Music Curation & Licensing Simplified

Use our robust online music search and licensing portal to search for and audition music, then license with a few clicks of the mouse.

Don't have time to search for music? Tell us about your project and let our experienced Music Supervisors curate a playlist to expedite the selection process. We are always happy to personally attend to your music licensing needs, leaving you free to create!

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  • MusicFortress
  • Jon Smith's Voyages
  • Carrie Cunningham
  • J And The 9s
  • Cam Alexander
  • Sam Machin
  • Sabrina Duke
  • The Noisy Soul
  • Small Town Titans
  • Mikki And Miles
  • Angela Shiek
  • Egon And The Slimers
  • SM2
  • November Lounge
  • Aversion Theory
  • Erin Kelly
  • The Lone Wolf Project
  • Sherri Mullen
  • Luke Kruger-Aimone
  • Vicki McCrone
  • Sheridan Ave
  • Tommy D
  • Tangello Blue
  • Vincent James
  • K-Nova
  • Kali Rodgers
  • George Wallace
  • Coal
  • Paul Pierangeli
  • Mileunder
  • Rhyne McCormick
  • Christy Jefferson
  • Joe Trojcak
  • Deja Vudoo

Elite Artists

Our artists represent the best of the best. Whether they are playing high profile music festivals, touring internationally, or playing in regional venues, their creativity shines as they boldly pursue their dreams.

One Stop Licensing

We control the licensing rights for both the SONG and the MASTER recording, so there is never any need to track down additional rights holders. We've got you covered with one stop, stress free licensing.

Flexible Pricing

With content creation at an all time high, we strive to offer you top quality music and competitive pricing to fit any budget. Every project is unique. We tailor the license and the price, so that you get exactly what you need to support your project.

Production Blanket Licensing

In addition to single use licenses, we offer ROYALTY FREE blanket licensing for companies that have ongoing music needs. Already, working with a different music library? We will BEAT your current music library's price and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Academic Production Blanket Licensing

Specially priced for use in colleges and universities, ROYALTY FREE blanket licensing for student projects. We will BEAT your current music library's price and SAVE YOU MONEY!.

Catalog Administration

With our state of the art/proprietary in-house software, and our extensive background in copyright management, we can effectively manage your copyrights to insure more accurate performance tracking and royalty collection. If you are a label, publisher, or songwriter who needs support with your catalog, you need look no futher!

Music Supervision

FULL SERVICE or ALA CART Music Supervision services tailored to the needs of your project! Whether you are a filmmaker, production company, or advertisement agency that needs someone to take on the gauntlet of MUSIC SUPERVISION tasks for your entire project…OR a Music Supervisor or other creative that needs some extra help with song CLEARANCES, LICENSING, or CUE SHEET PREPARATION, we are ready to step up to the task and help you to bring your project in ON TIME and ON BUDGET!