse in his life; stay or leave?
The ambient tension and release of this organ tune cannot be denied. The flow of the melody tells the tale of an innocent activity with a horrific undertone foreshadowing the grisly fate that awaits the characters involved. Good for Horror movies, moments of high tension, etc.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
This song comes on like a burst of adrenaline! Features driving beats, a rubbery bassline, and some aggressive guitars that are sure to keep your blood pumping!
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Percussion, Strings, finished with Descending Horn
Reflective hip hop with a soulful hook and a haunting vibe. Features introspective rapping about life while contemplating change. Perfect for any scene that needs an urban soundtrack with deep lyrics.
With a classic retro-feel that comes straight out of an 80's Crime Drama, this piece brings with it a feeling of urgency, hustle, and daring. Perfect setup for a frantic chase, a nimble escape, or a full-out pursuit.
Tribal, Native American music with lyrics about living large and making the most of life. Would be great for any scenes that depict characters out of their element, finding themselves in new environments.
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Tribal, Native American music. Would be great for any scenes that depict nature, the environment, and Mother Earth.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Breaking free from a bad relationship - deciding to walk away
Dark, brooding song from the perspective of a wounded and dying soldier who is reflecting on his life - good for films with soldiers...really makes people understand what they go through emotionally
Slow, sensitive piano melody with sublte string accompaniment. Evokes the scene of one wandering listlessly, remembering the good old days with his/her now long gone love. But they'll always be together in the picture that commemorated that one perfect day...
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Passionate, daring, and sexy power ballad/love song about throwing caution to the wind and taking a chance on that special someone that makes you feel alive. "In your eyes I find redemption for my sins of the past. Will this last? I don't know. Take it slow . . . TONIGHT"
A fun song with woodwinds, organs, guitars, and plenty of exuberant vocals and harmonies! The lyric expresses the worry of eternal damnation but in the fun wording that hell would be "Too Hot For Me"
Piano and subtle orchestration are featured in this somber piece of music. Sounds like the soundtrack accompanying the remorse and reflection following a terrible tragic event. Ideal for scenes to enhance the feeling of sadness, lost, and fading nostalgia
Chill electronica with quirky synth melodies and a lumbering bassline. The percussion saunters as it evolves, gradually changing the grooves musically and sonically.
5 Second Sting for newscasts or for transitions to or from a show to a commercial. Big boom and fading Horns.
Clanging percussion, vibrating bass melody, and airy synths in this rhythm-intensive piece. This song is perfect for building the tension!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Hip Hop drums, whizzy synthesizers, and tip-toe-ing bass evoke the feeling that we're not alone….
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
Even though the relationship is done, there is still love there for the loved one that left inside. There is just a small glimmer of hope that the feeling of love will come back, but there might not be a chance.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
Starting as just piano and strings, and erupting into a full band crescendo, this song is for encouragement, telling someone you're proud, and for pushing through the hard times.
Nearly York (Time Alone) ** instrumental version **
Dramatic piano and strings with an "overcoming the hard times" vibe, gradually erupting into a full band arrangement with a wistful but positive feeling.
Folky indie song demanding for some decisiveness! Bluegrassy like Mumford and Sons; poppy like Jason Mraz. Perfect for scenes about indecisive relationships that need a quirky song!
The Lone Wolf Project ** instrumental version **
Folk indie song with a bluegrass sound in the style of Mumford & Sons. Great for party scenes, fun outdoors, etc.
Happy upbeat jazz tune. Sounds like Pat Metheny. Great for background music like The Weather Channel. And the extended forecast is...?
Sad acoustic fingerpicking, mournful piano, and haunting strings come together in this melancholy requiem. Perfect for scenes of regret, loss, or death
Sherri Mullen (Fearless)
Dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, beautiful, relaxing ballad of love and beauty. Female / Pink Floyd-esque.
Sherri Mullen (Shadows)
Piano version of the original. Dream sequence, stream of consciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, beautiful, relaxing ballad. Female/ Pink Floyd-esque.
Simplistic melody that is truly peaceful and calming.
Sheridan Ave (Our Love) Courtesy of: VALE Records
This folky-alternative song prominently features acoustic guitar and a driving kick and snare groove. The singer is sitting on the beach somewhere and reminiscing about a lost love-interest.
Nearly York (Time Alone)
A fresh, radio ready, pop version of an angsty reflective song reminiscing about a lost love, arranged and performed by the hot new band "Nearly York".
Hard-rocking song that viciously ponders the question of following the crowd or going against the tide and not being one of them. This song would work for scene with a lot of action sequences or for an action movie itself.
Small Town Titans ** instrumental version **
Hard hitting rock song that provides a sense of tension that is about to break at any moment.
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
Christy Jefferson's acoustic guitar version of a Christmas hymn.
The Spoon Dogs (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
A snazzy, jazzy, upbeat take on a holiday favorite, with the guitar stylings of Tom Diecidue.
Cute, upbeat piece that would work great in any animated/children's show. Sounds like Thomas Newman's music from Wall-E.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Welcoming you to a new version of reality. Artist has confidence to deal with the problems of this world.
With a haunting and eerie Organ, the composer portrays a group of whales along the horizon, dancing along the shimmering waters. A vibe that relays the message: Beautiful, and treacherous!
Christy Jefferson (Conact RDSD for Licensing)
The classic Christmas tune with the Christy Jefferson touch.
Sherri Mullen (Mask)
Upbeat song about walking away from everything that society expects from you, and having the courage to live your own life, despite the negative comments from your peers. "I've got what I want...what have YOU ever done!" In your face, attitude, empowerment.
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
This song has a funky sound, with some soulful aspects. The song is about a female that wants to be in a relationship with her man, but he does not want to get to close. This song can be used in scenes that deal with a relationship in trouble or during a sensual scene where one of the characters does not want to continue.
Country tinged song about personal integrity and fitting in. Be proud of who you are!
Fun, upbeat, and happy song about smoking weed (featuring harmonica). Would work great in any comedy or party/frat house scenes.
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
This is a funky song with some soulful aspects added in. The song describes a sensual relationship between a couple, where the female waits for her man to come home to have fun and make love. This song can be use in a sexual scene between two lovers or during many scenes where and when they make love.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A soft piano Ballad about learning life's lessons as you go along. Kicks in with heavy drums and distorted guitar in the bridge. Sounds like Muse, Evanescence.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Soft, lonely piano ballad that builds from a gentle ballad to a Muse, Evanescense like rock song. Song kicks in with heavy drums and distorted guitar in the bridge. Has tension and would work for anything from relationship scenes, to loss, thought, travel, discovery, and more! You can feel the sadness...
Dream sequence, stream of conciousness, drifting off to sleep type of scenes, beautiful, but tense. Female Pink Floyd "esque"
Sabrina Duke (Sabrina Duke)
Soulful song with attitude. The song can be used in a scene that has a woman going up against the bigger male or female figure, where they stand up for themselves or others around them.
Upbeat country love song, appropriate for any happy relationship scenes. "Our love was meant to last, so why wait?"
Sherri Mullen (On The Edge)
Song about friendship and not setting conditions & rules, asking for help from a friend when you are at your lowest
Picture an African landscape, and a man walking a wildebeest casually down along the side of the river Nile. Bizarre as it sounds, you can hear it with this piece! Great for animal shows, cartoons, educational programs, business presentations and more!
Somber piece with slow sustained melody from a violin juxtaposed with an arpeggiated wandering guitar. Great for scenes where characters are looking inside themselves for self-realization.
Aversion Theory (Welcome To Your Life)
Goth-like song about a love-hate relationship with a catchy electric guitar, steady drum beat, and embellishing industrial sounds.
Sherri Mullen (Rise)
Kick ass song in the style of Little Big Town or Lady Antebellum, about living life to its fullest! "Every day in life that I lived . . . was worth dying for!"
Macrides French Music **Male Version**
Dramatic pop/R&B with lush piano and soulful vocals. Lyrically contemplates the "What If"s in a relationship and determines that even if the worst should come, "your love was worth it all". Will work perfectly for most romantic scenes, especially those with a "will they / won't they" vibe.
Macrides French Music **Female Version**
Dramatic pop/R&B with lush piano and soulful vocals. Lyrically contemplates the "What If"s in a relationship and determines that even if the worst should come, "your love was worth it all". Will work perfectly for most romantic scenes, especially those with a "will they / won't they" vibe.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
A Tango that should've been written Quentin Tarantino. A back and forth between a male and female character planning and pulling off a heist. Sounds like Dresden Dolls meet Santana
SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Quirky guitar and piano based pop tango that should've been written by Quentin Tarantino. "Marching" drums throughout and makes you want to dance oh so mysteriously. From "Dancing With The Stars" to sports shows...has a real tension to it, so would also be great for action, adventure, travel, exploration, and a great backdrop for animal planet type of films. This one is fun and mysterious at the same time!
KNova (Warped Passages)
Electronic piece that evolves and develops. Changes feel from a slow groove, to a 1-2-1-2 polka feel, and goes back. Pensive and pondering, then excited and determined, back to thoughtful and wondrous.
SM2 (Strange Symmetry)
An up-tempo fun song about how alcohol changes people. Americana with a two part male/female vocal the whole way through. Sounds like Tom petty, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown band, Toby Keith, Little Big Town
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SM2 (Strange Symmetry) ** instrumental version **
Acoustic foot stompin', guitar based Americana/New Country with an upbeat and happy feel! Layed back in the verses and then driving in the chorus! Plus a really nice guitar lead for the bridge section. Great for ad campaings for anything from retail, to fast food, to viagra! Also a great background jukebox song in a country pub or use in humorous scenes where the characters are getting into (or trying to stay out of) trouble!
Great weird creepy intro...high energy...powerful...your God has turned his back on you (come to the dark side with me). Revolution!
Soft, crooning love song in the style of Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble. Would work well in scenes reflecting on a relationship or missing a lover.
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