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License Music from Music Fortress ELITE ARTISTS! Our artists represent the best of the best. Whether they are playing high profile music festivals, touring internationally, or playing in regional venues, their creativity shines as they boldly pursue their dreams. Every music license that you purchase from Music Fortress helps these talented artists to continue to create.

We control the master recording AND the underlying compositions, so when you license music from us, you can be confident that all rights are cleared. We don’t collect songs, and we don’t do “stock music”. This is the real deal! We are proud of our artists and their accomplishments. Relax, kick back, and take in some great new music that will bring your projects to life! Happy listening!

License Music from Nearly York
Nearly York – (Pop/Adult Alternative)
Guitar and piano driven, radio ready tunes, with slick production and front man Lucas Gienow’s pitch perfect voice singing out catchy pop melodies that are hard not to sing along to! Nearly York is a hot new alternative/pop band, currently touring in support of their debut full length CD.
License Music from J And The 9s
J And The 9s – (Alternative Rock/Punk)
J and The 9s know how to rock! This New York City duo blends a garage rock sound, hard rock riffs, sexy attitude and a healthy dose of theatricality that lures you in and keeps you coming back for more!
License Music from Jon Smith's Voyages
Jon Smith’s Voyages – (Singer/Songwriter)
Often compared to David Bowie, Queen, and Meat Loaf, the music from Jon Smith’s Voyages encompasses theatrical elements throughout eclectic (and sometimes quirky) arrangements. The “band” is comprised only of Jon Smith, as he sings all vocals, plays over 15 instruments, and writes all the songs. With thoughtful lyrics, unique arrangements, and a dynamic vocal range, he’s likely to captivate.
License Music from Small Town Titans
Small Town Titans – (Alternative Rock)
An eclectic melting pot of metal, blues, and singer/songwriter paired with a savage and exciting live show that pushes the limits.Dynamic front man Phil Freeman showcases powerful, raging vocals in perfect pitch, while the rest of the trio lays down an explosive backdrop that leaves their fans in a frenzy.
License Music from Mockingbird
Mockingbird – (Singer/Songwriter)
The acoustic stylings of Mockingbird feature a beautiful voice with lovely lyrics over top an acoustic guitar canvas that will send shivers down your spine and get your toes tapping all at once!
License Music from Lucas Gienow
Lucas Gienow – (Pop/Electronica)
Imagine the perfect pop singer: you’re hearing Lucas Gienow. An extremely versatile singer/songwriter with slick productions and infectious melodies, Lucas is here to provide the soundtrack of your best memories!
License Music from thequietcampaign
thequietcampaign – (Alternative Indie)
Very eclectic, thequietcampaign is a one-man-band the touches on numb acoustic ponderings to hard rock musings, all the way to jazz fusion illusions!
License Music from Brian Levering
Brian Levering – (Alternative)
Drawing inspiration from any-and-all styles of music, Levering has proven that his versatility is an instrument within itself, forging songs representing nearly every genre.
License Music from The Noisy Soul
The Noisy Soul – (Adult Alternative)
The Noisy Soul deftly blends pop-punk / emo songwriting with gorgeous electronic music that is both catchy and captivating. Written, recorded, produced and performed by Jack McCarthy, The Noisy Soul is a showcase of modern music talent that you don’t want to miss!
License Music from KNova
KNova – (Electronica)
A jack of all trades, Keith Novak (KNova) creates synthetic music for every season and occasion. With a full arsenal of songs at his disposal, he crafts, refines, and hones his abilities further with every track. No stranger to the world of Film and Television, KNova knows exactly how to treat a scene, and how to make music to fit the bill.
License Music from Matt Miskie
Matt Miskie – (Singer/Songwriter)
Inspired by the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, and John Denver, Matt Miskie is the consummate singer/songwriter. He is a multi-instrumentalist with vivid lyrics and an instantly recognizable voice.
License Music from The Lone Wolf Project
The Lone Wolf Project – (Folk Rock)
A Wildman at heart, Phil Freeman’s voice is packed full of unfettered power. With tunes to mirror any mood, Freeman plays and sings his heart out with each verse, and by the end of the song, he ends up stealing yours!
License Music from Henry Devorick
Henry Devorick – (R&B)
A man of many talents, Henry Devorick’s widely spread musical background and skill with many instruments provide him with a diverse palette with which to create music that ranges from jazz to R&B and electronica.
License Music from Mikki And Miles
Mikki And Miles – (Singer/Songwriter)
Singer/songwriters Mikki Krall and Miles Weber have combined forces to create a dreamy love song that captures a sweet and sincere romantic relationship.
License Music from Sam Machin
Sam Machin – (Pop/Jazz)
Captivating and soulful recording artist from VALE Music Group, Sam Machin creates a blend of jazz, soul, and pop music that turns bad vibes into a positive outlook!
License Music from Cam Alexander
Cam Alexander – (Electronica)
Reminiscent of the styling of Zedd and David Guetta, Cam Alexander brings his own influence to electronic music. From somber piano lines to powerful bass drops, Cam’s music brings an energy that is guaranteed to keep you moving!
License Music from Vicki McCrone
Vicki McCrone – (Singer/Songwriter)
Compared to the likes of Alanis Morissette, Sixpence None, and Tori Amos, singer/songwriter Vicki McCrone delivers beautiful heartfelt adult contemporary songs.
License Music from Carrie Cunningham
Carrie Cunningham – (New Country/Americana)
Carrie Cunningham is an International Chart topping Performing Songwriter who loves to entertain! The music industry is calling her an authentic, sultry, slightly twisted and totally believable voice on the New Country/Americana scene.
License Music from Angela Sheik
Angela Sheik – (Alternative Electronica)
Angela Sheik performs as a one-woman army, with her Looping software as her trusty weapon. With a sack full of optimistic lyrics and catchy chord progressions, she broadcasts her message of Hope and positive emotions through the airwaves.
License Music from Sabrina Duke
Sabrina Duke – (Funk/Soul)
With a sultry vibe and a voice that contains no shortage of sass, Sabrina Duke’s music is tailored to melt your stress away, while her voice is primed to blow the roof off the joint at any moment.
License Music from Kelly Hoppenjans
Kelly Hoppenjans – (Alternative Singer/Songwriter)
With a vocal style ranges from soft and sweet to full and passionate, and with instrumentation reminiscent of the times of the Speakeasy, Kelly’s incredible vocal control drifts dreamily atop a pyramid of well-constructed melodies and rhythms.
License Music from George Wallace
George Wallace – (New Age/Progressive)
A composer with a personality as large as his imagination, George Wallace creates landscapes out of airwaves. With a vast range of compositions, Wallace’s talent and experience causes his music to vault from Ambient jams to Rock songs… Even Jazz anthems are on the menu!
License Music from Jay Romero
Jay Romero – (Alternative)
Jay Romero has a sound that will get under your skin. With electronic overtones combined with many organic elements, Jay’s music has that dark, subversive Nick Cave, David Bowie, and Nine Inch Nails sound.
License Music from Kali Rodgers
Kali Rodgers – (Alternative Pop/Jazz)
Kali Rodgers’ lyrical vocals paint beautiful images while keeping a calm and relaxed vibe to her music. Whether it’s a pop ballad or an upbeat dance song, Kali Rodgers’ music will make you groove.
License Music from Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly – (Country)
Armed with her guitar and a fearless attitude, this award winning country singer/songwriter powerhouse showcases her vocal prowess through well crafted songs that continue to captivate audiences of all ages!
License Music from November Lounge
November Lounge – (Alternative Jazz/Rock)
This bands music makes the listener feel as if they were lounging on a beach or breathing in the warm summer air. Their music creates a positive atmosphere for anyone listening. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the music of November Lounge!
License Music from Diamond Dallas
Diamond Dallas – (R&B)
With big dreams, and a voice to match, Diamond Dallas’ incredible fusion of R&B and Hip-Hop creates a unique style and feel. Her capability to mesh impressive vocals and blitzing raps is nothing short of enveloping.
License Music from MILEUNDER
MILEUNDER – (Alternative)
Music that blurs the lines between grunge, indie, and rock, an instrumental style similar to Pearl Jam, and a vocal style akin to The Bravery, H.I.M, and The Doors, MILEUNDER’s sound is delightfully different, and equally entertaining.
License Music from Egon And The Slimers
Egon And The Slimers – (Alternative Rock)
What do you get when you put brothers Brian, Alex and Jarred into a room filled with instruments and recording gear? A quirky, grungy, alternative sound reminiscent of The Pixies, Wheezer, and David Bowie.
License Music from Vincent James
Vincent James – (Singer/Songwriter)
Vincent James is a master of the love song! He creates stunning musical textures with beautiful lyrics that could cause anyone to fall in love!
License Music from SM2
SM2 – (Alternative)
A Mother-Son duo featuring Sherri & Shane Mullen, these two musicians combine forces to bring you a style of music transcending all expectations. With harmonies that only talent and genetics could provide, matched with incredible songwriting and composition savvy, SM2 brings a fresh sound and beautiful mindset to a wacky, emotional world.
License Music from Macrides French Music
Macrides French Music – (R&B)
Composers Max Macrides & Dominic French unique and diverse musical backgrounds enable them to produce music, beats, and lyrics that are both memorable, and impactful. Honing their craft on the Rock, Pop, and R&B sector of music has allowed Macrides and French to forge tunes that are easy on the ears, and beneficial for the soul.
License Music from Joe Trojcak
Joe Trojcak
(Ambient Electronica, New Age, Classical)
Composer Trojcak is the Owner of Progressive Studios, where he has had a hand in a variety of audio/video productions including commercials, public service announcements, feature films, documentaries, and countless artist projects. From simple piano pieces, to full band productions, to underscore, Trojcak is a highly creative and skilled composer with the vision and talent to get the job done.
License Music from Craig William Dayton
Craig William Dayton
(Composer – Orchestral / Underscore)
Composer Dayton spent several decades as the primary composer/arranger for a long list of notable bands, orchestras, and artists and has created original compositions to support a variety of multi media projects. Brought up under the tutelage of cutting edge Los Angeles Composer Jeff MacDonald (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) Craig William Dayton is armed with the tools and talent to bring your production to life!
License Music from Tom Diecidue
Tom Diecidue – (Intrumental Rock, Alternative, Jazz)
A seasoned musician, Tom has played in many bands and has released CD’s with original, instrumental compositions that showcase his fluent guitar chops. He captivates his audience with his fast fret work, melodic phrasing, and unique musical arrangements that set him apart from others.
License Music from Scott Eggert
Scott-Eggert – (Composer-Classical)
Composer Scott Eggert creates music in a wide variety of media and an eclectic array of styles and languages. Educated at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Chicago and the University of Kansas, he studied with such diverse composers as John Downey, Ralph Shapey, Easley Blackwood, Roger Sessions and John Pozdro.
License Music from Hazel Jade Rogers & Rural Roots
Hazel Jade Rogers & Rural Roots – (Hip Hop)
Teaming up with Hip-Hop artist Rural Roots, this young Irish songwriter revealed a new side of her musical depths. Creating an effective backdrop and musical flow for Rural Roots to work with, Rogers shows that she is a team player, and appreciates music for the creative collaborative medium it has become.
License Music from Sherri Mullen
Sherri Mullen – (Alternative, Singer/Songwriter)
With a taste for Alternative, Rock, and Americana, this award winning singer/songwriter’s compelling lyrics & powerful vocals take the listener on a deeply personal journey. Armed with her trusty six string and a willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve, her tunes cover all ends of the musical spectrum as they speak to the soul and uplift the mind.
License Music from Nearly York
Nearly York – (Pop/Adult Alternative)
Guitar and piano driven, radio ready tunes, with slick production and front man Lucas Gienow’s pitch perfect voice singing out catchy pop melodies that are hard not to sing along to! Nearly York is a hot new alternative/pop band, currently touring in support of their debut full length CD.
License Music from Paul Pierangeli
Paul Pierangeli – (Singer/Songwriter)
Performer, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur…Philadelphia, PA based Paul Pierangeli is best know for his ability to craft beautiful wedding songs, guaranteed to bring out the romantic in all of us!
License Music from Glen Morgan
Glen Morgan – (Composer – Orchestral)
Composer Glen Morgan has been honing his craft for decades using vintage instruments and renowned musicians and orchestras to deliver polished and prolific compositions, resulting in a sonic payoff that is classic and unique.
License Music from Maria Wilson
Maria Wilson – (Instrumental Finger Style Guitar)
She’s got blisters on her fingers, and she loves every second of it. With musical chops that rival Antoine Dufour and Gareth Pearson, Wilson lays it all down on the neck of her fretted companion, and makes those strings sing songs without need for words.
License Music from Shane Mullen
Shane Mullen – (Alternative)
A man with more tricks up his sleeve than any sleeve could hold, Shane’s incredible songwriting abilities, guitar-playing savvy, and incredible devotion to the world of Music are what make him a unique artist.
License Music from Rhyne McCormick
Rhyne McCormick – (Singer/Songwriter)
McCormick is a true believer in Music- it is a doctor, a psychologist, a rope for anyone stuck in a hole. A positive message backed by mellow, yet upbeat accompaniment, McCormick relays his belief to the world.
License Music from Breanne Primeau
Breanne Primeau – (R&B)
With pipes that pack a powerhouse of a punch, Breanne Primeau sings with the strength of a small battalion. A lady who believes Independence and Respect are the keys to success, Breanne’s tunes will have you on your feet and moving before you know what happened.
License Music from Joshua Long
Joshua Long – (Electronica)
Joshua Long uses his musical knowledge and technological savvy to bring the listener a selection of potent tunes viable for any situation. From classic electronica to Hip-Hop/Trap-esque beats, this is a classic case of Man and Machine working in tandem. Joshua also writes Worship Music that is progressive, spiritual, and inclusive.
License Music from Deja Vudoo
Deja Vudoo – (Alternative Goth Rock)
Drawing inspiration from the Supernatural, and touching on subjects both popular and taboo, Deja Vudoo brings an impressive amount of content to the table. With guitars, vocals, and industrial keys all wailing away in tandem, Deja Vudoo offer a musical experience that is entertaining and thought provoking.
License Music from Christy Jefferson
Christy Jefferson – (Singer/Songwriter)
Christy Jefferson is a singer/songwriter worthy of all the praise she gets. With a laid-back flow and an immensely positive attitude, Christy creates songs that shed light back on the often forgotten virtues in the world. Alluring and sultry, Christy’s music is a must-listen!
License Music from Apollo Sun
Apollo Sun – (Rock/Pop)
Apollo Sun’s 4-piece rock outfit know how to jam out in the finest of fashions. From spirited guitar riffs, to groovy bass lines and important subject matter, this Baltimore quartet brings emotion and energy back to the forefront.
License Music from Donovan Rice
Donovan Rice – (Singer/Songwriter)
Donovan Rice paints pictures with words, and brings them to life with beautiful music and charming vocals. With a full band, and sometimes even an orchestra at his back, Rice’s lyrics and music remind the listener that reality contains beauty, and that Hope can transcend the sorrows we face in life.
License Music from Queens Ransome
Queens Ransome – (Alternative Rock)
A modern rock band with a new spin on the old. Featuring expressive guitar playing, combined with futuristic synthesizer sounds, all painted overtop a rhythm section with more than a little R&B influence, Queen’s Ransome has plenty to offer both fans of old Rock and R&B as well as modern electronic music.
License Music from Tangello Blue
Tangello Blue – (Alternative Rock)
With a passion for grunge, rock, and blues, Tangello Blue’s exquisite musicianship alongside their powerful lyrical content and screaming lead guitars make them an absolute musical powerhouse; while their ability to turn down and play songs with tenderness make them a musical blessing.
License Music from Luke Kruger-Aimone
Luke Kruger-Aimone – (Electronica)
Luke Kruger-Aimone’s songs often have a ballad type of feeling while having an interesting beat and effects from his trusty synthesizer. Luke’s music will surely entertain you and be a source for easy listening music.
License Music from Sheridan Ave
Sheridan Ave – (Adult Alternative)
The band’s blend of pop/rock, blues, and hip-hop influences have yielded a unique sound that appeals to many music fans across a wide array of genres. No new song is approached the same way, and yet the group’s collaborative writing effort always yields a sound that can only be described as “Sheridan Ave.”
License Music from Careless
Careless – (Metal)
With metal taking the wild and varied turns it has in the modern day, it’s refreshing to hear a band that’s kept to their roots. With music reflective of Dio and Judas Priest, Careless’ music is heavy-hitting and relentless, as it should be. Careless are ready for War, and they’re not taking any prisoners.
License Music from The Spoon Dogs
The Spoon Dogs – (Holiday Guitar Infused Rock)
Composer/rock guitarist extraordinaire, Tom Diecidue and his band of Christmas enthusiasts, delivers a one two holiday punch with these rockin’ tunes!